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  1. Love the detail. It looks great . On my 'to buy' list!
  2. Well done Andreas. Hope you get better soon .
  3. Thank you Landon . I seem to be getting carried away with carrier operations at the moment!
  4. Thanks Andreas . I certainly remember that one. Do you remember Fleet Defender (the F-14 Tomcat simulation) by Microprose? It was great in its time.
  5. Thanks Andreas . This carrier from IFE is best used with the F-35C and T-45 also from IFE. Landing the 'stock' F-18 is very difficult.
  6. .....in the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea. Orbx partner - Miltech Simulations CVN77 in MSFS.
  7. An excellent set of images and scenery Carlos .
  8. Gosh! You are a serious world traveller Carlos .
  9. Thanks Landon. I am enjoying it!
  10. Thank you Carlos .
  11. An excellent set Bernd. I like the reflections in your sixth shot .
  12. Excellent! A very realistic set of shots .
  13. All this talk about cooling made me look at my own pc Seems I have a 360mm Corsair Hydro H150i RGB PRO XT cooler in a Corsair Obsidian 750D high airflow case with a Corsair RM1000x 80PLUS GOLD power supply. It supports the call for good cooling from the guys. Mine has been fine this past year and more.
  14. Thanks Bernd . Glad that you liked it. I think that I will do a few carrier posts. It's challenging but fun!
  15. A few shots from KEYW Key West International Airport and CVN 78 Gerald R Ford. Both available from Orbx direct . South Florida USA in MSFS.
  16. I like your images, aircraft and scenery Adam!
  17. Many thanks Wayne. Indeed, both great films that I have on DVD .
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