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  1. Many thanks to all you great blokes for the birthday wishes - had a great family day with extended family except my daughter being locked down in Melbourne. Even 'tho I'm on the dry for health reasons I enjoyed some mildly flavoured waters and bland food . The mob then became musical and made me entertain them on guitar, harmonica and sometimes bass with my renditions of Cat Stevens, Everly Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot and Rick Nelson. They did some Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones for me. Kicked them all out at 2130 and I'm now in recovery mode . It's grand to be alive sometimes.
  2. Good on all you blokes, particularly Roger for his hard work to instigate our enjoyment, always check-in everyday here.
  3. Used to enjoy F and G very tasty both of them but no where near as hot as some of the dishes I had in India, Ceylon and Indonesia. Haven't been able to eat any of these foods for about 20 years - aging health dietary restrictions .......
  4. Maybe Gerold has paid too much tax but you never cease to amaze me with the way you make these tube liner journeys so interesting
  5. Another great drummer worthy of a look is Steve Jordan. He has played with just about anybody and everybody and if you have a look at some of his many performances on the various video sites you will see why Mr Watts picked him as his stand in for the upcoming Stones tour.
  6. Yes Mama Told Me Not to Come is my favourite of that selection - it's also bags of fun to perform with the right bunch of musical idiots
  7. For me it was definitely my late wife who came to Australia in 1958 as Kentish maid with her Ten Pound Pom parents - she married me in 1971 and turned a wastrel adventurer into a proud and effective father of three beautiful children now in their 40s and making their own contribution to Australia.
  8. Good on you John - you might have been a 10 Pound Pom in days of yore but you and your family sound pretty dinky-di to me now
  9. And many happy returns from me mate - in the spirit of Gerold's sci-fi greeting: may I say nanu-nanu to you as well
  10. Very interesting indeed thank you - great scenery, great aircraft, top notch narration, great map - it saves my ballpoint and my atlas!
  11. Lovely shots of great scenery and that aircraft is surprisingly good I found!
  12. Wondered where you were - keep on keeping on mate you GOF AOOB
  13. Your clarity and sharpness in this area continues to impress me - and I have added two more POIs to my todo list, thank you!
  14. Beautiful contrasts all the way through that set congrats!
  15. Many Happy Returns! Hope you are having or had a great day!
  16. Great shots - never knew the Castle was there!
  17. Many Happy Returns Mate ..... have a good one!
  18. Beautiful sharp and contrasting shots matey!
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