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    History, Medieval, 19th Century, anything nautical or to do with aviation. Flightsim: complex singles. Mooney Bravo is my favorite.

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  1. Probably should have used some WD40. Then you could open the door rather than ripping it off. But now that you did, Adam is right. Duck Tape right away! Ken
  2. I'm flying my favorite Mooney M20M (Bravo), as usual. I've tried a number of aircraft in FSX, including the C152, V172, C182, and Turbo Centurion. Also the Mooney Ovation. I still always come back to the Bravo, for one thing Tom Tsui's did a great set of gauges for the Saitek/Logitech FIPs for this plane, which I use in my cockpit. My current project is getting through the "I Ratings" (Instrument Quals) on PilotEdge. I'm about halfway there, having completed the I 5. Ken
  3. C! I started sailing in 9th grade when my dad bought an old (1943) Blue Jay. Was Commodore of the Sailing Club and Captain of the varsity sailing team in college. Always wanted a cruising sailboat had my heart on a Pacific Seacraft Orion 27. But then my knees degenerated, and my wife fractured her tibia plateau in a fall down the stairs, so physically we just can't do it any more. But many fond memories of sailing local waters, including South Shore bays of Long Island, Long Island Sound, and to Mystic, CT, Newport, RI, and Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Ken
  4. A tough one to be sure. But I'd say The Academy of St Martin in the Fields, first under Sir Neville Mariner, now under Joshua Bell. Very large discography. Ken
  5. Mooney M20M (Bravo). Either northeast US, because it's where I live, and West Coast because of PilotEdge. Currently at KSMO Santa Monica. Ken
  6. I should note too that the same applies for Approach Plates, and any other chart, plate, or diagram in Navigraph Charts, like SIDs and STARs. Ken
  7. I use Navigraph Charts on my "Fire" tablet. To use for taxiing, enter your flight plan. Then click on the airport in question, departure or arrival. On the dropdown choose the "Chartlist" tab, then select "Taxi" and "Airport Info.". You'll get the "Airport Diagram." If your plane does not show up as a magenta triangle, click the white airplane triangle on the upper right. Zoom in to see the details you need. As you taxi the magenta triangle will show location in the airport, though there is a little lag. Ken
  8. I use Navigraph and Navigraph Charts. It shows all waypoints and a triangle where the plane is (moving map). Three chart options, too. Easy for flight planning, either VFR or IFR. Makes navigation easy, even taxiing around the airport. Ken
  9. Ah yes, the mountains! And the gorges! And the canyons! The San Juan range in the Rockies (New Mexico and Colorado), and Toltec Gorge. But the most Awesome (I mean full of AWE, not as used colloquially) was the first glimpse of the Grand Canyon. We took the steam train from Williams to GC, Bright Angel Lodge, then climbed the stairs, and there it was! I was overwhelmed! Such majesty, such splendor! Such beauty! As an 7th century English Shepherd said (Cadmon): "He aerist scop aelda barnum heben til hrofe, Haley scepen; tha middungeard moncynnaes uard, Ece dryctin, after tiadae, firum foldu, frea allmectig". (He (God) first shaped for man, heaven as a roof, the holy Creator; then eternal Lord created Middle Earth as mankind's ward (yard), the firm earth, the Almighty Lord). The wonder of creation! Ken
  10. Best wishes, Graeme, many happy returns! Kem
  11. Absolute NO to "Social Media" like Facebook, etc. I don't and won't!!! I enjoy YouTube videos, especially aviation and nautical history channels. I particularly enjoy "Aviation 101" (Josh Flowers) and Steveo1Kinevo. I obviously enjoy this forum, and use email extensively. I also use Wikipedia and some other sites. We (wife & i) were late in joining the cell phone world. I only got one when my mother was dying (2011) and had to be immediately accessible at all times. Since then I have found it handy, and at times necessary, but I only use it occasionally for voice and brief text messages. It's a "clamshell" model. I'm told it is a "smart phone" but if it is I don't use whatever those features are, just voice and text. Ken
  12. Me too. I miss him and his contributions.
  13. I just upgraded from FSX to P3D v. 5. I also just got a new Jetline computer to run it. I'll be adding additional monitors to my cockpit and will use my old Jetline computer as the client in a network. I'm happy with the performance of P3D on the new computer with all of the Orbx scenery. With FSX I'd run into memory issues around LAX. Now I don't have these problems, so I can do the "I-Ratings" on PilotEdge Ken
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