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  1. Have an enjoyable birthday mate. cheers Gumby
  2. Have a fantastic day, I'll flip the lid off one for you. cheers Gumby
  3. That's the same for me Graeme. I never thought some years ago, that I would depend upon it. My kids were right. That's the other tool I never leave home without. cheers Gumby
  4. The tool is the one I play pocket billiards with. cheers Gumby
  5. Nice ones Adam. your 5th shot looks a little of the line. I'll have a Frothy for you, it all makes it better. cheers Gumby
  6. Can't fault these Pete, looking very nice. cheers Gumby
  7. Wow Roger that was great. Took me a 6 pack just to read through it all. Cheers for beers. cheers Gumby
  8. That's a fair call I reckon regarding your refreshments. cheers Gumby
  9. Nice ones Gerold the NEO is the future. cheers Gumby
  10. Oh it wasn't just beers, it was the duct tape as well. cheers Gumby
  11. Any chance of flying over Parliament House in Canberra to give them a shake up John? Nice video though. cheers Gumby
  12. I see no problem except my Victoria Bitter is out of a can not glass at the minute. cheers Gumby
  13. A very impressive set Carlos. Love those weather shots. cheers Gumby
  14. What, you mean you still have beer in the fridge? How is this possible. That's right its nearly bed time here. cheers Gumby
  15. Nice shots, oldies are goodies. cheers Gumby
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