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  1. Excellent! I will get the Spitfire as soon as I install MSFS2020.
  2. Thanks! Yes, it prefers to go vertical.
  3. Well I am trying too John!
  4. I assume that is MSFS2020? Great shots Pete. It looks very impressive.
  5. LOL! Thanks John. I just need to stop climbing into the stratosphere!
  6. Thanks Gerold. The good news is that the ejection seat works fine!
  7. P3Dv4 and Orbx Juneau, S Alaska
  8. A very interesting thread. I started with FSX/P3Dv4 and bought just about every Orbx product available. The enhancement to the 'standard' scenery was excellent. great flying which I still enjoy. Then when True Earth GB was released I purchased XP11. I have also purchased almost all of the UK airports for XP11. I really like flying over the UK. With the release of MSFS2020, I held back a bit to see what developed. I have a new pc coming late September for MSFS2020 ( I will also install P3D and XP11 on it). But looking at the way new sceneries are being added by MS I do wonder how many Orbx scenery products I will buy. This thread has reflected what was going on in my head. From what I can see MSFS is still a developing program. I am really not sure how scenery designers best fit with its progress. Anyway, I wish Orbx all success as I have had great please from my purchases of Orbx scenery.
  9. Yes, rudder pedals with toe brakes make everything more realistic.
  10. Thank you kindly Adam. I will try P3Dv4 next!
  11. Thank you. Well I have had a longish break from flightsimming. Only just got back. I decided to get a new pc (maybe my last one!). So, ordered now and coming late September. I am keeping the monitor, just changing the pc.
  12. Thanks John. Takes me less than 5 minutes to load. I must get back to P3D v4 soon for some different aircraft. MSFS2020 will be a late September purchase for me after I get the new pc.
  13. XP11 and Orbx Bristol, Cardiff, True Earth GB
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