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  1. Unfortunately, might very well be a major disappointment all the way around.
  2. This map has been around for a while. It's still useful, but not up to date. For example, newer releases such as Burbank, Boulder City and San Jose are not included. Useful, to a point, but caveat emptor. Ken
  3. Back in 1990 I was stationed in Naples during Desert Shield. I had leave over Christmas, so rather than going home to the 'States, my wife and I decided to meet in London, so we could spend the Holidays with my cousins in Hythe, and her friends in Beccles. In setting this up, my wife arranged A rental car, and to save A few pounds, opted for a manual transmission. Should not, it seems, have been a problem, except I had never shifted gears with my left hand! Until I got used to it, it was an adventure. Learning to drive on the "wrong" side of the road was the easy part. Getting the gear shift was another thing. Ken
  4. Hello EVERYONE, and thank you all so much for you encouragement, concern and prayers. I am home from the hospital and very much on the mend. I still have a ways to go, and a ten day course of anitbiotics, but the pain is mostly gone, and mobility is returning. Lessons to be learned: 1. (And why I shared my situation on this Old-Coots Forum in the first place) In many cases, as bad as our health situation may be at a time, be grateful it's not worse, as the condition of my poor roommate taught me. 2. If your body tells you sometime might be wrong, pay attention and get it seen to. Don't ignore it. Again, Thank You All! Ken
  5. I've used SPADnext for years and it has on equal. I simply could not run my SIM cockpit without it. I runs all the Saitek gear as well as a growing list of other gear. For me the real benefit, in addition to consistent perfect performance, is that it runs everything on a network with a one-time click setup. So far I'm still using FSX, but the software supports multiple FS platforms, including MSFS. Highly recommend!!! Ken
  6. Gentlemen, Thank you all very much. I greatly appreciate your best wishes and prayers. I am responding well to the antibiotics, which is, of course, the danger of cellulitis; so many resistant bacteria out there that do not. Feeling better and moving better, and pain greatly reduced. Again, thanks so much for your expression of concern. Ken
  7. Learning to fly real world. When I could pass the physical, I couldn't afford it. Now that I could afford it, I'd never pass the physical, or even come close. I'm pretty healthy for an old guy, but I have my limits. (I'm grateful though, I'm in the hospital for a couple days now, being treated for cellulitis; my roommate, 10 years younger than I am, is in far, far, worse shape). Ken
  8. This may sound strange, but at work, for many years now. Strange, except I work at a Living History (and Agriculture) museum on 210 acres. Lovely wood lands, fields and underbrush. Colors haven't quite started changing yet, but should in ten days or so. In addition to the lovely colors I love seeing and hearing the many different migrating birds that pass through. Ken
  9. They offer five hours free trial. If you like we can do a flight together on Monday to get you familiar with it. I'm currently at KWJF, going to KSBA, weather permitting. So far I'm just flying VFR. Ken
  10. Hello Bill, and welcome to the Forum! Orbx creates a great selection of beautiful scenery which makes SIM flying realistic and rewarding. While I never got my pilot's license (when I could pass the medical, I couldn't afford it, now that I can afford it, can't pass the medical) I try to do all of my SIM flights by the book, and as accurately as possible. That includes ATC. I don't know where you fly, but if in the western 2/3 of the USA, consider PilotEdge. Live ATC 15 hours a day, and they are good, though sometimes short on patience with those who don't know the ATC system and haven't done their homework. Though I live on the East Coast of the USA, I've been flying in the overlapping Orbx land/ PilotEdge land for the last few years. Ken
  11. By the way, after trying a number of different aircraft, I've settled on the Mooney M20M (Bravo).
  12. I should have included L35, Big Bear City. I've been humbled every time I land there or take off. At 6750 ft elevation, a narrow runway, and surrounded by torturous terrain, it is a super challenge, and add to it a high density altitude in the summer! I've yet to make a landing there in which I'd want to have a passenger on board. This also the only airport where I've had to abort a take off more than once (twice). A real challenge! Ken
  13. I certainly agree with Stillwater about Telluride, and Landon about Agua Dulce. But all of the mountain top and deep valley airports in the Orbx West Coast regions are a learning experience. In particular I'd cite Kern Valley (L05) Marble Canyon (L41) for the valleys, and Blue Canyon (KBLU) and Catalina (KAVX) for the mountain tops. Flying from Reno to Blue Canyon is especially interesting because it goes right over the site where the Donner Party was snowed in (with tragic consequences) during the winter of 1846-47. Ken
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