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  1. Hi xuehua china, I have a question for you. When I look up "xuehua," I find three possibilities: (1) translation as "snowflake." (2) a town in Yunnan + two other towns named xuehua elsewhere. (2) a light beer named Snowflake [Xuehua]. Are any of these behind your choice of callsign?
  2. I patiently wait for Orbx Asia LC. But I am approaching 80, and time is becoming more precious.
  3. Thanks, Scott. I guess I'm pretty well set with options now, thanks to you guys. Much appreciated.
  4. If the day gets out of hand, let us know and we'll raise bail. Have a good one!
  5. Hey Adam. Clear skies and all tailwinds to you today. Have a good one.
  6. Nick, between you and Kevin, problem is solved. The size icon disappeared some time ago. I seem to remember that it did so because people were abusing the size feature?
  7. Oh for heaven's sake, I should have known that. Thank you much, Kevin. Problem solved.
  8. My eyes are heading south as I age. The left one is functionally blind due to macular degeneration, and the right one is undermanagement for both MD and glaucoma. Makes it hard to read small print. The print size of the Forum is fixed. This may be too selfish a request to consider, but if we are limited to one print size, could we up it a couple of notches? Those of us with vision issues would benefit. Just a thought.
  9. Hi all. As part of research for a novel, I ran into a fascinating book, And Then the Engines Stopped: Flying in New Guinea, edited by R. Gerard Ward and Susan W. Serjeantson https://openresearch-repository.anu.edu.au/bitstream/1885/128830/1/And_Then_the_Engines_Stopped.pdf. At present, it's not available in print, but the internet site has a printable PDF. This is a wonderful collection of anecdotes about people's experiences in the skies of PNG. Which reminded me of the time many years ago that a bush-pilot friend took me with him on a practicing trip into the Cascade mountains in his Piper Cub float plane. We headed up to Mt. St. Helens (still intact in those days), and shot landings on the lakes and rivers surrounding the mountain. He was a good pilot, and I still remember the experience with great fondness. And that leads to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC (#47): What is your most memorable real-life landing in an airplane?
  10. Just remember that beyond a certain number of candles, a grounds-man with a fire cart is required.
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