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  1. Hello Rhys They are available as Library Objects, these were taken at KMYL and in ADE with the KMYL.bgl
  2. Hello Rhys You should not have to place the files in a specific folder, once you have installed the SDK then you need to locate the ? - Microsoft Games - Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK - Environment Kit and in ADE - Options point to the relevant folders. I would assume a helipad would be created like a parking bay, but never having placed one I am not certain. An excellent place for help and advice is the FSDeveloper site and there are plenty of ADE tutorials on the web.
  3. Apologies Rhys, mine is in C: - Program Files(x86) - Microsoft Games - Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK - SDK A google for FSX steam edition SDK https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/sdk-location-for-fsx-steam-edition.442176/
  4. Hello Rhys Assuming that you have installed the FSX SDK from Disk1 Deluxe, and the update from Acceleration Disk if you have FSX Gold = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK = Shp2Vec can be found in folder: SDK\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK\
  5. Hello Rhys In the Terrain Polygons box, select the 5th one down, Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude Autogen, should be sufficient to remove the trees. Judging by the picture with trees, the ground is not flat or even, move your aircraft to different positions and check the altitude and then figure an average for the area.
  6. Ken, I don't know if is is compatable with P3Dv5, that is why I still have FSX installed. Anything I wish to create is done in FSX and then I copy it into my P3dv4 and P3Dv5. Up till now I have not seen any obvious anomalies
  7. Hello Rhys Is this in FSX, if so use Airport Design Editor by Scruffy Duck to create a flatten / exclude.
  8. Hello Rhys I use Instant Scenery 3 for anything I wish to create for FSX and P3Dv4 and 5, I believe it is still available to purchase, check it out. It is of no use in MSFS2020 though
  9. Happy greetings from across the pond, my Orbx colleagues, enjoy your special day
  10. Hello Wain I have had an email from Orbx, there is a Black Friday sale, Sale ends Tuesday 29th November 2022, 5pm UTC.
  11. Hello Rhys, these pics may help you, all done in FSX, with a marked map to guide you. Upper Hutt.docx
  12. Happy birthday Richard, have a good one
  13. Problem solved, it is your product, but it is the earlier version you created for FSX/P3D, as shown by the dates below. My apologies for the misunderstanding
  14. Hello gavanorio Without naming the 3rd party seller, this is part of my receipt, can you confirm that it is not your prduct ? Products Ordered: 1 x FSIMSTUDIOS - BILLY BISHOP TORONTO CITY CYTZ P3D4-5 (update/discount) () = EUR 13.98 Sold by FSimStudios Delivery Method Digital Information/Your Registration Key: CYTZ-???- Also, I do not have Vector installed in my P3Dv5, it is not required now.
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