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  1. I don't know you pay more for some of these small planes John. Go for it. Thank you.
  2. Great little airport.. Thank you. Thank you Mikee. Not a good idea to veer off course. Thank you Wayne. Thank you John. That would be a nice, my kind of airports. Thank you Ken. Thank you very much Landon. Thank you John.
  3. Thank you Iain. Thank you Mikee. Thank you much Gerold.
  4. Top-notch set of shots and variety of aircraft, nice work!
  5. Thank you John. Not the way things are going today over there John. I was there in the 70s for a 4 island tour and it was beautiful back then. Thank you. I used to have a cup of pineapple spears every day when I was there. Thank you Landon. People better wake up before it's to late John. Thank you much Wayne.
  6. Outstanding series of photos and FS shots once again Gerold!
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