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  1. Thank you Adam! Thank you Landon, I tried my best with this post... Grounded I was... this year I have already been to Austria, Greece, Spain, Belgium and France. Exciting to travel again... let´s see how this goes on.
  2. Good to look at the good developments in time. The grass is also green on this side of the fence. I would spontaneously rate 1, 5 and 6 the best, with quite a different category.
  3. Happy Birthday John, and may the new year bring good health for you!
  4. OK, same here in my country. So no reason to move...
  5. You´re getting around, Landon.... You should begin to post your flight plans here!
  6. Good to read, Landon. Now take a week off to recover…
  7. Firstly, hope your beloved one recovers well, plus may you identify the allergic enemy. Second, another great narration, Martyn. Loved to read it.
  8. Ein jeder kehr vor seiner Tür… and with this I do not even look for „per head“ emissions…
  9. Thank you Wayne! Indeed, Johny. Generally you don´t see much on these night shots, and that would be absolutely useless to post here. Full moon and a dense population helped a bit on this flight...
  10. And do not forget the high number of markets required to sell food to all these people .
  11. Good to see we have variations, and some people even fly in additional sims nowadays!
  12. Back on memory lane. This was the first region where I encountered Orbx, and I was just blown away. What a pleasure. To be repeated...
  13. Thank you Calum. In general, night flight shots are not really interesting (as you don´t see much), here the flight was short enough. You get me an idea, John. I should have named this post "Marty McFly"... All the best to you! Thank you Marty, err, Martyn. As mentioned just above, the advantage of this short night flight is that one can see a bit from the ground. And grounded we all were. For surprisingly long. Now the idea of travelling comes back, slowly. We´ll see what we can do... PS: Now that Qantas offers direct flights to Australia from London and Rome, still the connection Hanover-Shepparton is missing.
  14. Great looking shots & perspectives, well done Darryl. Though, for the paxes your parking position is suboptimal: At the very end of the loooooong terminal. Basically "the other side" of the airport for them.
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