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  1. If it is okay, I will post comparison shots later today, to show why I prefer flying with photogrammetry on.
  2. I only fly with photogrammetry. For me that's one of the best features of MSFS. It is the feature which makes the scenery looking like real world. E. g. when flying over LA with photogrammetry one will see those blocky trees any a few melted buildings, but still I get the most intense immersion of flying in the real world. Of course, by turning photogrammetry off, you don't get those melted buildings and blocky trees, but then you are only flying over a computer generated autogen city like you get them in all the other sims and the immerson is gone. And most of the times I only see those melted buildings when deliberately looking for them and/or when flying below the allowed minimum altitude.
  3. @craigeaglefire Maye this will answer your questions (scroll down to Anna's statement):
  4. So, what are we learning from all that? We should always speak to the organ grinder (Orbx Direct), not to the monkey (MS Marketplace).
  5. If buying from marketplace is the culprit than it looks like MS has screwed it up, not Asobo.
  6. I think it is Olbia Airport LIEO. I got it, because on one of the signs it says Ascensore. That's Italian for elevator. So I googled for interior pics of LIEO.
  7. Yes, finally! Has anybody noticed this also for other regions affected by these floating lights?
  8. First of all, thank you for releasing GB Central. There are two different prices stated in the release announcement for MSFS GB Central, namely AUD 18.17 and AUD 9.99, I assume by error. Or is GB Central consisting of two parts?
  9. Only having AI aircraft with real schedules would exclude all or at least most of the GA aircraft, because these usually have no schedule in the real world. Even many heavies have no schedule and are just parked at airports for maintenance or other reasons. As I mentioned in my prvious post, if you like real world schedules, then use the real time live online traffic option. The statics will only add even more realism as explained above.
  10. I can't help you with the statics, but there is no need for schedules if you have ticked "Real World Live Traffic" (or whatever it is called in the MSFS menue), because this is not only based on real world schedules but uses real time data from the real world. So e. g. real world Delta flight DL5 has a delay of 13 minutes at the time you fly the sim, than DL5 will also have a 13 minutes delay in your sim. Liveries and call signs are not perfect though. While some flights use the real world call signs orhers are just called "Generic" by the default ATC. Also all default liveries are generic ones. I have no idea, if there are real world livery packs for the real world traffic are available yet.
  11. Since I am still on holidays on the island of Crete, I was not able to update to SU5 yet. Has anybody who has already updated noticed this enormous performance boost which was promised by the developers?
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