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  1. I seem to remember Leeds was always a challenge. If you ran off the end of the runway, you fell off the edge of a cliff!
  2. I hope you paid up the Char Waller when you left Taph! Many didn't!
  3. My Sheila and her lovely Mum when she was alive spoiled me with their Chinese food. Now when we go out for a meal we only ever eat English as we are today. Boring but nice.
  4. I love dogs. Had a gang of seven or eight, all different breeds, of them from all different homes as my gang when during the war in the east end of London when the schools were closed. All the other children were 'evacuated' to the Country so I had no-one to play with except the dogs. We used to have play fights but not once was I bitten and not once did they truly bite one another. The criticism I have of them though is they're heart-breakers. They have such short lives. My gang was broken up though when he owner of one of the dogs, a beautiful golden retriever, had the dog put down. My parents saved one dog for me that was also destined to be put down; a mongrel we called Julie. She was a wonderful pet until she went the way of them all while I was away in the army doing my two years National Service. Sheila and I rescued a little toy poodle with bad breath (also destined to be put down) when we had our first house and he lasted for a good many years but he became ill and the vet recommended we should let him put the dog down as he couldn't cure him and he was in pain. That was it. We decided we didn't want to go through that heart-ache again so he was never replaced. We love it though when our friends and family visit with their dogs. We can make a fuss of them while they're with us but they take them away before we get too attached!
  5. The smallest Sheila and I ever had was a Morris Mini. It was surprisingly big for us in the front seats. But then again, we are only small people.
  6. Bad times. End of jungle swamp patrol during the Malayan 'Emergency' covered in leeches. Using cigarettes to touch the tips of their tails to make them withdraw their beaks so they could be brushed off. It was always a mystery to us how they got through our jungle clothing.
  7. The Crazy Gang singing; 'My Old Mans a Dustman' at the London Palladium in the late 1940's.
  8. Vera Lynn singing; 'Over The Rainbow' always brought me to tears.
  9. Thinking she would enjoy it, I persuaded Sheila to join me when I had to do a three day business trip to the Channel Isles. Going was fine as we went by sea. Problem was, when we came to come home all sea trips were cancelled due to weather in the Channel so we were offered free tickets to travel back by air. Sheila was terrified of flying due to her previous wartime experiences but we had to get back so I managed to persuade her to very reluctantly get on the 'plane. The flight was a bit bumpy and she was holding my hand. Hard. Don't know why but it seemed to calm her. However, coming into land the pilot had to abort for some reason and 'go around'. Stupidly, he said; 'Oops, sorry folks we were coming in the wrong way round!'. That did it! When we finally got off the plane and I managed to prize her hand from mine, my hand was very sore and oozing blood! I've had many business flights since but for holidays, short breaks and so on, if we couldn't go by land or sea, we didn't go!
  10. From the sound of it, I'm very glad we live in the South of England, apart from a fair share of wind and rain we don't get any dramatic weather conditions. Oops, sorry, we did get a few flakes of snow a couple of years ago!
  11. At 88 years old and a worn out metal hip I can't really do much else but sit on my butt all day. I'm still active though. I've got the maximum stories to read in my Kindle Oasis and will stagger next door for coffee in about ten minutes time. That'll be the most active I'll be today. Exercise more than that would probably kill me!
  12. Your spec is alright but I learned to my cost with fight simming you can't have too much. If you can up your spec' to the highest you can afford!
  13. For some reason, when I was flying landing at Brisbane always presented a problem to me. Good luck with it anyway Condor. I see you live there so I suppose its natural you would want a decent representation of your home airport.
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