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    Brisbane Australia close to YAMB
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    Photography, Jazz & Blues, F1 fantastic machinery, And of course flying. Had my ppl many years ago, so have a basic knowledge of flying light aircraft. Being close to Amberley Airforce Base, the sods buzz me all day

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  1. Just a few from last week I flew LVFR A321 Cairns to Brisbane. Arriving in twenty minutes folks so buckle up YBBN Luck of the Irish we made it Enjoy, and thanks for looking Don
  2. Very nice collection mate, and nice piece of history info. Don
  3. Great shots Paul, like them a lot Don
  4. Thanks mate, I'm like a little kid waiting for his new toy
  5. As a lot of you guys will have noted, I am getting a new system, happy days, so now I'm hoping that my disappointment with update 10 will show/give me the improvement I hoped for. Guess next week will tell. Don
  6. Landon I don't expect you to be hanging by the "whatnots" to add your comments, you have other things to do and I appreciate the HUGE amount of input/advice you have given me. Yes the purchase is done, and I'm pretty excited too. As you will have read, I made a few changes/additions you suggested, that I hope will make it just a bit better than my original choice. It was a bit touch and go at the bank, you may have seen on the news that OPTUS had a huge scare with scammers or whatever they are getting into the account details of millions of their customers, so it put a scare into ALL banks here, so any transactions into a few thousand meant extra verification. It all went okay in the end, just a PITA to go through. Hopefully I might get it Friday, but if not Monday, so not long to wait. I might have to hit you up about the files transfers, but I'll leave that for another time and who knows maybe, just maybe I'll manage it Don
  7. Thanks Pete. I noticed that with my wife as well, she never has any problems spending my money. My CC is burning my hand, so I think I'd better place the order before I do more damage and can't hold the joystick. I think I covered everything Landon mentioned to change, well as much as $$ would allow, so here we go. If I place the order now, I'll have it for the weekend, which would be nice - I hope, installs permitting Later I hope to get around to posting a few pics I did last week. After all this techy stuff it'll be like some R&R Don
  8. HI Pete, thanks for the input. If you check my latest post, I've done this, on Landon's advice, and a few other things. Hopefully this will work out, and we all can go back to flying. Don
  9. Thanks Landon, I have to say it, you guys are the best, taking the time to help me like this. Your points are noted and important, I have changed the case to one with better ventilation and two fans. When you have time, check the latest changes and what you think. Don
  10. Hey guys, here is the latest, which I hope will work, and I can stop hounding you guys and wasting your precious flying time Just hoping I don't mess up the pics, I've taken so many screenies. As you can see, I've changed the case, which has front, rear, and bottom vents not sure about the other side, forgot to ask, increased the SSD to 2Tb added a 3Tb HDD, the graphics card to a 3080 and the power to 850 watts. Now I'm broke, but I think I'm a gonna like it Don't ask how much Let me know what you think. Don
  11. Thanks Paul, I've just been chatting with these guys. My rig I have now, I got from there. The company my wife worked for got all there stuff from there and Andrew their IT guy spec'ed it for me at that time. I've made some changes to the one I thought would be good and within the budget, (which I blew Andrew has gone onto greener pastures, (I Hope), nice guy, so I've had to rely on you guys to help me out, which you have done, above and beyond, thanks a million. Don
  12. Hi Landon, thanks for all that info, that's really interesting, whilst i knew cooling was important, I didn't realise it was THAT important re air flow and the like. I'm on the case hunt right now, so will get back to you on what I think might do. The bonus here is what I'm learning. Thanks again for your help. Don
  13. Thanks mate, my computer tech knowledge is close to 0, so when I read that and Landon telling me how important it is, helped heaps. Don
  14. Thanks Landon, great advice and I really appreciate it. Further question. Depending what it costs, I might opt for a different case with better ventilation, and more RAM. Is the ASUS ROG STRIK LC ..... A10 liquid CPU Cooler not enough for cooling? And I forgot to mention, my rig sits three feet off the floor (timber), and in a airconditioned room, so that should help? Regards, Don
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