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  1. Hello, I noticed yesterday on S45 - one (2 engines, Baron?) static (parking) airplane (so no working AI) is a pinky now. Looks like missing textures.
  2. Btw. On Avsim is a bigger topic about this addon which explains a bit more: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/603665-seafront-vessels-enhanced-ai-and-global-shipping/
  3. I never saw any AI ship traffic, also leisure boats :D. My slider in MSFS for Ships is set to 50%. In P3Dv5 I have for 16% and I see a lot of them!
  4. Agree with both ;). Notice only that Henrick's addon its a port from P3D version, it could bring FPS impact (more than native MSFS ships). Henrick addon is developed for many years and actually has a huge vessels base, from sailing ships to even military ships (I use it from yeras too in My P3Dv4-5 and its fantastic free addon made of heart). If in this addon we have native MSFS models colud be nice but I dont know still why this package is divided if the one needs second.....
  5. Just idea because I saw this NOTE: Requires Vessels: Enhanced AI (for traffic, so looks like I cant use default ships for this and I need both product so I have no idea why they are sold separately ;>).
  6. I see its released! "Seafront Simulations releases today 2 new products to overhaul your default AI ship and leisure boat traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator.Vessels Enhanced AI replaces the default with high quality, night lit yachts, catamarans, motorboats, fishing boats, cargo ships and cruise ships with this global add-on. Vessels Global Shipping adds around 50,000 routes and tens of thousands of high-quality, PBR, night-lit utility, fishing and cargo ships. Includes wakes with Sim Update 5!"https://orbxdirect.com/product/seafront-enhanced-aihttps://orbxdirect.com/product/seafront-global-shipping BUT, what about bundle cheaper version if we take both addons right away? Pls think about it too . It will be nice to see bundle version. Both products look like a complement to each other. Personally I have only default AI ships in MSFS, set up for 50% and I never saw any ship in MSFS LOL ! (I dont use free Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS V1 of Henrik, just default setting).
  7. Btw. about CTD - currently I have nothing in the Community folder (even Orbx sceneries) and I have chances for 50% or more for CTD. Something was happened bad in this SU5. The rest is VERY ok for me, but near each flight = CTD :/.
  8. Im downloading now this 40Gb patch but what about update for Orbx sceneries? They need update also by Orbx Direct? I have no idea because I am downloading this official update, but I would like to know if what I have is compatible e.g. with this new LOD etc. Thx for reply.
  9. Thx Nick, so for example, if I create scenery (in v5) - better to have turning on the FTX Vector in v5 too - due the compatibility with P3Dv4.5 (+ Vector on) for the others users in the same time? Do I understand it correctly?
  10. I have a Vector from FS9 time, in all P3Dv.xxx version. However I noticed that this "small" version for v5 sometimes looks worse than default v5 datas (Im writing about shoreline). See this: Vector ON Real: Vector OFF (it fits better with real according me) so what's the benefit of having Vector enabled for v5? Second question, does the Vector for v4.5 and v5 look the same in terms of the shoreline (I need this info for creating scenery)? TY!
  11. What about this project? I see MSFS version was out but no for P3D ....
  12. Hello, Id like to report that HD trees looks very dark now according me. LM did in the last hotfix something with lighting (at the request of many customers), but in general P3Dv5 has different lighting than earlier versions. What is strange only HD trees look darker, if you take your scenery - trees from addon looks ok. Here examples, sorry for the rain but I fly with real weather only . Too dark FTX HD default trees according me, near black (fall trees example): From addon looks ok (as you can see, from addon they are brown, the rest - default HD Trees are near black still): maybe HD Trees P3Dv5 needs separate version for current P3Dv5? Brighter version, not like it was for P3Dv4 ect? Notice: I fly with EA=off. Fall trees from webstore:
  13. Good idea! I forget about this option, yes I have 60cm or 1m even. I think it will solve this quality of numbers.
  14. Thx Nick, I added it, the DD's "background" helps a little but digits looks terrible still: Any other solution? I know, now its the fashion for MSFS but I like still P3Dv5 (I fly VR only so P3Dv5 still). It could be P3Dv5 problem also. From product page and (P3Dv4 perhaps):
  15. Hi, I installed Today to 5.1, no any issue (via instalator for v4 only, simply way): Perhaps I know what is your problem. Go to P3D cfg and check this entry: DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 in [TERRAIN] section (on = 1, off = 0).
  16. I know, its P3Dv5.1 problem still (or I think it is) but is it any solution for this blurriers on grass airfields for P3Dv5? Here is example from EGHA but I noticed the same blurries in many places if airfield has grass. I have still DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 in [TERRAIN] . In P3Dv4.5 was ok with this. Any ideas or it cant be solved?
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