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  1. Hi guys, Tried to upload the v2 of KBUR last night, but got the message there were incompatible items in the previous version. Would I be right in assuming I have to delete the original version before installing v2. I didn't want to delete it and then find out I made a "boo boo". Thanks Don
  2. Great shots Adam, see you got the dirty one, better get the hanger rats to give it a good tub. Guess mine will like that after a few flights Don
  3. Thanks Graeme, been a while, so no better way than to do it in a new plane.
  4. Thanks Iain, nice to be back in the air
  5. Thanks Adam. I like the "extra's" they have put into this, really nice.
  6. Thanks Wayne, a bit to learn, more to it than the P3D version
  7. Thanks Gerold, hopefully a lot more
  8. Thanks Landon, only had two short flights so far.
  9. Thanks Brad, my wife said the new plane was like her getting a new hat LOL
  10. Hi Guys, Just a couple of a flight I did this morning YBBN to YHBA in the new Milviz C310. This is a very nice aircraft, liked it in P3D, love it in MSFS.
  11. Thanks very much my friend, we're heading in the right direction now. Hopefully going to do some flying over the next few days
  12. Thanks John got it sorted, never had to do it that way before, so learned something today. Appreciate your help
  13. G'day mate. yep MS really irk me, the way they keep moving the goal posts. I can't remember doing the same thing each time, always different. Anyway I followed John's suggestion and went to the library and updated that way - all good now. Thanks for your comment, nice to know I'm not the only one having those issue's.
  14. This is what I have so far Thanks John I'll see if that works
  15. Hi Brad, thanks but unfortunately I have no idea when that update was being released as my wife and I were struck down with some mysterious virus that put us both in bed for twenty plus days, hence I'm trying to catch up now. I'm still in the grip of the rotten thing although a lot better than I was a week ago. My wife is okay now, but unfortunately I have a way to go, according to the doctors, who don't know what it is, but it leaves you with something like ongoing Covid, you have no energy, no strength, so tired you hardly make it from one room to another. Strange thing is, I never had Covid or anything related to it, got the medics baffled. Anyway, enough of that, I went to the Store and as I told Carlos couldn't find anything even after doing a search. Thanks, regards, Don
  16. Thanks Carlos, I got that screen, but on clicking the "update" button, it took me to the store, from there I was lost as I couldn't find anything relating to the update, even when I did a search, it didn't give me a link or anything to click on. Regards Don
  17. Hi guys, haven't been around lately, health issues, but having a better day, I decided to check MSFS knowing there would be a update, and of course I was right. Why do MS have to make these things so damned difficult to find, why not just provide a "click here" box to start the update, God that would be too easy for our customers/ followers, lets do the usual mess them about and completely P*ss them off. Now, after that little rant, could someone please tell me how to find the "update"- thanks. Don
  18. Superb shots Adam, so very real. Don
  19. Nice Adam, like them a lot - perfect Don
  20. Hi John, Having trouble working out what has saved and is right and what isn't. I've adopted a similar attitude to you. I've realised I have a lot of stuff not used and so left it in the library for maybe(?) another time. Don
  21. Thanks John. It was all in the hands of the Gods and Microsoft - err well they think they're Gods don't they? Don
  22. Thanks John, still trying to get everything right Don
  23. Thanks Gumby, sort of stuffed up the posts, dumped them altogether
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