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  1. Outstanding random captures Carlos.
  2. Excellent set of shots of the Corsair, Paul.
  3. Sorry to hear about your health issues, hope you have a speedy recovery Andreas. Great shots by the way.
  4. Cool set of shots Paul.
  5. Just like the movie Paul, nice shots.
  6. Beautiful captures Carlos, Homer Alaska is a great place to hang our.
  7. Looms like you spun out of control there Graeme.
  8. Excellent set of shots Paul. The Tomcat is my favorite fighter.
  9. Swell set of shots Paul.
  10. First shot for me, the second is a little to dark.
  11. Some dazzling captures there Paul.
  12. Outstanding set of shots Paul.
  13. Not showing up for me Jack, says image not available.
  14. Good looking night shots Graeme.
  15. Good for you John, hope you enjoy your new computer.
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