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    Brisbane Australia close to YAMB
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    Photography, Jazz & Blues, F1 fantastic machinery, And of course flying. Had my ppl many years ago, so have a basic knowledge of flying light aircraft. Being close to Amberley Airforce Base, the sods buzz me all day

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  1. Hi ya Kev, we didn't get it in the pineapple state, (or banana benders,) take your pick but I have sister in Melbourne, she said it shook her out of bed and ruined her sleep in. . Don
  2. Nice threesome Graeme. Used to go there a lot, until my inlaws moved there. Don
  3. Thanks John, I'm not thinking of flying them a lot, I really like the stability of the bigger planes, but they still are a lot of fun in small doses for me, and were free
  4. Thanks John, they not only look sporty, they tear up the sky like you wouldn't believe, and with that small wingspan tend to be a bit twitchy.
  5. Thanks John, but not the best aircraft for taking in the scenery if you are flying either of them at mid range speed, particularly the Vertigo, it is really really fast. When I found them, I thought, well why not, then I found out why not. Don
  6. Thanks Adam, and yep they are "snappy" little planes. One twitch with the stick and you're over. Good for a bit of fun, but I need the sensitivity settings Reeal low
  7. Thanks Graeme - spare undies, standard equipment
  8. Nice collection of shots John Don
  9. Great shots of a classic TTM Don
  10. Must have got out of the sack pretty early to get those John - very nice shots Don
  11. Here's a few of two great little planes, would suit you guys with quick reflexes, for zooming through those pylons - Verdigo and VL-3 915 ROTAX First flight with both of these so need to do a bit of tuning . The "course" from above. Under the Bridge - again Hope you enjoy these. The Verdigo is too fast for my old man reflexes, but she can be flown low and slow, very versitile. Don
  12. Nice shots John, haven't got around to that yet. Be a good one to try with my P51D if I ever get around to handling it. Don
  13. Thanks Landon. Bit like the Spitty, looks like it's going at a hundred even on the ground. I have to do a lot of flying with it to get to handle it with some respect. Don
  14. Thanks mate, you should have seen the landing.....
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