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  1. thank you both, had a great day, even time for a few beers....
  2. superb set of shots Andy, certainly looks very bumpy terrain there...
  3. wow this looks like being another fantastically detailed addon......
  4. superb video, looks a great one, downloaded and ready to go.....
  5. sorry a bit late here, Happy Birthday to you Roger, hope it was a good one...
  6. superb shots there Adam, feel like I could reach out and touch the plane, so clear...
  7. great shot, nice variety of planes there...
  8. great clear shot Adam, grass is long though, might lose something in that...
  9. I have 10 items that the sim say are not installed, mostly liveries, however if I go into sim they are there, we had this happen a few updates back to...I can;t install them agin via content manager just through Orbx but they still say uninstalled..
  10. great shots, shows the mesh really well I thought..
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