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    History, Medieval, 19th Century, anything nautical or to do with aviation. Flightsim: complex singles. Mooney Bravo is my favorite.

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  1. Happy birthday, Rob! All the best. Ken
  2. Funny thing! You've just invented the aircraft carrier. Except when flying from/to a carrier the runway heading changes as necessary. But the open area (A lot of water) Is on the left, and the "Building" (the "Island") is on the right. Ken
  3. Like Gumby, Wayne and Jack I'm not big on war birds. I,ve played with #3 (P-51 Mustang) a little, but haven't flown it much. But in a previous incarnation (FS 5.2) I did fly the B-17 out of Stewart AFB quite a bit. Years ago Microprose had a F-117 game (not by any means a simulator) which was fun. Ken
  4. I was just reading that Lake Isabella has receded in the drought so much that old Kerrville has reappeared. Years ago, when the Kern River was dammed the old town was abandoned and a new town built on higher ground, near the Kern Valley Airport (L05). This is beautiful Orbx airport, and a really challenging one too. The old town was used as backdrop for many Western movies, but was demolished when the dam was built. No buildings survive, but now the foundations are exposed. Ken
  5. Happy birthday, Wayne. All the best! Ken
  6. Happy birthday, Terry. Many happy returns! Ken
  7. I do hope your girlfriend's recovery continues to progress, and the two of you can go out for a nice dinner to celebrate. And when you do, raise a glass of your favorite libation in recognition of the happy birthday toast all of your Orbx friends are offering! Ken
  8. Happy Birthday, Comrade! Many happy returns! Ken (USN Ret)
  9. A Reuben Sandwich: corned beef, A Swiss or jarlsberg cheese, saurcraut, on rye or pumpernickel. Traditionally the sandwich is topped with Russian dressing, but since I don't like Russian dressing I use a spicy brown mustard. The sandwich is cooked in a buttered skillet until brown and the cheese melts. Second favorite: A turkey club sandwich. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato with a little mayo on white toast. Ken
  10. But not just X-Plane! Let's have it Fr P3D 4+ too!!! Ken
  11. Saddened by this news. He was was a great contributor to this forum, and a good friend to all of us. He will be missed. Condolences to his family. He and his family and friends are In my prayers. Ken
  12. I have both a Rugged and a Gulf Coast Avionics aviation headset. I prefer the GCA as being more comfortable, though the Rugged is fine too. Both retail for about $100. I use them with an FSX Dual unit by Flight Sounds ($229) from New Zealand, which allows me to "fly" with a "passenger" with said person also listening to ATC. I use PilotEdge, and I also have P2A (Pilot2ATC) for use outside of the PilotEdge area. I love the setup. Ken
  13. Actually, while I don't fear the little, ordinary garden variety, I'm not stuck on them either. But they are a part of our world. Years ago I was at home with roommate, girlfriend and cat. Cat caught a garter snake and brought it into the kitchen. Cat wanted to play with it. Girlfriend wanted to study it. Roommate was absolutely terrified! I was merely annoyed. Though not fond of snakes, I bear them no animosity, OUTSIDE! I just wanted to get it out of my kitchen! The interplay between the various participants was like the Keystone Cops. But when I was in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm, sand vipers were a real hazard. Not harmless! BTW, I don't have an Aunt Emily, so I can't judge. I like spinach but can't eat much because it interferes with medication I have to take. Ken
  14. At the museum where I work, we had, for years, a wonderful Theodore Roosevelt impersonator named Jim Foote. Jim sadly passed away recently. But Jim looked just like TR, and he knew his subject extremely well. Now, TR had a daughter by his first wife named Alice. While president, TR commented on Alice's outrageous behavior, "I can run the country, or I can control Alice; I can't possibly do both." Well, Jim came in one day with a garter snake in his shirt pocket, and introduced his pet as Emily Spinach. He explained that Alice kept a pet snake of that name, named after two things she hated most. Her Aunt Emily, and spinach! Ken
  15. "B" for me. I love the mountains too, and if you'd featuring the D&RG narrow gauge it might have been my choice. But I love going through the woods! Edges out the mountains, but not by much. Ken
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