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    Captain to Fist Officer: I didn't say it was your fault. I am just blaming you.

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  1. Gosh, I just love that sweet old Pussy Cat. Great song. Cheers Adam. k
  2. Happy Birthday Holger. All the best to you.
  3. Awesome animals and movies. I howl like that when my beer fridge is empty. Ooops Sorry guys. This Mom was standing on the back deck with her son and a glass of wine in her hand explaining about alcohol. She said:" Look at the two Birds on that branch, son. An Alcoholic would see four birds sitting on that branch". He replied: "But Mom there is only ONE bird sitting on that branch". Go figure. Cheers k.
  4. Happy Birthday Rodger all the very best of health and all the other good stuff.
  5. Happy Birthday Carlos. All the best to you.
  6. Happy Birthday Gumby may you have a lovely and beerable day. k
  7. Happy Birthday Smudger and all the best to you.
  8. Happy Birthday Iain all the best for you.
  9. Great stuff Adam. Love that Marmot.k
  10. NFL. Hockey. Favorite teams are: Football Seattle Seahawks and the N.Y. Rangers Hockey. Sorry Canucks Y'all gotta play better and win at least sometimes.
  11. Happy Birthday Ken. Keep up the good work.
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