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  1. Sitting in a peaceful bar, that appears great. With this weather outside it might be safer than flying!
  2. Nice and handy, for the family visits over weekend?
  3. Looks like you have created another "Queen city", Carlos!
  4. Hello Wolfgang, I was just thinking: When I started this post in 2019, there was no MSFS or partner companies selling via Orbx. At that time it was obvious to limit all pictures to Orbx-created stuff. But meanwhile there are only very few Orbx-sceneries coming to the market. Which would mean, we may broaden the scope of this post to everything what is sold via Orbx. And as there have been no objections by the experts, I would say: Give it a go, Wolfgang (and all the other enthusiasts)!
  5. Indeed, some word from our preferred scenery provider would be motivating here. You know I also stay with p3d, for the time being and for some reasons. Sure I am willing to use more than one simulator, BTW.
  6. Hello @wolfko, I would say yes, because we are about to post real life shots, no competitors stuff. But basically this is a question to the Orbx moderators, e. g. @Iain Emms or @Nick Cooper: Is it accepted to advertise Orbx partner airports by posting real life shots of them here?
  7. Great shots Paul. Singers is hot and humid, but one of my favourite places for a layover (booked for next spring already).
  8. Fantastic shots Iain, so realistic.
  9. I have never seen Leeds/Bradford, so this is a learning for me. Whoever is able to continue, please feel free to post a picture!
  10. Hmmm... that looks like some place in the UK. Big enough for the Queen of the Skies... there are not many, so one could do a wild guess...
  11. If I knew that before, I would have visited them…
  12. Not the most invoting-looking place, but revealed here to keep us aware!
  13. As just revealed in the ongoing travel blog... ... I have managed to reach Bowerman / Hoquiam: Not too easy to get there, as you can see from the map it is a bit remote in an area with lots of national parks and fascinating cities. But, finally, it lay on my way. Like for so many of us, the fantastic Orbx freeware was my entry to the Orbx world, exactly 10 years ago. Memories, memories... Some areas of the airport are modeled in reality just like we know it from the sim: But the shocking truth is: Lana´s Cafe has been demolished! That is the place, you can only see the remainders of the terrace:
  14. Good guess, Wolfgang. That brings it down to much fewer countries in the world! You hit the spot, Paul: Do you have another airport in your photo archive to give us a new quest?
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