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  1. Wonderful series of drone shots Pete!
  2. Terrific set of randoms Mike!
  3. Happy Birthday Jon, I hope you have a great one! Actually I did think you were in your 30s, thanks for clearing that up.
  4. Super duper set of shots Landon! I see an unopened can of Heineken beer on the table there, I'll be right there.
  5. Great to hear from you Jack, seems like a long time. Sorry to hear about you and your wife's medical issues, hoping for a speedy recovery for both of you! Yunz take care of yourself now! Tell Martyn I said hello and that I miss seeing his 5 and 6 point landings.
  6. Did you ever walk around all day with two different color shoes on and wonder why everyone is staring at you?
  7. Indeed it is John. Thank you . Thank you much Graeme. Thank you John. Thank you John. Thank you very much Landon. Thank you Wayne.
  8. They have meds for that kind of thing Pete, or Maybe you just need some quality time at the little white cottage in the wood.
  9. Don't worry about us Don, we understand. The impotrant think is taking care of yourself my friend!
  10. I can live with that, looks pretty darn close Pete.
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