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  1. Many Happy Returns Mate! Have a Good'un and I hope your flights both real and virtual continue to give you and your family the greatest of pleasure
  2. Being an FSX dinosaur I'll just be happy to see LC Asia before I cark
  3. Many Happy Returns Mate AND Have a Good'un
  4. Indeed Many Happy Returns - and don't forget to Have A Good'un
  5. Many Happy Returns and Have a Good'un
  6. Totally agree Roger - helicopters AKA eggbeaters - they don't fly, they beat the air into submission I once asked a mate who is a verry good chopper pilot what was the secret, he said, "Imagine you are going down a slope balancing atop a basketball while juggling a dozen eggs!". He also said they are much easier to operate in the sim (FSX) than in real life. Totally beyond me.
  7. Indeed Many Happy Returns Gents and hope you both have good'uns
  8. Operated them all in FSX with Orbx (and the myriad freeware campaign scenery addons adjusted to suit) my favourite of that lot was the Spits of which there were 2 excellent versions available with multitudinous variants and paints available.
  9. Many Happy Returns Mate! Hope you have/had a good'un
  10. Thank you everyone for the BD wishes Started the day with medical visits all with good news about my various conditions and given permission to "have a few" So did that while playing the devil's music on my black Les Paul with family and friends for the rest of the afternoon - indeed "life's been good to me"!
  11. Just the last three for me mate but happy to have seen them all! Will I see a fourth? God Save the King anyway
  12. The best one by far? The one you like the best
  13. Very sad indeed, I was privileged to meet and be presented to Her Majesty who, despite being fairly small, had enormous presence, vitality, intelligence, knowledge and humour! I well remember the passing of her father and the effect it had on us all at the time but I'm sure the feelings we will see over the next few weeks will also be enormous. God Bless Her and God Save the King! He has enormous shoes to fill.
  14. If I was a USA person I would plead the Fifth or under British legal systems and their variants such as Oz "refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself"
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