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  1. nice feedback there, thanks for the comments, interesting to see different peoples views on this.....I guess also if you are flying somewhere that you know then with it off you would notice more but if there is a good POI interest pack added then not so much....
  2. I hear ya Pete, I have been reading elsewhere and some of the posts are just toxic.......every sim and it's updates tends to break something, they have acknowledged the fact that some stuff needs to be fixed again and are working towards it..... it's annoying when things go south and I suffered that with P3DV5 in the past but after the last update it for me was worth the wait, also the times XP11 has been updated and nothing else works with it, all been there I guess so I am sure MSFS will be sorted, just needs time it's only been around for a year....
  3. superb shots, yes very well done and lots of detail to look at...
  4. some very nice colourful shots there...
  5. Hopefully I have loaded this correctly this time....
  6. I am unsure about this, I had melted buildings in London, looked really poor but I don't normally fly there.... question is am I best with this on or off? I have read loads of stuff including on here but still unsure..... does it only effect Cities around the world that have an in sim upgrade by MS? If I buy a City pack from Orbx do I need it on to work? what do you set it at on or off?
  7. great shots Gerold, I enjoyed the flight.....
  8. very nice, haven't floated anywhere yet...
  9. nice pair.....(blushing now)....there's still a schoolboy in all of us...
  10. I am guessing that Orbx is on Marketplace within the Xbox enviroment, so if it's compatible it should be available in Sim and this is how it gets installed....how does Marketplace know I have it in Orbx Central? Monday I was in sim on my Xbox, I bought Carenado C170B, the next day when I was in sim on my PC it downloaded the plane, but my guess is if you didn't buy the initial version from Marketplace this won't happen? I hope that makes sense....
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