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  1. Inspired by the recent post "Snow Globes" by PavlinS, I decided to produce something similar. My first attempt . MSFS Beaver after departing Juneau (includes Alaska Mesh).
  2. A great set of shots Mikee
  3. Indeed it is John, and a world record holder - "On 7th November 1945, Group Captain Hugh Joseph Wilson, CBE, AFC, Royal Air Force, Commandant of the Empire Test Pilots’ School, Cranfield, set the first world speed record with a jet-propelled airplane, and the first speed record by an aircraft in excess of 600 miles per hour (965.6 kilometers per hour), when he flew the Gloster Meteor F.4 (Mk.IV) EE454 ‘Brittania’ to 975.68 kilometers per hour (606.36 miles per hour) at an altitude of 250 feet (76.2 meters) over a course from the Herne Bay Pier to Reculver Point, along the south coast of the Thames Estuary."
  4. Great set Johnny. Is there an option to add people?
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