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  1. Original painting of a Spitfire and Tornado F3 flying together - parents gave it to me for 18th birthday
  2. Don’t knock what you haven’t tried and, success is in cans, not can’ts (which is really cheesy but I’ve found myself saying it to my boys :o ).
  3. From: Breaking the Law: bring back contested scrums in rugby league | NRL | The Guardian As scrums are now, they may as well make the players form human pyramids. Why not? A rugby league scrum’s only purpose is to gather six players in one part of the field and alternate possession. Blokes get a rest. And that’s it. It’s the Ritual of Handover. To which most thinking people ask, why have them at all? I love Rugby Union and League is supposed to be faster, more dynamic but it's never grabbed me. I like the almost medieval style of Rugby Union - none of this hand the ball over after a couple of goes..
  4. Awesome and awe inspiring. Got my boys hooked on the art of the possible with this one.
  5. Glenn McGrath, tripping over a football in cricket warmup session - Ashes 2005. Oh dear, what a shame, he couldn’t play the match. For the uninitiated, cricket is a proper sport played by men who respect the Umpire (referee). Glenn McGrath was an ok-ish bowler (pitcher for our US friends) who had some moderate success against England over the years. Over to our Aussie friends!
  6. Little Gransden. First Solo. Very pleased with Burning Blue’s rendition as it brings back some great memories.
  7. Airbus have a A350F design competition. See your design on an aircraft… https://www.airbus.com/en/newsroom/events/a350f-join-the-airbus-livery-design-competition
  8. At a leadership team event with work we had a presentation by one Gary Prout who had received a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (one below Victoria Cross) for his actions in Afghanistan. He does it as part of a "making decisions quickly under pressure" session and once we got our bad decisions out of the way, his story had us in tears. He uses talking about it as therapy in a way but he called out the A-10 pilots that came in to help him - said it was the best and most daring flying he'd ever witnessed and without doubt saved his life. He'd never been able to find out who the pilots were which was a shame - he wanted to buy them a beer.
  9. 1. Sir Douglas Bader (one of my dogs is named Douglas for him). 2. Geoffrey Wellum (one of the few, wonderful gentleman) 3. Mary Ellis (without her and her fellows there would have been no “few”) 4. Neil Armstrong (enough said) 5. John Peters (his face being plastered over Iraqi tv was a significant influence for me)
  10. 737 over anything Airbus (every day of the week and twice on Sunday) C185 over PA28 Q400 over ATR Cessna Citation X over Falcon Cessna Caravan over PC-6 Super Cub over Husky And as it's a sim... Dream on!
  11. B. Twenties. I was in the Royal Air Force, care free and living life for the moment. I loved my time at Cranwell and the friends made. Seems that things are just a little harder in my fourties' and with kids - more responsibilities now I guess (but I wouldn’t be without the kids, and wife!!). Good times, fond memories, great friends. Oh, and cheaper car insurance kicks in at 25!!
  12. She's an absolute beauty Wayne and you won't regret getting her. Had the day off today (no kids, no wife) and did a couple of trips round Europe. Happy days...
  13. Take the dog out for a late night wee. Across the road and in to a wood. On a clear night, the sky, the stars, the hugeness of it all. Makes me realise how little everything is in comparison to what’s out there…. And if the moon is up I give a wink to Neil too.
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