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  1. I was lucky. I used to drink beer and spirits but only to be sociable. Didn't really like the taste and preferred lemonade but can you imagine drinking lemonade on a Saturday evening in a London East End pub while your mates were all getting nicely sloshed?!
  2. Boetie, don't you have to watch out for crocodiles on the inland waterways of Australia? Or, perhaps poisonous snakes? If so, you could count me out from your hobby!
  3. Goodness me flyingleaf if I felt like this at 60 I'm not sure I could last to my present 89!
  4. Sorry. If I was younger, I would choose. But at 89 I'm too old for any of it now. My home and stories in my Kindle Paperwhite suit me down to the ground.
  5. I can't speak gobbledegook so won't comment!
  6. For me its got to be 'The Seekers'. I can, and do, listen to their music for an hour or two every day. And its not only the music, the words resonate strongly with me too. Their song; 'I am Australian' could well be the National Anthem of that magnificent Country and it's people.
  7. Grizzly's ugh. Give me the good old UK any day where the fiercest animal you are likely to meet is a friendly dog!
  8. Yep, joining in. Happy Birthday mate. Goodness me. You're catching up!
  9. I retired from flying quite some time ago. However, if I started again I would without a doubt use P3D.
  10. Hm. Glad I live in a flat now. I don't think a barbecue would be too welcome in here!
  11. Thanks Nick but I unsuccessfully spent over an hour trying to find Rodger Petticord's and gave up. All the best. John
  12. Ah, well. Too complicated for me so I'm off. Goodbye everyone. It's been a pleasure knowing you all.
  13. You're all too clever for me! I couldn't make head nor tail of any of it.
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