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  1. Good news Pete, well done, Sherlock would be proud of you
  2. Hello Col, If you have the Win 7 64 bit disc that came with your laptop, you could format and install that on your PC. But if you could afford a new Win 10 64bit disk to install, that would be preferable
  3. Wishing you a happy birthday and a great day Landon
  4. Yes wain, Saitek X52 pro and Saitek pedals, all is good
  5. You need to look in Control Panel - Programs and Features. The Client is installed automatically as part of Setup.
  6. Hello Have you ran P3Dv5 up to the Flightscreen and then closed it before opening Orbx Central ?
  7. Hello sersanchez, welcome to the forums. Have you also installed the Orbx libraries ?
  8. Happy birthday Stewart, have a good one
  9. Happy birthday Wolter and trust that you are keeping well
  10. Hello MarkusxX, welcome to the forums. Please check this article by Nick regarding blocky scenery.
  11. Happy birthday Jack, have a good day
  12. Hello Peter Have you checked to make sure it is ticked in Options - Add-ons ?
  13. Hover your mouse over it John to see you are an Orbx VIP, well deserved may I add
  14. Wishing you a happy and good birthday Brad, and many more to come
  15. Happy birthday John, have a good day, hoping our founder is keeping well
  16. Hello Sorry but you may have meant the downloads, on your Prepar Download page, click on the plus sign by + Individual Component Downloads (click to expand) If you had done a full download, you would have them all.
  17. Hello Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features scroll down to P3D entries
  18. Hello Are you installing Object Flow into your P3Dv5.2 ? It must be installed into it's own library outside your sim. As an example you will see mine is on E: drive but my P3Dv5.2 is on F: drive. It only needs to be a folder with a name of your choice that you point Orbx Central to in settings.
  19. Hello Mb944, welcome to the forums. Did you also run a Verify on the Orbx libraries, that is necessary
  20. Happy birthday and have a good day Ben
  21. Hello Jack Have you checked out this site and article = https://www.cleverfiles.com/howto/dead-hard-drive-recovery.html It sounds as though it may be a help to you
  22. Hello Sotiris You will not have to re-purchase them, but you will have to run P3Dv5 at least once before opening Orbx Central and you will have to download them again into P3Dv5
  23. Then I am at a loss, your answer would appear to be saving for a larger Graphics card, I do not know whether mine would be sufficient for PMDG aircraft
  24. All PMDG aircraft are hungry on resources, have you tried the same scenario with a default aircraft ?
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