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  1. Happy birthday Rob, have a good one
  2. Happy birthday Wayne, hope it is a great day for you
  3. John, I am using a Geforce RTX 2070 which is below your required, but all my sims are smooth
  4. Happy birthday, have a great day young man
  5. Happy birthday Landon, hoping you have a great day with many more to come
  6. Hello Fanniperrone, welcome to the forums. The information regarding that thread, are screen shots taken by Iain Emms showing LYPG depicted in MSFS2020 and posted in the Community Screenshots forum. I hope that guides you
  7. Rest in peace Tee Cee, flying high, condolences to his family and friends
  8. Happy birthday John, have a good day
  9. Happy birthday Stewart, hope all is well at your end, have a good day
  10. Here is a post from Holger that may help you
  11. Did you follow this advice thoroughly ? Then run Verify Files for the Orbx Libraries and try again. Please note: 1. that each of these steps must be taken in this exact order, or further problems will result. 2. that the term "Orbx Libraries" refers specifically to the Orbx Libraries product, it does not mean Orbx products in general.
  12. Hello dennison Have a look at Nick's post
  13. Hello Tom, you can check whether it makes a difference by unticking the 3 vector entries in your Scenery library and running P3Dv5, and then decide to uninstall or not.
  14. Happy birthday Taph, hope it is a good day
  15. Jack Checking the ambitiouspilots-shiftzstats\html_UI\Data it says [Main] EnableShiftZShortcut=true ; Note: Toolbar icon cannot be hidden when EnableShiftZShortcut is false ShowToolbarIcon=true ; Available positions are TopLeft and TopRight Position=TopRight so it would appear it can be switched on and off with Shift+Z
  16. I don't think so Jack, it is loaded into the Community folder, if you know a way of switching each ON / OFF
  17. You are welcome Martyn In the README it describes how to edit the ambitiouspilots-shiftzstats\html_UI\Data that will enable you to change the text colour and position on screen.
  18. This may help you Jack, it has fps plus other handy info, called shiftzstats from flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/16358/shift-z-stats
  19. Well done Jack, you are making great headway with your new sim showing that an old dog can learn new tricks
  20. Happy birthday Adam, I hope it is a great day
  21. Many happy returns Ron, hope it is a good day
  22. Hello Jack The PMDG aircraft are not listed in the Marketplace yet, so until they send it across it is still at PMDG. Your controls will work, it is just that you will have to set them up as we did in FSX and P3D, as it says to Create a custom scheme, there are many more options in MSFS. You will also need to go to the Marketplace on the Welcome screen, click on World at the top and you will see all the World updates which you will need to install. At the bottom is Content Manager this will also show any that are not installed, both should be checked after any World updates. Just take your time mate, and work through it steadily, there is a lot to get your head around, it took me quite a while to get the basics and I am nowhere near proficient yet. You will get there, slowly but surely, as they say Rome was not built in a day
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