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    Photography, Jazz & Blues, F1 fantastic machinery, And of course flying. Had my ppl many years ago, so have a basic knowledge of flying light aircraft. Being close to Amberley Airforce Base, the sods buzz me all day

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  1. Yep that's it, thanks a lot John, couldn't find it when I searched flightsim.to, appreciate you taking the time. Don
  2. Hey mate, check out John's link in his post, that's what I was looking for, works a treat.
  3. Hi guys, Before my MSFS crashed, I had a nifty little addon assist that helped parking heavies and other helpful stuff - fuel trucks etc, I thought I downloaded it from Flightsim.to, but checked there and can't find it. I normally record these things in my download log book, but must have missed with this one as I can't find it. Anyone know what I'm on about and can help please. Thanks Don
  4. Hi guys, Tried to upload the v2 of KBUR last night, but got the message there were incompatible items in the previous version. Would I be right in assuming I have to delete the original version before installing v2. I didn't want to delete it and then find out I made a "boo boo". Thanks Don
  5. Great shots Adam, see you got the dirty one, better get the hanger rats to give it a good tub. Guess mine will like that after a few flights Don
  6. Thanks Graeme, been a while, so no better way than to do it in a new plane.
  7. Thanks Iain, nice to be back in the air
  8. Thanks Adam. I like the "extra's" they have put into this, really nice.
  9. Thanks Wayne, a bit to learn, more to it than the P3D version
  10. Thanks Gerold, hopefully a lot more
  11. Thanks Landon, only had two short flights so far.
  12. Thanks Brad, my wife said the new plane was like her getting a new hat LOL
  13. Hi Guys, Just a couple of a flight I did this morning YBBN to YHBA in the new Milviz C310. This is a very nice aircraft, liked it in P3D, love it in MSFS.
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