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  1. Wow, so much detail. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Graeme
  2. Have to agree John, if the simulator only covered PNW there would still be a wealth of beautiful sceneries to explore. Thanks for commenting. Cheers Graeme
  3. Just a quickie but beautiful. Thanks for commenting John. As always appreciate your comment Adam Thank you Iain, appreciate it mate
  4. As far as autumnel trees go we don't see any change here in the sub tropics, leaves are the same all year. I did spend four years in the UK in the early 90's where I met my wife. We had a long weekend in a cabin in The New Forest in autumn and it was memorable, not only for the autumnal colours but we were newly in love! Wink wink
  5. A quick morning trip to dust off the cobwebs Thanks for looking. Cheers Graeme
  6. Credit card loaded. Is that Melbourne Cityscape in the background?????
  7. Great couple of "The City of Churches" Ken. There's some fine red wine produced in the distant mountains. Cheers Graeme
  8. Have never piloted a real plane Bill but share your sentiments. Being an aviation nut for decades and discovering Orbx, oh boy, I was hooked! Best regards Graeme
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