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  1. I tend to do both! If I visited a place or country then I will try to recapture that experience in the simulation. Equally, when I see something of interest - it might be from a book or a documentary - then I will often do quite a bit of research and follow that up with a simulated flight. It is a great reminder of the advances in the simulations over the years. I started simming with just 'blue' for the sky and 'green' for the ground. In those days, I could have been anywhere in the world and not known the difference! 😄
  2. I use it for - mail, instruction manuals when I have mislaid the paper copy, an up to date atlas/google maps, forums like this one, MSFS and similar, buying and downloading software and audio books, finding out in great detail an illness that I did not know that I had, researching and comparing items that I might purchase.
  3. Loved the first one. The first half of the second one (Maverick) made me wonder why I was in the cinema. But the second half was much better! I would recommend seeing the original Top Gun first. I just like them! Good fun if you don't get too serious or realistic! 😄
  4. My mum told 'Treat others as you would like them to treat you'. I try my best to apply that in any forum.
  5. Live weather for the 'realism' or Clear skies with scattered clouds for VFR sight-seeing or Anything I fancy for taking screenshots. All a bit predictable and boring really! 😴 But I do enjoy live weather (when It works properly) when visiting a new location. For me, it adds to the immersion factor. 😀
  6. Thank chaps. I had a great birthday. We visited the South Wales Aircraft Museum in the morning. They serve an excellent full breakfast! New arrivals there included a Jaguar and a Buccaneer. Sorry I haven't been active here for a few months. Just having a break from simming. Having said that, I did fire up the FS pc today to install a couple of new products from Orbx. I hope that you are all well and enjoying life. Getting old is no longer fun (71 now)! But one must try to enjoy every day!
  7. I am absolutely fantastic at..............being modest.
  8. Most important for me is to work to put JOY into my life (BTW, I am not talking about a girl!). That means enjoying nature, singing in choirs, mixing with good friends. I avoid the social media and 'false idols' totally. I watch sufficient 'news' to keep me up to date with what is happening in the world. I always use different sources for news to obtain a more balanced viewpoint. A couple of thoughts - 'value what you have, not what you don't have', and remember to 'stop and smell the roses' don't rush every minute of the day, sometimes just find quality time to relax.
  9. My younger son was in Uni at Swansea for 5 years, so we spent a lot of time there.
  10. I must agree. I really enjoy FS. But I can sometimes get too involved with it - to the detriment of real life things, so I often take a break.
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