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  1. Happy Birthday OND. All the very Best to you.
  2. The soft tools in my pants God gave me in "her" infinite "Wisdom". Oh yeah and a bottle opener.Cheers k. Beers I need beers.
  3. +3. Indeed. Welcome back Martyn. Great to hear from you again.
  4. Holy smokes Pete these shots look like real life.
  5. Great shot and color indeed Pete.
  6. Sscuse hic I'm a little ahead of you with the beers Adam, but now have trouble reading them words, hic. Great poem though Rodger. Thanks.
  7. Great shots indeed Darryl. Prima Bella.
  8. Ah, shoot I meant to say before it git's "warm". But seeing the good comments I think it ain't a huge mistake.
  9. The most important move is to quickly duck tape that ripped off fridge door before the beer gits cold Adam. k.
  10. Dee what I mean? Am I the only one with a problem? Cheers k.
  11. Great shots Mikee, but yikes to the second. Enough of cold and snow. Never got over 54 (46 degrees now)here in Langley BC this year.
  12. Howdy John. Don't forgit the new 80 is 60. But the new midnight is 20:00 hrs.
  13. Hopping in our Zodiac heading for or favorite diving place.
  14. Ouch. Now I need two beers. Well, I guess it came about when I was sober one day. Cheers k.
  15. Wowser Adam. That paint don't do nothing for me( makes me feel green with envy). But when you in the water with that thing you sure could keep yer beers cool in the water and just reach easily over for a cold one. Love it. Well done.
  16. Great shots Pete. But I didn't see the lady in red.
  17. Great shots indeed. But I like spring better. The oil stains on the tarmac stand out much better in warmer weather.
  18. Beers I need beers. Ah heck cheers k.
  19. C 47 with my trusted Mule Team crew in Alaska. Ferrying passengers who are on a "No fly list" all over Alaska and charging them exuberant prices for beer and for fresh or not so fresh Fish Haggis sandwiches served by our wonderful Air Maiden Hilda, who has a pet Grizzly, yep, and his name is Yogi. Bye the bye T-Bone and I are on a holiday since Yogi is coming out of hibernation and neither I nor T was too wild about meeting a hungry Grizzly who was sleeping for six months. Ah well I digress, lets have a few beers. Cheers my fellow pilots and to the best forum. k
  20. T-Bone has a girl friend with blue eyes. Yep, one blew east and one blew West. Oh boy beers
  21. Ah well Gerold, smart as she is wouldn't git in the plane and said: " I ain't siti'n in somethin I can't git out off. They's no way ah's walk around with an ole air plane draggin behind my butt going shopping.
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