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  1. Happy birthday Graeme, I hope it is a good day for you
  2. Hello Mike Not quite 4TB but close https://www.box.co.uk/Samsung-PM983-3.8TB-Enterprise-M.2-PCIe-_2407067.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA1JGRBhBSEiwAxXblwfiJY_iAgKnfgzqktotDHDHIcKUy0coDBAXd5tiiuuPfgb7MFiXzGRoCWl8QAvD_BwE
  3. Happy birthdays to you both, have a good one
  4. Happy birthday flyingleaf, have a great day
  5. Thank you all gentlemen for your good wishes, it has been a good day so far
  6. They all say Coming soon I think it is Monday when they will be released, I understand they are waiting for all other sellers to remove them, but I could be wrong
  7. My apologies, I forgot that EGFF is not a stand alone product. Is EGFF as included in EU Wales, if so do a verify on EU Wales and your Orbx Libraries. I have just seen your other post, has checking Orbx Libraries corrected the problem with EGFF ?
  8. Delete any backup you may have and do a fresh download and install.
  9. Hello Mike Usually an uninstall and reinstall through Orbx Central will rectify any errors.
  10. Hello John, welcome to the forums. Have you run FSX Steam at least once up to the Flight screen and closed it before opening Orbx Central ? Does Central still show your previous FSX install in the drop down menu ?
  11. Yes, mine are all loaded into the P3Dv5 sim folder, apart from Object Flow and Trees which have to be loaded outside. Do you have Vector for P3Dv5 installed and active ? I am not certain but I understand that using the addon.xml procedure the entries are haphazard in the scenery.cfg, which is not to my liking
  12. Sorry Matty, but at present I am out of any further ideas, it is probably something simple, certainly not your rig, if anything else comes to mind I'll let you know .
  13. My 2nd pic was flying into NZGS from NZNR, there is something amiss judging by your pics, is your scenery library set correctly ? Mine is below. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700 and a Geforce RTX 2070 Super, not up to your level. I include my P3Dv5 settings for you to compare. My FPS is set at unlimited in P3Dv5 Display, but is set to 33FPS in the Nvidia Control Panel.
  14. Hello Matty This is what I see, in your position I would delete any backups, uninstall NZNI and NZGS and do a fresh download and install of each. Verify the Orbx Libraries.
  15. Cannot verify but What does VH stand for on Australian aircraft? Victor Hargraves During HARS tours, the question occasionally is asked “what is the significance or history of the VH prefix on Australian registered civil aircraft”? Often someone will explain that it's the initials of the famous Australian aviation person Victor Hargraves.
  16. Hello Jack, if that is the ReailtyXP GTN I have just had an update notification for P3Dv5 compatability. I have P3Dv5.3 with the GTN750 and they are working well together
  17. You are welcome, glad to help, here is another article for you to check out https://www.cable.co.uk/broadband/guides/router-security/
  18. Hello Brandon, welcome to the forums. Have you tried switching off your router for a while, and then rebooting. Have you run a Broadband speed test through your router ?
  19. Happy birthday Scott, have a great day
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