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  1. MSFS FeelThere - TIST Cyril E. King Airport
  2. Happy Birthday my friend, hope you have a great one!
  3. So where are you if you ain't in the pointy end, I know the 737 doesn't have aft steering. Thank you Wayne. Thank you very much .
  4. Beautiful shots there Bernd from P3D. Gerold, great shots as well from MSFS.
  5. Excellent set of shots Andy!
  6. I hope you had a barf bag handy for that one Gerold. Well done.
  7. Thank you John. I'm seeing four or five lines, wasn't sure which one was the correct one Gumby. Thank you. Thank you John. Thank you Landon. Thank you Ken. Thank you much Carlos.
  8. Beer bottle/can opener and a small pistol with military grade mace with a 90mph exit velocity among other things.
  9. Don't know where those shots went to Bernd. Thank you.
  10. You just can't duplicate mother nature Pete. Thank you.
  11. Great tour of the Panama Canal and surroundings Bernd, well done!
  12. Maybe another day of two Karl you can wrap this thing up.
  13. Thank you John, Thank you Iain. Thank you very much Bernd. Thank you John. Great time to be flight simming Landon. No, there real cloud photos from Liminar4. Thank you Pete. Thank you Wayne.
  14. Thank you John. Just a mind burp Landonl no need to worry. Thank you John. Yes it is, but you can still enjoying by changing the settings like Landon said.
  15. Appreciate it Graeme. Thank you Bernd.
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