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  1. Thank you Adam! Thanks John, now that I look at the post again I have the same troubles. The reef is well modeled in AU v2! You´re welcome, Wayne...! One day it will be possible again. I hope all these touristic providers will survive these years. Thank you John! Thanks a lot, Landon. Indeed AUv2 shows the reef very impressive. Not to mention the real one. As you see I have just copied the flight plan from the tour pilot, easy planning for me this time...
  2. Thank you Iain! My pleasure Mikee, both in the sim and real...
  3. Not the best weather, but some of the best shots, Adam.
  4. A, lovely. After a too long time another pleasure from your comic factory, Jack. I just hope the hot stuff Fred has been drinking was coffee, not grease.
  5. The next flight on memory lane is a relatively short hop from Cairns. A little preview of the routing... ... before we arrive at Green Island. Some fantastic views of Arlington Reef, ... ... and even the underwater details of Michaelmas Cay are quite precise in AUv2. One of the platforms for diving and snorkeling. Many have been placed around Cairns. But too soon... ... we come back to YBCS. Quite some fun for the experienced simmer. Surely I have placed the "official" waypoints into my navigation software.
  6. Thank you Adam. These are the details we all like in the scenery packages. For sure, Landon... Though: In this case also the potential penalties are powerful enough to make most people recognize the signs !
  7. Thank you John. I used a very expensive MSFS version, but needed no internet connection! Thanks Joe, Cairns IS a very nice base for virtual (and, lesser used) real travels around the northeast. Thank you Wayne! Oh yes bernd, lots of travels on the memory lane... and I hope we can get back to dreaming of future travels, too. I did my very best, John, and waited really long until the sim had loaded all fine details into pictures 3 and 5. Thanks mate! Thank you Graeme. Just like I like preparing these mixes! I tried to find a good pic of crocs in the water with the swimmers, but for some reason either the water was red or I saw only the crocs. There may be a reason why they put these signs here...
  8. Great plane and flight, Bernd, and fantastic shots!
  9. As I had a helicopter at hand from my last flight, I just made a little detour southwards of the airport. Starting at the parking lots and rental car stations... ... towards the harbour... ... and to the lagoon, which serves as a croc- & yellyfish-free swimming ground. And nature´s beauty is still there.
  10. Fantastic shots and good to see the Carenado 337 works in MSFS - progress!
  11. Hard to find the best answer to this question, I´ve been waiting for many of them and enjoyed them so much. In the final round for my decision would be - Porta Westfalica: I can nearly see the runway from my office, and the bar of the airport IS actually the terminal building. - Melbourne: The airport where I first touched Australian ground. The first Orbx airport I purchased. A base for many lovely explorations.
  12. Happy birthday @Ken Hall! Enjoy the Tasmanian Summer.
  13. Thanks a lot, Landon. I always enjoy making such posts on my own footsteps, and I will keep on dropping some of these proofs from time to time. Just wait until OLC Asia is released...
  14. Thank you John. I feel a slight irony in your words, and the upcoming Olympic Games will show us the relations. But still we all dislike that we can not travel the way the world was 2 years ago. And it is by coincidence that I post the travel promotion on the day QLD opens, according to Gumby! Hmm, three weeks is a long time, knowing that you were in frequent contact. And you were our only contact to this fantastic guy! I hope his birds keep him busy, I just read (in Australian Geography) it is a good breeding season.
  15. Thank you Wayne! Thanks a lot, Adam. My pleasure Graeme, also both virtual and in memories. That yoyo is making all of crazy, and cuts like back to a more basic level. And we are (globally) not used to that since, say, 1945. Will do, Gumby, will do. In virtual soon, in real as soon as possible. Unfortunately I do not play tennis. These previously-unnoticed inland borders add a bit to the craziness of these days. I live in one state and work (in case I drive to the office) in another one. With slightly different rules. And these rules change nearly every other week.
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