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  1. Excellent shots and a great tour of the airport!!!!!!!
  2. Super shots Pete, never get tired of looking at your shots.
  3. Great shots Bernd and thanks for the info on Marlin Brando, I never new he had that many kids.
  4. Same with me john, except I will have to add my cell phone (wife gets very mad at me if she calls it and I do not answer
  5. I hope you have or had a great birthday OND!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Turned out very good Pete!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Beautiful photos Adam, Uh, I mean screenshots!!!!!!
  8. Wow another great airfield and shots. I see that squirrel is still there.
  9. Super shots Gerold and great flight!!!!!!!!! Glad you made it home.
  10. Excellent shots, specially that last one!!!!!! Think I will had over to Lana's Cafe and have a burger and a beer.
  11. Excellent shots of the airports Darryl!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow, those are some good looking shots!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Great song, Bob Dylan wrote and also sang that song (way before Guns and Roses).
  14. I agree!! But an excellent shot of it.
  15. Enjoyed looking at your shots!!!!!!!!!
  16. Out standing shots Adam!!!!!!! By the way your aircraft looks you could have been flying in the Texas Panhandle. Sometimes when it rains here it rains mud.
  17. Great shots and flight Gerold. Nice to see some shots of the Texas Gulf Coast.
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