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  1. Knowing the airport in real life and having its enhanced Orbx version in flight sim. I have to commend your video bigtime. Really nice walkabout. Thanks, SOG pilot!
  2. Hi all. I subscribe to an internet comic collection that includes political cartoons. Recently, the collection announced that it was removing all comments from the political cartoons. The nastiness and vitriol had become so unpleasant that they did not want it to characterize their site. I couldn't disagree. Those comments sounded like they were made by people with severe mental problems. Here on Orbx, folks are friendly, good-humored, and kind. It's always a pleasure to read the comments and to participate in the gentle back-and-forth. In these mean times, that's a great thing. Thanks to our moderators for a job well done, and thanks to all for bringing your best here.
  3. Wayne, I think we have something in common. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where grey skies and rain are the norm. The stereotype is that England is the same. I think I saw the sun maybe four times before I was twenty. How about you? 😄
  4. Got to admit I forgot that y'all way down south have seasons flipped from ours here in the northern hemisphere. So now I'm sitting here sweating and envying you guys. Enjoy!
  5. The biggest disappointment of MSFS in my opinion is how much scenery is degraded. Not just individual locations but whole areas. I'm hoping 2024 addresses this flaw. Really hoping. In the meantime, I still go back to P3D when MSFS just doesn't cut it somewhere.
  6. Hi all. Here in eastern Washington State, USA, we are setting new heat records: two weeks and counting with temps 90-105F (32-40C). It's hot! I know others elsewhere are sweating too. My question is, how is everyone doing? Is everybody safe?
  7. If you are like me, Adam, sometimes you pinch yourself and say, "Did I really get to do that?"
  8. Navy also serves midrats on land. When I was working at the Navy installation in the Azores, I would go to the chow hall for a midrats breakfast around midnight. It was really good!
  9. Me too. Orbx has helped make the flight sim experience a true joy. Much appreciated! Happy birthday!
  10. Yes, Brian, and also when you finish a flight without the program freezing just as you are lined up to land or, like you say, the system interrupting itself to bring a word from the sponsor. Argh!
  11. And a birthday salute to you, Captain. Have a happy day!
  12. Very interesting, Adam. I can't imagine living that compactly in a house that's always going up and down and side to side. Takes a special breed.
  13. Hi all. I have a library stocked with excellent bush planes, excellent bush sceneries from Orbx and FlightSim, plus excellent Wikipedia lists of hundreds of bush airports worldwide. On Saturday, my TrackIR will arrive so I can freely look around at all this good stuff. It is such a pleasure to hop in a plane, go to an exotic remote location, and explore this wonderful world. I am am one happy backcountry guy. And that leads to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What aspect of flying in flight simulation makes you feel happy?
  14. Part 1 and Part 2 = wonderful selection of planes and very nice photos. Thanks, Iain.
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