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  1. that is a big old folder you have there John...just checked mine, 81.7 GB....
  2. lots of noise about this on the old web.....I thought they were saying that they didn't want to do anything that would cause problems for 3rd parties, chances are a whole new Engine would cause big issues and will developers want to update / upgrade products?.....time will tell I guess...
  3. a great set of adventurous shots....it definitely is the exploring plane...
  4. well that's a bit different...just nee the cascading snow after a long shake...
  5. wonderful set there Mikee...
  6. John, my need is not one of speed, but of eliminating conflicting add ons during Alpha / BETA testing....take this week I am testing a product that was constantly not working, I had to remove addons and bring them in one by one until I found the culprit and we then were able to get an option it to avoid the conflicts, so if I had an option to click a few things and MSFS was almost vanilla it would be easy, Xplane is a whole different ball game as I can have 2 copies installed thanks everyone for the comments / advice and Pete for the video......
  7. superb shots and great to see the new airline Flyr at their home base...
  8. Thanks Nick, that's very helpful, appreciate it.....
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