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  1. As I am still busy travelling through the South African Outback, I can just send you a short Thank You today. Will be back soon with some proofs…
  2. Looks great Bernd. One should go for southern Africa exploring, it seems.
  3. Happy Birthday John - and thanks for your constant contributions to this forum! Happy Birthday Jarrad - I miss your contributions to this forum and to the world of passionate sceneries.
  4. Aloha, Paul. Surprising combination of dresscodes in your flight sim - well it still is basically a flight sim. One might alread forget...
  5. Thank you Landon. I will surely bring some pictures for this community with me. Then you also know which runway was chosen that day. Spannend... Thanks John. And that soundtrack is really suiting! Thank you Iain! I will probably not be able to make this shot in real. And even from the inside it will not be as interesting as the simmed one... Thank you Adam. It really is time to relax. Thank you Graeme. Changing the hemisphere again!
  6. Thank you Wayne. Majestic´s Q400 is a challenge, but also a pleasure if mastered... Thanks Adam. A short flight in your backyard...
  7. Next week I am going to do my first intercontinental flight since nearly 3 years. Plus, it is even going to be holiday. What an adventure! Zurich Jo´burg At least I had the chance to practice such trips in the sim.
  8. Sounds bad, sounds surprising. I thought you always have wind and rain in WAS...? Thank you Landon. I enjoy a morning with such a compliment!
  9. Ok, so anybody is fine to test our recognition skills...
  10. A good option would be to honor Paul for this guess. And let him post a new one, in case Paul has got any?
  11. Thank you Iain! Thanks Paul. The map was easy to catch, the landing photo not. Not to mention finding the way to the parking position... Thank you John. I come closer to you, be aware!
  12. Now for a little regional flight in the early morning. From Dayton, Ohio... ... into a perfect clear sky. But only until Lake Michigan is reached! Hmmm, not much to see on the horizon, we have to trust the ILS. At least some of the little houses pop up while getting closer. A relief... ... if not the traffic would be so dense. As you can expect the landing in Chicago O´Hare was stressful, so I forgot to make a proving screenshot. The only document is this:
  13. A very happy Birthday, mate. I suspect you have already enjoyed a Champagne in the morning...
  14. Sorry I don´t have many english airports from Orbx (I was not too enthusiastic with the full region packs). So I can not make any qualified guess by the buildings.
  15. I have just read that for 90 % of the world´s population there are only two: QE2 and the "newbie" (if he may be called like in any other job).
  16. Hope you had some fine spirit in the cocktails on ground before you left, Paul?
  17. Fantastic weather you found, Paul!
  18. Thank you Landon. The Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta would be nice to visit, if only I had more time...
  19. Very nice places of her life shown, Paul. Well thought and done.
  20. My pleasure, Paul. Thank you, Iain! That´s true, Wayne - but that´s how it is, and where we sometimes go! We just need to be careful not to reach the end of the disc and then fall down!
  21. That themed contest is really a new motivation, Iain. So I look ahead over False Bay, just after leaving Cape Town:
  22. OK, once again I use the name similarities of the western world: Starting from Lima, Ohio... ... I cross the hotel i am going to stay... ... and the company I am going to visit. A few miles south is Sidney, Ohio. There are 21 cities in the USA (and the one in Canada, Holger!) with this typo - if Lord Sydney knew that... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Townshend,_1st_Viscount_Sydney And not much longer it is time to turn downwind... ... into Dayton, to prepare for the next leg of this long day. The obvious proof of the routing. After flying this route I recognized that there is an "Armstrong Air and Space Museum" in Wapakoneta. And just a little Google away I learned that the first man to step on extraterrestrial ground was born there. Fascinating.
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