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  1. When a woman says "What"?, It's not because she didn't hear you. She's giving you a chance to change what you said. Have a great weekend. k
  2. Makes me think of the Police chasing speeders also makes me think: Red white and blue stands for Freedom except when you them colors in your rearview mirror in your car.. Great shots though indeed. k
  3. Great topic Rodger. For me it's PNW (including the Rockies) and all the way up to Alaska and back south to California. Would love to see all of Alaska coverage for any sim. Have a great weekend and stay safe. Cheers Karl.
  4. Great shots indeed. Beautiful area and a nice bird to fly with.
  5. Mine from down Under. Not overly wild about that pub though. Cheers. k
  6. Be kind and honest and believe in yourself. On the other hand: When my kids were teenagers I had a note on the fridge for them that read: "Teenagers leave home now while you still know everything"
  7. A Happy Thanksgiving to my Southern Neighbors. Enjoy the Turkey and trimmings, but don't eat too much. Cheers k
  8. Holy sh.. inny 74, never knew growing old went so fast. The only medication I'm on for now is beer. When I "feel more ill" I have a single Malt works like a charm. Gosh I should've become a Dr.. Cheers be safe love you all. Karl
  9. All the Best Dave. Godspeed to you my Friend. k
  10. Was really impressed when someone rushed over to me and screamed: " Oh my Gosh you remind me of someone famous, don't yer?" I was aghast and proudly said: (Thinking of the likes like tough guys Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford).Whom do think I am Ma'am? She yelled, oh my gosh you really remind me of Moe from my favorite 'Three Stooges' Show. I want your autograph. . Beers
  11. Wow. As real as it can get. Great shots indeed.
  12. Great shot Landon. I like that haziness looks very real.
  13. Yeah I know. Pretty bad here. Feel so sorry for the people of Merritt, Princeton and the Fraser Valley. Hope for the best. Cheers k
  14. Ah surely would write one, but my speallings ain't so goodish.
  15. Wow great shots indeed. But I'd rather have a beer cooler than in need of beer "warmer" to keep it from freezing. Plus I don't see any Palm trees neither. But the rendering is incredible. Well done.
  16. Amazing bird. Great video nice to see Boeing back on it's feet err meant in the air. Great post Pete.
  17. Nice shots John. Beautiful PNW. Have a great weekend.
  18. Great shots and a nice trip Gerold. Wonder if your passengers wouldn't enjoy a nice bun with a good schmear of Fish Haggis paste and an Amstel?
  19. Happy Birthday Sam. All the Best to you.
  20. Got pulled over by the Poleese. Trooper asked: "Why are you driving so fast?". Old guy replies:" I have to drive fast otherwise I forget where I'm going".Beers. Cheers k.
  21. OK here it is. In the seventies we had a water bed (yeah I know, well it was the latest fashion and we had to go for it. Think floating to your dreams? Yeah right they never thought of people like us having a cat named Tabby (ok mebby not that original since he was a Tabby cat). Anyhow, when ever we changed the sheets down to the bare mattress he would jump up on the bed and guess what he saw? Bubbles, hundreds of little air bubbles. He thinks:" What luck for me I'll chase them down. I watched him "getting" these air bubbles and laughed at first. Then, oh my look at all those little waterdrops coming up where ever he "caught" those little air bubbles. I yelled: "Kathy quick find the glue for the waterbed. Well we got rid of that waterbed pretty quick. Certainly not my Tabby (R.I.P is miss you).
  22. Great shots of a great city. I like your little upside down ceiling fan. Well done.
  23. O boy, sorry guys here are my party cats. What a night and party and since this video was recorded I can never run for Office. The Mule Team made me do it. Stay safe have a beer (like I am right now) the cats are away. Cheers k
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