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  1. Excellent shots, specially the cockpit shots.!!!!!!!!!
  2. Amazing shots Carlos and I specially like that last one.
  3. Thank you for all of these great shots Carlos!!!!!!!
  4. Excellent shot!!!!!!!!! So the lady in red is now the lady in blue!!!!!! And the new lady in red is a member of a snake cult.
  5. Excellent shots of Bromma, to bad about the landing.
  6. Super shots Adam, nice looking airport!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Super shots of the Spit and scenery!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for commenting TTM Orbx Team just means I have worked on some of the Orbx scenery in the past (P3d).
  9. Thanks again guys for all the great comments.
  10. That is a good looking shot!!!!!
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