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  1. My most memorable Autumn was in Japan, 1968. I don't remember the name of the site, but it was a managed forest in northern Honshu as exquisite as a bansai tree. Every tree, bush, rock, and water-feature had been adjusted over the centuries until the whole was perfect. Throughout, there were small shrines and stone lanterns and stone posts placed just so. Because incense was burning in many of the shrines, and because the forest itself had a rich wood fragrance, the place smelled almost sacred. I'll never forget it.
  2. Hi all. The Autumnal Equinox arrived here in Spokane yesterday, and surrounding vegetation is already well into the celebration. Trees are changing from green to gold, grass is turning tan, flowers are going to fluffy seed. All over the world, autumn seems to be a special season (ever watch the trees turn in Saudi Arabia? They do.). Which leads to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Where in the world did you spend your best Autumn?
  3. All over the world in all kinds of planes--can't get much better. Thanks Orbx/P3D4. Bill and Ken speak for me too.
  4. Sounds like a great marriage to me. Always healthy to know where you stand .
  5. Jarrad, hope you get lots of presents--you have certainly given many to us. Happy Birthday!
  6. Eugene, thanks so much for the preview photos. They look wonderful! Really looking forward to the day when we are flying them for real.
  7. Hi all. I've been flying a C-7 Caribou in FSX Orbx Papua New Guinea. I'm flying a circle route -- Moresby, Kokoda, Asimba, Yongai, Ononge, Woitape, Kosipe, Fane, Tapini, Karuku Island, Moresby. Many of these sites are on ridges or mountain sides; others in deep valleys. Flying them as a route requires a lot of ridge-hopping and steep descents, plus the thrill of the short, undeveloped runways themselves. It's a great way to learn a plane and to polish bush skills. Which brings us to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Which Orbx airstrips have most helped you develop your flying skills? Any particular plane(s)?
  8. And a great year ahead for you. Happy Birthday, ruudmeij.
  9. Wayne, you're not old, you're just well-seasoned. Happy birthday!
  10. Sorry, Terry, couldn't find one with enough candles. Hope this will do.
  11. Hi all. Most of us have eaten horseradish or kimchi or wasabi with a meal. After our sinuses healed, we bragged about how we could eat the hot stuff. But those condiments are mild compared to some of the really hot foods in this world. We are a well-travelled bunch and have eaten in a lot of places. You want hot? How about these? THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING DISHES HAVE YOU EATEN, AND HOW HOT WAS IT REALLY? A. Jjambbong (Korea) B. Camarones a la Diablo (Mexico) C. Gaeng Tai Pla (Thailand) D. Phaal Curry (India) E. Doro Wat (Ethiopia) F. Sichuan Hot Pot (China) G. Texas Chili (USA)
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