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  1. Oh jeez, let's not divert into beer again. I'm going to have to declare this a dry state.
  2. Hi all. Let's start this week with a heartfelt thanks to the Orbx forum administrators and Moderator Nick Cooper for their generous support of this thread. They've allowed us to gather in the Neil Hill Memorial Lounge each week to hoist a few and natter on. Very good of them. And also thanks to all who have been part of the gathering each week. We've done the weekly topic for about a year and three-quarters now, with a number of good folks participating regularly. The entries have been interesting, fun, funny, and sometimes very moving. Much appreciated. Now to this week's topic. When I was a boy, my dad gave me a small two-blade pocket knife, saying that no man should be without one. Over the years, I've always had a pocket knife, the design changing to fit my age and needs. Currently, I alternate between a two-inch two-blade/scissors Swiss Army knife and a two-inch multitool mini-Leatherman. Which brings us to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: what pocket tool do you not leave home without?
  3. I agree wholeheartedly, Adam. Still the most thrilling athlete I've seen in a lifetime.
  4. It's a fact that Gumby and Adam and Karl and others like good beer. Just ran across a poem that I pot just for the Beer Guys: A Stein Song Give a rouse, then, in the Maytime For a life that knows no fear! Turn night-time into daytime With the sunlight of good cheer! For it's always fair weather When good fellows get together, With a stein on the table and a good song ringing clear. When the wind comes up from Cuba, And the birds are on the wing, And our hearts are patting juba To the banjo of the spring, Then it's no wonder whether The boys will get together, With a stein on the table and a cheer for everything. For we're all frank-and-twenty When the spring is in the air; And we've faith and hope a-plenty, And we've life and love to spare; And it's birds of a feather When we all get together, With a stein on the table and a heart without a care. For we know the world is glorious, And the goal a golden thing, And that God is not censorious When his children have their fling; And life slips its tether When the boys get together, With a stein on the table in the fellowship of spring.
  5. I take it that this week's topic should have been beer, not flying stuff, So here's to you.
  6. Hi all. Just heard that master plane-painter Ted Wolf is doing some fun stuff with a Grumman Albatross. I'm flying a Grumman G-73 Mallard out of Tahiti in the islands and atolls of French Polynesia as background for my in-progress novel, Other forum readers are on 'round-the-world jaunts in twins. In other words, a lot of us are doing interesting specific things in specific planes right now. Which brings us to this week's topic. THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC: What plane are you flying right now and what adventure are you on?
  7. Karl, I'm clean and sober for 48 years but still (unfortunately) remember how nice a tall cool one tastes on a hot summer day. Trouble was, I got to wanting tall cool ones about the size in your picture. Then, yes, I did have a problem.
  8. The ox is slow but the earth is patient. (Slow Road to China)
  9. kdus9212, hope you've got some ideas from these smart fellas. Personally, I use Orbx Central to uninstall True Earth so it doesn't override LC. I reinstall it when there's an area where I want its features. I do own the whole True Earth and LC sets, so I can have the best of both.
  10. I can't really speak to that question, kdus9212. I always use them separately. My understanding is that you use one or the other. Maybe others can chime in and answer with more authority.
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