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  1. Hm, so problems with the Etihad Stadium? Honestly, problems with the Emirates Stadium, this would be a real issue.
  2. By looking at all these people strolling around I think the photo must have been taken during an air show or something like that.
  3. Happy Birthday Wayne! And my appologies for being late to the party.
  4. I am running MSFS on the same ancient PC (2500k / GTX 1070) I had P3d and XP11 installed on. MSFS is running much smoother than P3d and XP11 ever did on this machine and also its performance is much better and this with much higher settings (if comparable at all) and much more complex weather. So having a not state of the art PC is no excuse for not installing MSFS. One thing you might consider is adding RAM. I have 32GIB installed. But this is overkill IMO and RAM is not that expensive. PS: I have no intention to let this become another "my sim is better" thread. I just wanted to encourage you.
  5. As per the MS releasse announcement a part of the patch is a colour correction of the default ground imagery around LOWW. Since the Gaya ground imagery probably had been adjusted to the old default colours and still is, the outcome is what can be seen in your screenshot.
  6. Same here. Maybe this is, because I only have changed settings via the default UI and never ever have touched any of the MSFS files itself (e.g. for changing the LOD etc.) or have used external programms for file management like many others of us do.
  7. Yes, that's a fact. AFAIK Orbx and Gaya have even been involved in the initial development of MSFS.
  8. I think it is Jefferson County 0S9. This was always one of my favourite airports in FSX/P3d.
  9. The MSFS support forum is overflowed by threads an posts regarding this since the initial release of Orbx LOWI almost a year ago.
  10. I like people who are still doing forum searches. Not very common any more these days.
  11. Asia Landclass is another example of not communicating with users and ignoring their questions.
  12. I think, you are right Gerold. CEC is the IATA code for the Del Norte County Regional Airport in Crescent. The ICAO code is KCEC.
  13. It looks like you have some files/folders in the community folder which should not be there at all.
  14. Great to hear. For the airport only or for the whole Innsbruck scenery? If for the whole area, there are 3 bridges over the Inn River missing. They always have, so this is not connected to any update. I can post screenshots tomorrow, in case the update is for the whole of Jarrad's scenery.
  15. A cluster at the Eastern end of the runway and at the glider field and a few single ones spread in the grass between apron, Western taxi way and runway.
  16. I now have also got this tree issue at LOWI. Unfortunately this seems to be a new and different one which apparently has been introduced by WU6 and cannot be solved with the methods decribed in John's link. At least I have not been able. I haven't tried the last resort (a complete reinstall of MSFS) though.
  17. There has already been extensive discussion about the quality of the Throwback Thursday products in other threads here in the forums incl. explanations from Orbx. IMO what you get in this line of products is quite reasonable considering the very low prices.
  18. Ah, I see. Finally even I understand what you mean.
  19. So what ATC do you use? Who is directing you to 33?
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