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  1. Some info from Anna in the last post of this thread:
  2. Happy Birthday Gerold! Warning: My wife and myself are currently visiting relatives in Hamburg. So we might drop by for some left overs of your birthday cake on our drive back home tomorrow.
  3. Do you really mean VRAM (virtual RAM)? Or do you mean video RAM?
  4. Statics are generally way better looking than any AI planes (no matter if dedault or if created by an add on) or models used by any online network. PS: There is a huge demand for statics. Just have a look at flightsim.to. There are literally hundred mods for download offering static planes at airports all over the world.
  5. 70 - 80 fps? I guess in outside view of the default C152 at 10,000 feet in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with clear skies.
  6. Happy belated Birthday mate. I hope you had a good one.
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing @renault Not only the rain effects also lighting is superb in MSFS.
  8. Great video! Thanks for sharing. I gave it a thumbs up on YouTube. And excellent flying skills you have.
  9. Taildragger racing and/or aerobatic birds like the Extra 300. I have problems slowing them down for landing (which is bumpy most of the times) and then holding the centre line, the more in heavy winds.
  10. Happy Birthday guys! Edit: @Nick Coopernot sure about the title of this topic though
  11. I see your point, but there is a Kai Tak product on the market (at least for another sim) which has the necessary navdata included.
  12. Yes but flying VFR into Meigs was quite common, which was not for Tegel. The Gaya Tegel is representing an airport like it was, when it still existed, incl. static aircraft, approach lights etc. So IMO also the navdata of this past time has to be included. If I had bought Tegel (which I haven't) I also would have expected to have applicable (retro) navdata included. Otherwise the purchase of such an airport really does not make much sense. It is actually not much work for a developer to include obsolete navdata in his product. Kai Tak has got it. All the promo pics and the video on the Orbx product site arouse the impression that this is a fully operational airport of the past.
  13. I think the production of airports like EDDT, KJFK, EGLL etc. is not really aiming at VFR flyers.
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