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  1. As a youngster at school, I played both rugby and football-soccer to you posh types. I preferred football because I was small and used to get chucked about playing rugger.
  2. Good luck with this Iain. Nice to see that you're still about and still suffering the vagaries of flight simming. I stopped flying a long time ago now but like to see how everybody is getting on. Sll the very best to you. John
  3. None of them I'm afraid. I retired from flying some time ago!
  4. Am I to assume you didn't enjoy your day Don?
  5. This is about my wife. I hope it qualifies. At the end of the 2nd. world war my wife was liberated from a Japanese prisoner of war camp. The Americans parachuted in and laid link mats for a rough runway. Then a huge 4 engine bomber landed on this runway and as many ex-prisoners as possible were piled in sitting on the floor while it took off and landed in Shanghai to let them off and continue their journey by land. Finally, my wife and her family made their way to Hong Kong and they sailed home to Britain.
  6. In China the American four-engine bomber pilot who landed his aircraft on link matting and flew off it again crowded with liberated survivors including my wife from the infamous prisoner of war camp Eric Lidell died in.
  7. When I was flying, I used to fly the Mooney more than anything else. It got me where I wanted to go and gave good vision for me to see the scenery.
  8. C- for comfortable because we were finally settled into our careers, and our home until retirement.
  9. St. Athan because I can see my home from here across the Bristol Channel
  10. None - I simply read westerns on my Kindle Paperwhite. To make sure I can't remember things, no stories of subjects after 1901 though. I don't even fly anymore having given all my flight gear away and changed my computer. So, its all fantasy for me now. Reality is too hurtful.
  11. Doesn't matter what we eat for the main meal, we always have Vanilla Ice Cream afterwards sprinkled with dark Chocolate
  12. I doubt there is a week gone past in the last few years when I haven't listened to 'The Seekers'. Judith Durham ranks up there with Vera Lynn and Frank Sinatra in my book Emmsie. Glad to see you're still around too! John
  13. I listen to The Seekers music whenever I have a spare moment and I'm not sure if I'll be able to listen to them any more knowing that Judith has passed away. I'm a choked up and close to tears 89 year old sad and silly old man. I suppose her partners will be feeling even worse and my condolences go to them. What a great loss to Australia and the world.
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