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  1. Hi chaps, I just reinstalled P3D v5 on a different drive. Orbx central does not seem to be activating scenery now. I've tried validating an airport, and uninstalling and reinstalling the airport. No prompt when starting P3D about activating a new scenery area, no sign of scenery. I suspect Orbx central still thinks my sim is in the old location? How can I change this? Thanks!
  2. What can you tell us about crossgrade pricing for MSFS? Will owners of existing products (such as airports) get a free crossgrade, a reduced priced purchase or will a full re-purchase be required?
  3. Maurizio, I’ve got the VR headset for the PS4 (PSVR). Trust me, a headset like the Rift S with a good gaming PC is in a very different league. Best thing ever to happen in flightsim, and with P3Dv5 I can now run TrueEarth properly. Drop in a give my Rift S a try with my VR flight setup next time you’re passing by Port Hedland!
  4. P3D v5 is a lot of fun. Flying in VR over TrueEarth (UK south) today. Looks great, particularly with Activesky on board now. Simple answer: just buy it.
  5. You have this in driving sims. It's fun to play with once or twice, but only as a way to make cool screenshots. Does not represent gameplay visuals, which is good as the human eye does not function like a f/1.2 85mm lens!
  6. Hi Matt, are there any exceptions to this? I have all of the original LC-based regions and - as of tonight - all of the TE releases for P3D as well. I remembered that the EU Wales region came with an enhanced Cardiff Airport that was claimed to be payware release standard. Is this included in TrueEarth Great Britain South as well? Apart from that example, are there any other locations where the Landclass region contains enhanced airports, but the TrueEarth version does not? Have been up late tonight flying TrueEarth GB North in P3D v5 - lots of fun! Cheers, Rob
  7. Uh...that means your 3 lives would be kind of short. 33.333 repeating days each. :( Hey, someone had to do the math!
  8. Switch worked well for me. Standard x-plane roads look ugly over orthoscenery. The TrueEarth ortho is a little bit too low-res for optimal "transparent roads", but sub in some ZL18 ortho and it looks great.
  9. That's a good point, I'd suggest that Orbx add that to the manual along with some more clarity about scenery order and what to disable (I'm personally happy - TrueEarth is working great! - but i've seen quite a few posts here and on the org about missing objects).
  10. Thanks Dappers, I have been flying the DR401 this evening. Brilliant piece of freeware, very nice for cruising low and (fairly) slow over the English countryside. Will check out some of those paints.
  11. +1 for the boats/yachts. I've been flying over the south coast of Wales this evening, and the lack of boats was probably the thing that I missed most. Caravans are less important, but yes, I did note a few holiday parks that were missing these objects. So in short, it would be great to add at least some boats ASAP, as that would really lift the coastal parts of the sim. I agree with the idea of getting this out, though. Glad that Orbx decided to release, it's good to be flying this now rather than some unknown point in the future!
  12. Nice screencap. Cloud shadows add so much to this scenery's realism. I flew this for a couple of hours last night, coincidentally starting at EGHI, and also covering a fair bit of ground over Cornwall. I'm a VR flier, so for me performance is key. I'm happy to say that the overlay models seem fairly performance friendly. I could hold at 45 FPS in VR (Oculus, 1080Ti, 5820K@4.4) with some attention to the sliders. - Do any community members or testers have any tips for improving performance specific to this scenery? For example, I found that I had to turn objects well up to get a pleasing effect from TrueEarth UK, higher than I typically fly with. So I was wondering last night about trying to turn down traffic to get some frames back. Some other comments: - The 130 million trees are very well placed. Better than GBPro and the overlays that I've made in the past. This adds a lot to the experience, bad tree placement ruins immersion. - I've tried this my own ZL17/18 ortho, and must say that the Orbx overlay works great (wasn't sure about color matching, but it's all good). Still lots to explore, TrueEarth south covers a lot of interesting parts of the UK. Off to to do some flying in the south of Wales now.
  13. Looking good. Are any of these available yet? I enjoy flying in the southwest UK, I think these would add a great deal to the experience.
  14. FS2 has way better frames than X-plane, that's just the truth. This is particularly apparent in VR. I've got the Netherlands TrueEarth for AF2, and performance is very good. I've also got TrueEarth UK south for X-plane. Performance is not bad at all for X-plane, but it's way down from what you'd see with AF2 (so VR is marginal, but viable). I'd note that I'm happily flying TrueEarth in X-plane, it's just different sims provide different benefits. FS2 is the performance and VR king right now. I fly X-plane way more than FS2 because overall, it works better for my needs. But a TrueEarth UK version for FS2 would be great, it really would add a lot to that sim as you can't really fly in that part of the world right now.
  15. Recently bought meigs Chicago from orbx for both P3d and FS2. Very dated, not realistic. Bad! JV please update ASAP, runway needs to go. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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