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  1. Grand shots and thanks for posting the video about Unreal Engine 5 nice to see what is around the corner
  2. Hi wolfko, One question if I may what bandwidth do you have on your internet connection? any idea how much it uses when you fly?
  3. Happy Birthday John, hope you have a good one
  4. Happy Birthday Wayne, a bit late but I was not online
  5. Definitely paid him, still get Christmas Card from our Amah in Brunei and send her a Chinese New Years card
  6. Nepalese pork curries, wok fried chicken and noodles by the char wallah, Singapore noodles and a blue juice curry, are all happy memories. Now I mix my own spices and cook them all at home, plenty of birds eye and scotch bonnet chillies. Had my wife's chilli and rice last night and I am cooking a Potato curry for lunch today
  7. Grand shots, I'm still looking for Miss July
  8. Ken, I was lucky, I also served with US, Canadian, Chinese, Austrian, Australian Signals, plus German, Belgian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish forces and some others. Iban and Sea Dayak trackers were amazing and have had many a hangover due to Tuak (a local brewed form of rice wine)
  9. For me, all the Gurkha's, and Fijians who I have served with in the British Army, the New Zealand, South African, Cypriots, Maltese, Brunei people who made me so welcome when in their country.
  10. Belated Happy Birthday Landon hope you had a good one
  11. As a long time customer and an old aged pensioner, have become more careful with my purchases, due to the age of my computer have been loath to move to cutting edge until I have replaced my hardware. I am still running FXS, and looking to move to P3D, given bandwidth constraints and the immaturity of the product do not wish to move to MSFS as I prefer to spend my time flying than troubleshooting and try to work out if it is a hardware or internet issue. It will be a shame if Orbx loses its magic touch, I gave up buying other venders scenery products, as I knew if I bought from Orbx the quality was good there were no compatibility issues. Nice to know your still listening and thank you for keeping this topic open
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