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  1. Unit patches from places I served overseas with the US Air Force (as a civilian). Got them framed as a group. Now they're on the wall over my flight sim computer.
  2. Hi all. This week's topic is supplied by paulb. I'm posting it a little early because I can't wait to see the responses. Should be very interesting! So search your memory box and tell us what you find. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: Do you have a favourite aviation memento? It might be a sign, programme, or whatever. Mine is a genuine control stick from an F-4J Phantom. The RAF flew a number of ex-Marine F-4Js. When they went out of service, I purchased one at an airshow.
  3. Forget the computers. We should get our brains checked. Probably really low on capacity by now?
  4. Allman Bros were one of the great groups, and each individual could hold his own solo. So good to hear the sound carried on. Thanks yet again, Adam, for another fine post.
  5. I'm waiting to see who first gets beer into this. It is Canada after all.
  6. Hi all. When I was about ten years old, my dad sat me down and told me that we Pettichord men had a code we had lived by for generations. It was "Honesty, integrity, hard work." It was part of my heritage and should be part of my own legacy. I took it seriously then and throughout my life. Worked well. And that leads to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What code has guided you through life? [NOTE: next week's topic will be supplied by paulb. It's a good one, so be sure to check in.]
  7. Had the pleasure of flying in an Air Force MAC Connie in the late sixties. It was elegant even in military format. Beautiful and comfortable. Great visibility from its windows.
  8. May your pug stay washed for another good year, Captain.
  9. Well, John, the videos apparently were so violent that we Americans got a notice that the "uploader has not made them available in your country." Point taken, eh?
  10. Anybody want to calculate how many foot-pounds per square inch these guys are generating upon impact?
  11. Thanks, Adam. Seeing this makes me wonder why we humans so often settle for lesser things.
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