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  1. Great perspectives, Landon. You also met nice weather - but you should clean up the table from your cans after breakfast!
  2. Magic shots, Pete (and a magic cockpit by Manfred Jahn). Though I wonder how the passengers felt during your plane makeovers...
  3. Easy to understand Don, take care and stay well! We currently have a major renovation in our house going on, so I do not fly or visit the forum too regularly as well. At least we now have back our flush water and heating...
  4. First of all: All the best to Robin and you, many people have already encouraged youo to look forward to your eye "renovation". I keep my fingers crossed, you´ll make good progress! Exactly the same for me, Jack: I enjoy my p3dv4 (!), make nearly no change on it and flying is fun. But the eye candy of MSFS screenshots looks more spectacular, so I let them go. I second all your words, Mark. And I do the same - for the time being. OLC Asia will be a great adventure, and one day I might change to a full equipped MSFS as well. Good to hear Martyn is busy but well. So sad to hear he is lost for this forum (and for flight simming). I would love to get back in contact with him... send him my greetings!
  5. A nice morning flight, John. And your water settings are great.
  6. A nice tour over the city of sails, Carlos, well suited for a first orientation. Still my impression of MSFS is too clean and artificial. We need more life or clutter on the ground.
  7. Don’t mention this to often, the rental car companies may charge us for the extra wear of the wipers…
  8. Plus two questions to the Brits: How far is this in Inch? How many ounces of fuel were used?
  9. Be careful with your desires, and think of the parking fee
  10. Seems you do the italian way of driving, always drop the left arm out of the window?!
  11. Once again amazing details in a peaceful surrounding...
  12. Nice set to guess these places, Mikee. The easy ones are Innsbruck, Sydney, Brisbane, maybe also Seattle´s Space Needle. But the remaining two...?
  13. Thank you Adam! Merci Jean Marc. Your suggestions sound nice... but what I read from Haiti does not sound like there would be a chance to enjoy the beautiful nature on that country. There must be reasons why so many people thy to escape from there.
  14. Outstanding details, Adam.
  15. Fantastic shots Graeme, looking great. Now, how are cockpit and systems?
  16. For me the representations would be 1. Lockheed SR-71 2. GeeBee 3. Embraer Phenom 4. Cessna Caravan 5. Fieseler Storch
  17. Thank you Wayne and yes, that is truely a workhorse.
  18. Or Stornoway with the lovely crosswinds... or Barra (low tide preferred)...
  19. Fantastic weather and details in your shots, Carlos. And your selfie in #2 looks really cool. When it comes to the interior details (something we may not totally require in a flight simulation), I would love to see a true scotsman in a Kilt here. Maybe @Iain Emms supports this?
  20. Thank you Carlos. When you "enter" the virtual cockpit, this Boeing loooks more like a 747, not too much appeal of a warbird. And when fully loaded, it also behaves like a 747 on the ground and during takeoff... Thank you Iain! Thanks Graeme. The C-17 looks & lands outstanding! Thank you for the support, TT! You are right John, we visit the Caribbean not often enough. You can be sure I´ll continue my virtual travel a bit in the region. I can only second your words from my sim & theoretical perspective. You need to get stuff in and out of delicate places (take Afghanistan, for a recent example), and the C-17 is the tool for it. You can also call this bird "good PR for its home countries". I have used it to fly long distances into suspicious Sahara strips, or to remote arctic airfields in Canada or Alaska. Thank you John. Some poor places we easily forget after they quickly disappear from the headlines. +1, Bullfox. Reducing the autogen is a creative idea - I have never though of that! And a DC-3 is also well suited for this sort of missions.
  21. Fantastic shots (sim & real), and great explanations. That is how geography lessons should be.
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