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  1. Fantastic looking scenery inside and outside, even with Belgiums first moon rocket ! But I really miss people, even static, outside the buildings…
  2. Thank you Wayne! Good remark, Adam. Basically I might need the bag after reading my track, the flight manouvres were still slow enough. Thanks for your comment, Jocko. Indeed the long FSX/P3D time has brought many great (perfect?) add-ons, some have been ported to the beautiful MSFS, some not yet. And some, like the RealAir planes, never will. Which means, a parallel install has some charme.
  3. A very happy Birthday from me as well, @ikbenik!
  4. Oh yes, it is. And that is what I want to see. Some call it progress...
  5. Fantastic shots Pete, I can almost SMELL being there. But you do not have the full picture of history: That is not true, at least not for me. The most famous visitor there was my doctoral father, the writer of reference #2 in this article: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grüner_Igelwurm . In the 1980s he was harvesting Bonellia viridis with some hired divers in the Marina di Campo, to extract Bonellin, the green pigment of Chrorophyll-like structure, before developing the first lab synthesis of it. We had original samples (mg) of natural Bonellin in our lab fridge, obviously a treasure.
  6. Thank you Landon. I should have used a much slower plane. Or a bigger pattern... I knew someone from within reach of the Pacific would like this analogy... Thank you Graeme. I would have liked more precision, maybe I´ll try again. Thank you Bernd. It doesn´t help much, but it needs to be done.
  7. Not too tough in my eyes… sign of the times.
  8. What a great flight, shots & narration, Bernd. And a brilliant chance to compare with my old P3D... Tahiti: Moorea: Rangiroa:
  9. He is not focusing on that what a flight nerd would see.
  10. Not with a massage, as this is not the Alaskan Mule Team Services. I took off from Hanover, a good portation of rather old FSX software, ... ... climbed out over the Steinhuder Meer... ... and the fields of Lower Saxony. The GPS got hot during this flight. Which ended peacefully downwind... ... and final into the 27R. No doubt I know this runway very well. I did some turns today, as you can see from the executed flight plan. Perhaps you can see it better with the planned version merged. Or without my amateur steering skills.
  11. In other parts of the world it is an English reputation. I find this rivalry rather funy (and avoid crowded places where it occurs)...
  12. Bottle opener. Either the Aluminum version or a plastic one (aka mobile phone).
  13. The colour nerd can not be pleased by the livery here, it must be something else. They say raging bulls like moving red colors...
  14. And here is +4. So happy to see ya, @VH-KDK . Lots has happened since your last post, but I think you have followed with patience...
  15. Fantastic shots Pete. And I have no doubt why the German ship in #2 (Gorch Fock) has to leave: Circulay Quay is occupied as usual (with a british towel), and it is not easy to sail under that bridge.
  16. Great shots of the Airbus Azurra on the way to the Oktoberfest. But 4 months too early!
  17. An outstanding flight, with some great perspectives and a little history lesson (I did not know about that ship before). Thanks Bernd! PS: And reading about the fate of Prinz Eugen on wikipedia is even more interesting. It seems to be a radioactive wreck now, contaminating a piece of paradise.
  18. Why shouldn´t you - it looks absolutely great. And, as I was recently flying there in P3D, I can make a comparison with a crystal clear (and expected) outcome. Thanks for posting!
  19. Thank you so much for the explanations, Carlos. And the memory training on your end... And usually I also use a livery that fits to the flight, whenever available. Oh I miss OzX...
  20. Thank you Iain! Thanks Gumby. The NEO has brought us less legroom in Germany... I think this can be seen as future, unfortunately. Thank you Wayne. Strange feeling, even virtual! Thanks John. Sorry I did not visit Washington state for so long. Fuel her up - you say it so easy, Landon, have you seen the prices? I try to get a solar plane for my next tours...
  21. ... and just a tiny one. Out of Frankfurt... ... over the Edertalsperre, ... ... descending over the Weser river at Hameln... ... and just minutes later downwind into Hanover. Here I am again, virtually back after months! That feels good...
  22. Indeed, that is good news. Not only for us, waiting for that elemental improvement of p3d, but much more for Eugene, as this means he is well enough to work on something what is not priority #1 in life. Keep my fingers crossed things get better.
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