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  1. Wow..looking forward to all of this....Can we include and update / rework of EGLC all platforms
  2. Whoaaaaaa! This is still going on?? Wow...Look I'm just as avid and anixious simmer as most of us for this title release, but something came up in the 9th hour and its just not ready. No one has prepaid for the scenery and it is not a life or death situation. If Orbx did release with all sorts of issues, the same would kick, you know what.... The scenery has some concerns and Orbx is doing what needs to be done. I'm sorry in advance if my views are different but Orbx has severed me well over all three sims. I have plently to enjoy and once Prague is ready, it will be added unto the same. We just need to be patient and hope for the best.
  3. Thanks all for your comments. The scenery is indeed incredible. I love the attention to detail this developer puts into their work. One of the or the best (AAA) all-around Airport scenery developers. Looking forward to many more.
  4. Sold once again...Ok..bring on those magic words so I can execute two purchases in one go...(the other Orbx scenery recently released)
  5. convinced..thanks..I like you didn't know MK-Studio was working on it and brought the Tropicalsim. Now I'm on my way to purchase this...thanks for the vid...excellent job. Cheers
  6. Out of nowhere, a top tier Developer. Loving all of your titles, and the interiors..well my friend you're revolutionaring the "game". Scenery development like this couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you., for being on fire and inspired and inspiring others. Looking forward to Glasgow and the next..."ones" ...
  7. Ok... maestro, cue the music.....get out the marching band....swipe that card...and then "Off Blocks" Excellent shots Lain in bring this in..("In-Blocks")
  8. And with that nothing else needs to be said. Wheels up any day now. And Ilike others, will be glad to be "stock" at "home" at Bromma exploring on any day after its release..:) Excellent work...CC ready
  9. Nicccceee... Ok...not to be funny, but I see some cars parked directly "Down Under" other vehicles and taking the phrase to a whole new dimension in the parking garage. But I'm still buying it when released... "Aussome"
  10. If any of you have pyreegue previous releases, this is going to be an extraordinary addition to their collection. And with all the additional info from those contributing above is going to make this that much more special. I , myself, am through the roof with excitement on its development and release of the same. Beautiful work.....Can't wait....
  11. Thanks Nick...That did the trick. I don't know which file it is (scenery/livery/mod etc) but I followed your recommendation and added that I'll just install all the Payware. So now I know the answer is somewhere in my Communityx folder. Sweet..thanks again.
  12. Good day all, I've had London City Pack and its updates installed since its release. But lately, I can not Fly beyond its South basin without incurring a CTD. West of London City but East and North or Brighton, Hastings, Cover and Ramsgate. Within this area in any aircraft I get a CTD. If I fly North of London at or above Southend latitude I'm good. Recently, Ive installed Dubai City Pack and now I can no longer fly West of the City without a CTD. Is there a post I've missed about any compatibility issues with the City Packs? I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. I will uninstall both to see if the issues are repeated and revert . But in the meantme if anyone can enlighten me that would be great.
  13. Yeeessssssss, Come on Orbx. Get some dots on that Continent. Preferably "yellow" :).
  14. For some strangeeeeee reason I'm in the mood for Pizza and Chicken tonight, tomorrow or some time soon...like this week
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