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  1. IN SPITE OF, OR BECAUSE OF MYSELF I have gone to MSFS. NEARLY 82 AND THE BEGINNINGS OF THE SHAKES, IT HAS SUDDENLY BECOME EASIER to use the simpler version. I admit as an old professional Geographer I love the photogrammetry, old and coarse that it is in MSFS. But remember Glencoe, never trust a Campbell or a man with his hair parted in the middle.
  2. All complaints change; someone tells us how to fix it, or it fixes itself. I am a happy little Vegimite, Orbx Central cured itself, and all scenery is happily reloaded in v5. However I am hesitant to go the MSFS way until Orbx redoes the Gold Coast.
  3. Hi John, I am on a powered wheelchair now, but still getting around. I have had my computer done up, and it is a total flop. Foolishly uninstalled 4.5 in the hope that v5 would be better, but no joy. I suspect it is worse. Didn't know the Library had reopened, even limited, things are looking up.
  4. Dexthorn: all our political leaders in Aus are in favor of a tough approach so your list is my .list. big-time.
  5. I have found LMv5 a pain in the arse. Can't install Orbx. I'm in a race to still be here when Microsoft comes out.
  6. I tried a number of time to reinstall my Orbx products into LMv5. Each time it insists that I install Libraries and SODE, and gives me the same Cannot Verify one File message. And from there it will not install my products. Please can you help.
  7. Jack, glad you joined in. The NGXu can be flown like the old version, but there are dozens of little goodies to explore that really change the face of the aircraft...including Pushback.
  8. Frisco to Honolulu, with lots of ETOPS information, use of the Auto Cruise etc. Yet the NGXu is still basically the original PMDG with simple loading if you want....but the new EFB will be a whole new experience if I can master it.
  9. Thanks, blokes, for your kind thoughts.
  10. Ticker reminding me to take care, but love the stream of shots from you others. On approach to KSFO, R10L, 4.5 and the new NGXu. Certainly not a salubrious suburb under the flight path.
  11. I know that Edinburgh cannot take the Boeing 777, but it obviously can handle the A350.
  12. For me, over 80+yrs old, I find SODE pretty unworkable so I have long since uninstalled it. How can I get default jetways to work at Edinburgh, which is a fine scenery. However I don't want to go back to UK2000, which by the way is uninstalled to avoid conflict.
  13. Ah Stillwater, very nice ironic twist.
  14. With you on that Big Bend, and Jack, much of the second part of the Outlander story is set in colonial Georgia and South Carolina...
  15. Over the fictional Helwater in the English Lake District, populated with Jamie Fraser, Lord Dunsanay and his family, with Lord John Grey somewhere in the background. Of course if you are not an Outlander fan this will be meaningless to you, therefore we are over the Lake District after departing a cloudy Glascow. Above Orbx full-fat England of course, naturally, properly....
  16. Oh dear, and it was over Scotland by Orbx. You are so tough on us younger members.
  17. Hi Nick and Iain, yesterday I posted a really innocuous shot of a BA 321 entering cloud. When it did not appear in the forum I remade an almost identically worded topic. Drilling holes in the Sky. Both appear to have gone into the ether, never to re-appear. I am certain I followed all the rules, and used an Imgur BBC code. Do you have any trace of them at your end?
  18. I am happy and I look forward to release. I agree, facsimiles are the only possibility given the rapidly changing world of airports and landscapes.
  19. It was just a reflection on where we have got to now with the defaults in LM. It is far too late to ask them. My concern is that LM has lost the race up to now, and seem accepting of the result. A General Discussion might have reminded me of the fact that LM is only licenced to MS...but worry not, my attempt at cerebration has flopped totally.
  20. I never intended for this to be a discussion about LC North America. It was intended to draw attention to the default airports and their unreal platforms. My comment was that if LM had taken the time, or had the techniques they could have converted them, yes the whole 40000, to a much more realistic format to fit the default and add-on scenery. I also suggested that if they had done that, we may not be as eagerly enthusiastic over the new sim. It was meant to be a General Discussion item.
  21. LM had the technique or the will to shift all default airports off these platforms, then maybe the MS newcomer would have had a harder road. This is on LC North America which is less than perfect, but the airport platforms really reduce the quality. Sometimes in the RW airports, especially bush strips are hard to find, this makes it all too easy.
  22. Jack; as usual a superb set of fascinating shots with a great narrative. Be careful what you wish for...never a cold climate for me again.
  23. I agree with Yamba in this. We will have to judge whether the bandwidth restricted version we will get in much of Australia, through the be-cursed NBA or arthritic ADSL2 will be sufficient to match 4.5. Or whether we are in an area where we can go the 5G way, but pricey (and where it is available). I wonder where the perfect reception spots in the world will be...Germany? New York? LA? There won't be too many in Aus.
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