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  1. Travelling with my family through Australia two years ago. Repeating such a trip would be great…
  2. Some fantastic shots, Carlos. And a nice fly-by over the Marina Bay Sands Pool…
  3. Almost. What is missing is the Singapore Sling and the peanuts.
  4. Surely the Kokoda bushstrips are on the top of the list, for me in a Twin Otter. For Jack it might be the 747. But I would not forget tricky places with mountains or offsets like Narvik (Dash 8), Innsbruck (A320), Queenstown (A320), Telluride (Hawker XP 850) or Juneau (with any plane using the ILS). And all these helipads coming along as bonus with the airorts, like the Palm Springs Tramway or all these hospitals.
  5. Hi Eugene, you made my day, not to say my week with this progress report. Great shots of Sri Lanka, the Karnataka region, Bangladesh, the western Himalaya, the Kazachstan plains, even Siberia and the far east Kamchatka. It will be a pleasure to fly there!
  6. Thank you Iain! Thanks a lot, John. My pleasure, Landon. Indeed, we rarely see the Caribbean here, not to mention Cuba. But we have to pay tribute to the OpenLC makers and all their efforts - and it is well worth to do so. Some more Art Deco houses and street cruisers and the immersion would be close to our real expectations. OK, sth different in my destination of today, but we wouldn´t expect precision in a sim there, would we? Thank you John. Thanks a lot, John! You are welcome, Wayne. My pleasure, Adam!
  7. A nice real life shot showing your incorrect parking, John!
  8. Just this morning I was thinking the same thing: We haven´t heard any news this quarter on the completion of OLC. A little sign of life would be nice...
  9. Climbing out over Cayman Island I still wonder about these un-tropical trees, ... ... while the sea looks as expected. It is just a short hop up to Cuba, where we make landfall near Manzanillo at the Golfo de Guacanayabo. The Sierra Maestra at the southern coast looks great! Santiago de Cuba is the biggest city around, ... ... but I could not find out what these platforms are used for. A close look at the Gran Piedra mountains - maybe a too close look... ... but shortly after we pass Guantanamo Bay NAS. Downwind over the bay... ... and back into the airport, which is big enough to change to a plane of any size.
  10. Oh what a flight... I am looking forward to Jack trying this with a 747, when he´s got some time for flying!
  11. Fantastic clear shots, looks like true peace, Landon!
  12. Must be Oz. The Tin Man is already there, just Alice in her red skirt is missing.
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