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    Captain to Fist Officer: I didn't say it was your fault. I am just blaming you.

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  1. Great video John. That fog is probably smoke from the wild fires.
  2. Happy Birthday Adam. Beers and cheers to you my friend.
  3. Great shots John. Good deal. Lovely area. Have a great weekend stay safe. Hot (86) up here and costly to keep the cooler full of beer.
  4. Well done. Congrats. Beers(Bill is in the mail John)
  5. Pick up some blue ones (Viagra) and have some fun If there is no interest, you can always use it as a towel rack
  6. Love yer dawgs. They're just saying: "We love you, don't go or it'll be pay back".
  7. Great shots Gerold. PNW is awesome. Fly North on your next trip.
  8. Swim a bit? Ooops I thought y'all meant "swill a bit". I do beers and simming thanks to my auto pilot on my C 47 when T-Bone is too far to the wind I git up and "fast" walk to the fridge. Thank goodness it ain't too far. And then repeat the action as often as necessary. Sorry, I gotta cut this off now. Time to fast walk to the fridge.. Stay safe and exercise smartly. Have a safe and happy weekend. Cheers k
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