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  1. Hi all. Most of us were born in quite different times and have seen many changes of many kinds. While some might want to argue that things were better when we were young, even a cursory consideration would disprove that. In fact, for most people life is much better now than it was way back when. We who have experienced the improvements should be quick to celebrate them. And that brings us to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: what changes for the better have you seen in your lifetime? My personal list would include: 1. Much better medical, dental, and eye care (antibiotics, surgical procedures, medications, etc.). 2. The marvels of the internet (Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, email, Amazon). 3. Supermarkets (a wonderful variety of fresh food year-round). 4. A decent safety net for us mature citizens (Social Security and Medicare in USA; similar nets elsewhere). 5. Better communication between races. 6. Much more sophisticated flight simulation and Orbx scenery. 7. The man in the mirror is much wiser.
  2. John, onward and upward, or at least not down and out. May it be a good year to come.
  3. A strong second to Ken's message, John. May the year to come bring better days.
  4. Landon, that's some of the most spare and beautiful land in the USA. Spectacular in its own silent way. Hope your trip is a wonderful one.
  5. Ken, beautiful route. In the sim, Orbx has done it justice, and in reality nature has.
  6. Hi Doug. I haven't had the pleasure of running across Mr. Callihan, but when I was researching for my WWII novels, I sure did run across many accounts of bomber crews praising the Little Friends. Many felt they owed their lives to the Mustang pilots and weren't shy about giving credit--and were happy to buy a few rounds for their saviors when possible. Thanks for the remembering.
  7. Hi Doug. Haven't have the honor of running across Mr. Callihan, but when I was researching my WWII novels, I learned how deeply the Allied bomber crews loved the P-51s. More than a few crews owed their lives to the Mustang pilots, and they weren't shy about giving credit--and buying a few rounds when possible. Thanks for the remembering.
  8. John and Dave, thanks for the inspiration. Others on this forum know similar realities and stand beside you.
  9. If I could add to the eyeball discussion--cataract surgery is safe, simple, and gives great results. Macular degeneration can be caught and at least held steady by eye-injections (yes, they hurt a bit). Glaucoma can be held steady by drops and a specialized vitamin supplement. I have experience with all of these and can attest there's hope if you get to the specialists soon and do as they say. And that's my two cents.
  10. Hey, John. Sorry to hear about the weight. May I say that the new glaucoma treatments are very effective and simple? Makes a huge difference in quality of life.
  11. Don, let's cut out the complications. Just send me all your money.
  12. Don, lots of wisdom posted above. At the same time, nothing but sympathy to you--I finally gave up with MSFS after too many frustrating experiences. But then, I'm also the guy that pushes the wrong button.
  13. No, Karl, no. Down. Sit. No beer. You've already set off Terry, and Adam can't be far behind. Bad, Karl. No. Muzzle.
  14. Hi all. In a given week, this thread has about twenty participants and about 200 viewers. Our regular participants are well-known, but one wonders who are those folk who drift in silently each week then leave without a mark? I've been thinking about them all week as I pondered a topic for today and finally realized that our silent viewers would themselves make a good topic. Hence... THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Who are the folks who view this thread each week without adding a word or two? A. Highly intelligent people who follow this thread as a source of refined comment. B. Highly sophisticated people who use this thread as background reading while nibbling pate de foie gras and sipping Champagne. C. Very shy people who want to add a word but can't quite figure out what to say. D. Family members checking to see what bonkers by-and-by the lads are up to this week. E. Space aliens researching human behavior. F. Other_______.
  15. I love it in Steam and P3D4. Glad you've got it in MSFS. Congratulations.
  16. Not to add to the pressure, Martyn, but you would be more than welcome to join the Meaningless Topics band of rascals. We need an additional punster.
  17. Sorry, folks. I got there first. Come visit me on my new yacht.
  18. Hi all. The modern world provides all sorts of opportunities to feel despondent: political nonsense, military conflict, unnecessary famine, vicious internet trolling. It all adds up to a rather constant oppressive weight. So thank goodness for that which lightens things up a bit for us, people, animals, events that make us laugh. This week, let's celebrate the moments of grace that help us stay sane. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: this past week, what or who made you laugh? (For me, it's my wife. For our entire forty-six-year marriage, she has gifted me with wholesome laughter every single day, even on the heaviest days.)
  19. Wishing you a happy day and a healthy year, Martyn.
  20. 1965 Mustang. Lost it to the passing of time along with the girl standing next to it. On the other hand, my current Mazda 3 is fifteen years old and still going strong. and my second wife and I have completed forty-six happy years of marriage. Sometimes, things do work out for the best.
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