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  1. Leatherman replaced my 80 year pocket knife a few years back
  2. Lifting a virtual glass to you Roger a fine poem indeed indeed
  3. Outstanding from Eugene considering his circumstances
  4. I'm operating the A2A Cherokee 180 through the current weather event we're having in SE Qld Aust and currently OTG Warwick before heading East towards the Coast. Weather is quite challenging as is the terrain at low levels.
  5. Of course it's a beer Sadly I had to give the beer away for health reasons a year ago now but I can still taste and desire one every afternoon at sunset when I attempt to play darts on the back verandah
  6. I prefer (and attempt to perform the Bob version "Unplugged") but GnR do a great rock version and I always enjoy the different twist given to the song by many other artists/bands
  7. Yes indeed enjoyed that very much thank you ..... MAF have provided such a great service to PNG and the NT of Aust for so many decades.
  8. Being one who appreciates all types if music I found this hard to decide but I have to nominate the enigmatic Bob Dylan as the one who most influenced, and still influences, my own progress as a musician right from his earliest days until now!
  9. I like all the Pipers and Cessnas from smallest single to medium twins (PA31 and C40x) and I operate them mainly in Aust, PNG and NZ.
  10. Now that's just terribly funny ..... or just funnily terrible
  11. Marvelous collection of historic performances by wonderful performers - I too was pleased to see Gordo make your cut because he came before all the others, way before his time, thank you
  12. Anywhere outdoors with fair weather and native animals willing to co-exist with me.
  13. Many Happy Returns have a good'un!
  14. Many Happy Returns and lots of great music!
  15. I've always viewed purchases of sim add-ons as their equivalency to the price of a carton of beer - most are less than a carton and some a bit more - BUT the use and enjoyment of a sim add-on (aircraft or scenery) vastly outlasts any carton I've ever bought
  16. The only social media I reluctantly use is Facebook to stay in touch with my family, who use it in varying degrees, and my large number of musician friends who use it heavily - those who are still performing find it essential for advertising, maintaining a fan base and live streaming. I have produced live streaming events for a number from my home studio and they have been very effective.
  17. Thanks Adam for that - he never failed to deliver, particularly in live performance!
  18. Profile shows last posted Jan 2021 and last visited March 2021 - he said in his last post he was battling on. I'm sure we all wish him the very best wherever he may be.
  19. I'm still a FSX dinosaur which runs on my relatively modest PC at 60FPS with mainly maxed sliders in most areas except large cities with lots of AI where it drops to 22-25 FPS. I rarely have OOMs which I know how to avoid with slider and AI adjustments. I have heaps of excellent aircraft that I have modified to POH and engineering manuals as far as possible, quite a few of which I helped beta test. I have all the excellent Orbx scenery I want in conjunction with my beloved OZx and other fine freeware scenery, some of which I helped design and/or beta test. So I'm on a good thing and I stick to it
  20. Thanks mate one of my late wife's favourite concerts - I bought the DVD for her back in the day and soon had to digitize it for her - she was wearing it out! Possibly one of their greatest shows, thank you
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