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  1. Yet again your screenies are just out of this world Adam!!
  2. Lovely set again Gerold!
  3. thanks for the update and indeed it works,tho i get a really foggy visibility which i think is unrealistic,your shots are fantastic,i have disabled volumetric cloud layers within the sim and the clouds look better,tho ive tried disabling this fog layer in rex and the sim and it doesnt disable,even flying at 41000 feet i get a silly looking haze and the same when on the ground,when i shut rex down the fog layer improves a little.
  4. Thanks again for your help 7829 is the beta version for p3dv5.2,and thanks Wayne an active sky connection update was done and thanks Aussie123 yes i did this also in the option part of the sim,it prompt me on this when i fired up the sim after the install Now a question ive got this sim installed on my G drive and not the default location c if there anyone with the same sort of scenario it being installed on another drive can point me on the dirction of the correct install path?thanks.
  5. Gday nick even when im in the simulator and have selected a airport of choice and a flightplan,it will still hang and then a yellow triangle will show up saying there is a connection issue cant find the simulator,tried the delete and update thing many times but i really appreciate your help
  6. Thanks for your reply Aussie,yes the sim looks great i must agree there could be a bug in the connections,as it is in Beta i guess
  7. Gday gents just a long shot here and i know this isnt a weather Forum and you can delete this topic as i would understand tho i guess many of you are active sky users?? and i have lodge a couple of support tickets at active sky,and ive only had two replys asking for more info on the case which is fine and ive provided this but then keep getting the msg a day or two later from them saying if this is resolved the ticket will be closed? this is without solving the issue? Now my issue is that i have upgraded too the Beta version of active sky p3dv5.2 and followed all the promps,tho when i fire up the sim then active sky,in the active sky weather engine promp it is indicating that it is waiting for the sim?now in the options panel in the sim i have active sky ticked,and has FSUIPC6 and all the other stuff it needs i have my p3d sim on my g drive,im sure a file or something has not been directed into the path of active sky,its a strange one,as i still use p3v4 with active sky and its fine,if anyone is able too help this would be fine,as it has been nearly 2 weeks waiting for support from active sky and have followed all the procedures too log a ticket there but for some reason my tickets are not getting too them ?thanks gents.
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