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This Week's Meaningless Topic (#108)(Sept 30)

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Hi all. It's that time of year when we start getting free calendars in the mail--dogs, cats, birds, flowers, airplanes, landscapes, and so forth. Just in case Orbx decides to get in on that marketing ploy, it seems fitting that we who are among the most dedicated Orbx customers should offer a little help in their effort. And that leads to this week's topic.


THIS WEEK'S MEANINGLESS TOPIC:  Which Orbx airport would you like to see on an Orbx 2023 calendar? Please name the airport for us who don't know all the ID codes. Screenshots are very welcome.


NOTE: Next week's topic will be supplied by our own Sniper31 (Landon). He has a good one, so get your thinking caps ready!

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4 minutes ago, paulb said:

I am going to cheat :D


Juneau PAJN 

Felts Field KSFF

Moorabin YMMB

Adelaide YPAD

Monroe First Air W16

Jackson AYPY

Jena Schoengleina EDBJ

Aeropelican YPEC

Silentz Bay S45

Orcas Island KORS

Notodden ENNO

Damys Hall EGML

Very nice, Paul. The cheat is forgiven ;).

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Tough choice.  Big ones, like Palm Springs KPSP and Santa Barbara KSBA, little ones like Kern Valley L05 and Pearsons all would be great.  But I think I'd have to vote for Catalina, KAVX.  But I like Paul's suggestion of one a month.



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