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  1. Some great shots Adam , most a wee bit chilly. First shot my fave. Cheers Graeme
  2. Does he ever visit the forum Grant? I haven't checked his profile. I reckon his life has done a 180 since he sold, now enjoying the fruits of his past endeavors. If he visits- happy birthday JV, we're enjoying your legacy mate. Thank you. Enjoy your special day:)
  3. Wolfgang is that really the subscription price?! If so, all I can say is wow! If your Aussie wife gifts you can I put in a request? Looks like an awesome program. Beyond ATC looks appealing to me. Good luck mate! Cheers Graeme
  4. What's your fave birthday, mother's/father's, Christmas day aviation related gift from your family or friends? Just looking for suggestions for my kin
  5. Great eight Iain! Particularly like the Chinook shot. All corkers tho. Cheers Graeme
  6. Thanks Gerold, I have used it for a few years now but typical me I don't utilise it's features. Do you notice a difference in load times when you disable scenery not required? Cheers Graeme
  7. I've never even considered it. My business partner's wife is also a pharmacist, now I know why lol
  8. Thanks Johnny. Nice set Mark 80 yrs. Cheers Graeme
  9. Such great samples Johnny. Nothing left out and all superb shots! Thank you so much. Cheers Graeme
  10. To answer Rodge's original question, my one improvement would be loading time at first launch. I suspect my bloated Community folder may be a culprit for slowing the process but if there is still a Community folder it would be nice to merge it some how. I'm IT stupid so probably pie in the sky stuff
  11. Happy birthday mate. Enjoy your special day. Cheers Graeme
  12. A few epic snaps Adam! Eye candy indeed. Thanks for sharing mate. Cheers Graeme
  13. Thanks for this great set Johnny. You've covered everything! Cheers Graeme
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