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  1. Sounds like a great marriage to me. Always healthy to know where you stand .
  2. Jarrad, hope you get lots of presents--you have certainly given many to us. Happy Birthday!
  3. Eugene, thanks so much for the preview photos. They look wonderful! Really looking forward to the day when we are flying them for real.
  4. Hi all. I've been flying a C-7 Caribou in FSX Orbx Papua New Guinea. I'm flying a circle route -- Moresby, Kokoda, Asimba, Yongai, Ononge, Woitape, Kosipe, Fane, Tapini, Karuku Island, Moresby. Many of these sites are on ridges or mountain sides; others in deep valleys. Flying them as a route requires a lot of ridge-hopping and steep descents, plus the thrill of the short, undeveloped runways themselves. It's a great way to learn a plane and to polish bush skills. Which brings us to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Which Orbx airstrips have most helped you develop your flying skills? Any particular plane(s)?
  5. And a great year ahead for you. Happy Birthday, ruudmeij.
  6. Wayne, you're not old, you're just well-seasoned. Happy birthday!
  7. Sorry, Terry, couldn't find one with enough candles. Hope this will do.
  8. Hi all. Most of us have eaten horseradish or kimchi or wasabi with a meal. After our sinuses healed, we bragged about how we could eat the hot stuff. But those condiments are mild compared to some of the really hot foods in this world. We are a well-travelled bunch and have eaten in a lot of places. You want hot? How about these? THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING DISHES HAVE YOU EATEN, AND HOW HOT WAS IT REALLY? A. Jjambbong (Korea) B. Camarones a la Diablo (Mexico) C. Gaeng Tai Pla (Thailand) D. Phaal Curry (India) E. Doro Wat (Ethiopia) F. Sichuan Hot Pot (China) G. Texas Chili (USA)
  9. Karl, you know you're over the hill when the doctor has you double-robe and dims the lights before your annual exam.
  10. Somebody has to highlight Ginger Baker from Cream. Like Charlie Watts, he was another changemaker--went from the traditional way of holding the sticks to a more forceful grip. Influenced a lot of people.
  11. Hi all. In today's sermon, our preacher reminded us not to get so caught up in the bad news that we forget the Good News. There is more to this life than suffering; there are also moments of joy. Then he invited us to go out and thank people who have provided us with moments of joy. Makes sense to me. So--Thank you, Forum Friends, for the many moments of joy, laughter, nostalgia, wisdom, and support. You make my every day better, and I celebrate you for that. Amen.
  12. Bless your beautiful heart, Adam. Trudy and I are sitting together and listening by candlelight
  13. Adam and John, I'm not fully healed from the last dance, and here you go with a new challenge. I'm doing this round with fingers only. How about a little Johnny Mathis and Sam Cook to gentle things down? PS Trudy says thank you.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up, John. I'll ask our good friend Nick for a correction. As for Him, me too.
  15. Hi all. John Heaton's moving tribute to Australian hospitality in a thread elsewhere in the Lounge Forum is worth your reading. It made me think of the current situation in our world where so many people are being forced to pack up and leave for new lives in new places. And it made me think of good friends who are first and second generation citizens of my own country. And of our "adopted' grandson who is second generation Sri Lankan American. All that reminiscing suggested this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Celebrate a "foreigner" who has had a positive impact on your life.
  16. And today there are immigrants and refugees landing whose descendants will tell similar wonderful stories. Thanks to all who welcome the stranger. And thanks for sharing your story, John.
  17. Adam, I tried a bit of dancing to the oldies thanks to your videos. The orthopedic surgeon says he will release me from the hospital next Tuesday. Thanks a lot.
  18. De Havilland DH104 Dove & Devon Good question, John.
  19. "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious," Albert Einstein. Like a cat with access to Google .
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