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  1. Thanks Paul, investigating my options right now.
  2. Thanks Landon. Yep sometimes I get a impatient with the reading thing and pay the price, like now, I didn't see the note in BOLD , thanks for the extra info.
  3. Beautiful Paul, and as I said in another of your posts, NZ is a great place to see great scenery. Don
  4. Very nice Paul, and lovely part of the world, NZ has amazing scenery Don
  5. Thanks Paul. So the GTN750 fitted to the 414 by FSW cannot be activated? One has to purchase/obtain it from PMS 50. If that's the case, it would help if they told you this. I would have assumed they would have at least included the freeware version. I had a look at the freeware version, and like you, I will probably give it a go and if it's what I want, buy the full version. Thanks for the input and info.
  6. As some of you are aware, I recently purchased the Cessna 414 Chancellor, and today I have a problem, regardless of what/how I do procedures, I can't get any of the Garmins to work. Battery - on, Avionics Master - on still nothing. I went Youtubing for a fix, wouldn't be the first time I missed something, but these guys just flick the Avionics Master on and bingo it all powers up, so not sure if to file a support ticket or not. Thanks for all help. Don
  7. Great shots Jack. Haven't ventured there yet, even though it's on my front door step - so to speak. Must be about time to take the leap. Don
  8. Hi Landon, I plan on spending quite a bit of time with it today. Would you consider this to be a Study Level for a small aircraft, I seem to see a lot of varied comments about that.
  9. Thanks Nick, I'll stay and be happy with what I've got. Part of my problem was believing a lot of the crap of what was coming with the update from ill informed people. I'm over all the tweaking etc, at my age I just want to fly and enjoy it. Don
  10. Really nice set Paul, and interesting info. Very attractive young ladies in the ATC tower Don
  11. Hi mate, you may have already checked this out or have it already. Yesterday I purchased the FSW Cessna 414AW Chancellor, and what a great little aircraft. In case you haven't got around to checking it out, I thought I's give you a heads up. This is a beautiful aircraft and borders on a "study" level aircraft. Not sure? Go to their website and download the manual, there is a lot to learn about this little treasure, lots of preflight stuff you only get on things like the 727 from PMDG. I think you'd love it Jack, and it would sit beautifully in your hanger. I did a short flight this morning, Athens to Corfu, and even though I'm still learning the Cessna systems, it flew like a dream, and the engine sounds, I felt like I was in the real thing. IF you haven't already, give it a look. Of course this is only my opinion, and that of several more experienced simmers on Youtube. Sorry no pics, it wasn't an Orbx scenery. Don
  12. These shots are the completion of my flight EPSYTO EPKK, and yep, I caught the train Martyn. Approaching Krakow Unfortunately not being a movie, I couldn't post the train in action, they arrive and leave about every twenty seconds. Thanks for looking guys. Don
  13. Thank you very much Landon, glad you liked them. I have always liked their work, but couldn't comment here until they became a partner.
  14. Thats John, appreciate your kind comment.
  15. Thanks Calum, most of Poland airports are pretty good.
  16. Thanks Jack. Pretty much a miracle If I get it right, often post in the wrong order, but always trying
  17. Thanks Martyn, I'm really glad the developers are now populating the airports, makes a big difference. I don't think Mazury has a train, if it has I missed it, damn I'll have grab a cab.
  18. This weekends flight is from EPSY to EPKK. I'm liking flying Poland right now, Drzewiecki has some great Polish airports, (and on special right now) I've posted EPSY OLSYTYN - MAZURY first. Hope you enjoy them. Don Thanks for looking Don
  19. My rig is fairly old now John, about six years, so it may not be capable of working DX12 and DLSS. When I have the time, I'll give it a try. I have no idea what is required to run these systems, technology moves so fast these days, my old brain has a big problem keeping up
  20. Real nice, love warbirds Don
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