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  1. A great collection of float planes, super shots of them and the scenery!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Excellent shots and good looking P-38.
  3. Looks like a fun place to fly, super shots!!
  4. Like your shots Jack and good looking plane.
  5. Good looking shots, hope you find some more seaplane bases.
  6. Always like your weather shots and these are excellent.
  7. Excellent shots Jack, Edinburgh looks great.
  8. Super shots from xplane........
  9. Can you tell me what the three emails are? The one I have been using for a long time is lifejogger@suddenlink.net, but that one does not exist any more.
  10. This is what I get when I try and login. "Your account has not been verified, please check your email for further instructions." I can't check the my old e-mail because it does not exist anymore.
  11. Does any one know how I can change my E-Mail address I have a new and the one on my profile is not right
  12. Great tour of the airport, you shots of it are excellent.
  13. Your P3D looks very good, excellent shots.
  14. Super post Paul, the screen shots were excellent.
  15. Top notch shots Martyn, looks like you have adambar clouds
  16. Excellent shot Martyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Super shots Adam, that last shot looks real.
  18. Great shots with beautiful views of the scenery.
  19. Beautiful shots Adam!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Thanks guys and yes I had a very nice birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
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