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Happy Birthday - Aussieflyer38 - John Lovell


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1 hour ago, BradB said:

Hope you two mates have a Safe and Happy Birthday !! .




Thanks John, been pretty good so far, worst part is because of my meds, I can't toss down a couple of coldies but will be out tonight for three or four courses.:) 

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2 hours ago, Dadtom65 said:

God all these birthdays. Stay safe and have great time both of you. 83 jeez wonder if I’ll make it to then, nearly there at 78. :lol:. Thanks Derek.

Of course you will mate, give up the fags, take up drinking and naughty women, at least you'll have a ball until you go. :lol::lol: 

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Thanks to my simmates for all the best wishes, so many I thought it best to show my appreciation in one post, as my computer time is limited. I am reasonably well (today) and feel blessed to have reached my 83 milestone. As long as Doctor sawbones looks after me, I reckon I've got a few more in me yet.:D Thanks again



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