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FTX Innsbruck a few more.

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2 hours ago, pattersb said:

Amazing, its like looking at real life photos.  We have sure come a long way in scenery development.  Great job Orbx.  :)


Two real life photos taken in 2011 when we were on downwind runway 08.

Iain, when I see your screenshots and then look at my photos I can only say:  I am speechless !      Amazing scenery; great job Jarad.     



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15 minutes ago, TigerTigerM said:

Gobsmacked seems an appropriate term.:)

Iain, shot # 2, who's Easyjet is that going out? My hangar is devoid of that size aircraft & it looks like I will need to rectify that.

& do the trains move?



Hello that's the project airbus freeware version from avsim and yes the trains are movers.



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28 minutes ago, Nyxx said:

What season is it when the river looks green?


Hi Dave!

The colour of the Inn-river, or, more generally speaking, rivers in the alps and mountainuous region over all, is/are not really depending on seasons as far as i know but rather on sediments and algae instead.

A larger amount of Iron oxide for instance lets river water appear more greenish as far as i know.

The colour also chances a lot after winter and/or heavy rainfalls, when lots of water runs into the river from the surrounding mountains.

But: All this is only as far as i know and i am no geologist or aquatic ecologist, so i stand corrected anytime by people who have more expertise and experience here.



AND - not to forget:

GREAT shots Iain, from a GREAT looking SCENERY!



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1 hour ago, Nyxx said:

What season is it when the river looks green?



Today it is kinda green! See the pic below, which I have taken just a few minutes ago.


It only does not appear in a very bright green colour today due to the lack of sunlight. The shot is taken right at the mouth of the River Sill (see the artificial rapids at the upper right corner) into the Inn River. Hence the strip of darker coloured water on the opposite site. You can see exactly this spot on Emmsie's screenshot # 9. Upstream of the Inn is to the right of course.


The colour varies from day to day, best chances for a green river are during the winter month. During the snow melting in the mountains in spring and early summer the river has got a brownish muddy colour. This is also when it carries the most amount of water and can be very raging.





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7 hours ago, Bushpounder said:

We need a good Salzburg and Munich to go with this one! :) Hint, Hint!!!! ;) The only thing I see wrong is that it isn't for sale yet!! Card is shaking to get this!!



There is a very good Salzburg out.


Thanks for the water reply's guys and a photo to boot wow!, Hope to see the "green river" when flying in.

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Great, I am familiar with the altitude problem of a start position with an afcad on a hospital. I made them for the NL2000 scenery on the UMCG hospital and that worked. Create an afcad ( fictiv ICAO code f.i. LOW9) with the altitude of the platform and create a start position 1 with the same altitude. If you start a heli on the afcad position the heli will be on the  ground, but if you start on the start position 1of LOW9 the heli will be on the platform . It worked with me.

Joop / NL2000team

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