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  1. It’s great to see another FSimStudios release for P3Dv4+. No doubt this will be another high quality product. Whatever happened to CYHZ Halifax Stanfield though? They released it for MSFS a while back and apparently scheduled a P3Dv4+ release for a couple of weeks later.
  2. You did it again Adam, wonderful shots.
  3. Very nice Landon, great “atmosphere”.
  4. Truly wonderful shots, you caught it well. I was in Singapore as a kid in the 50’s, Changi and Seletar. It looked a lot different then .
  5. Very nice shots indeed Adam. You have done that iconic aircraft proud. I still cannot get into MSFS as a sim, yet. But I enjoy it through quality screenshots such as yours.
  6. I logged in and out and back in just now. No issues.
  7. I just logged in without any issues to the “other site”
  8. Kind of limits the benefit and business aspects of being “partners” if they can’t push and advertise each others products. However, there’s probably a good reason and at least Orbx sent out an email.
  9. I see the FSimStudios CYHZ release is listed in the partner products. Whatever happened to the normal release information? I was hoping to see some quality images. I am on P3Dv4.5 only but I would like to compare the MSFS release to the P3D version when it is released in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Roger
  10. Wonderfull sequence, my favourite one is the Goose.
  11. Really, really great shots with a great aircraft.
  12. I had TrueEarth Washington and Oregon installed for P3D4.5 but I hated the purplish roads and other seemingly discoloured textures. I tried to minimize the effect but wasn’t happy, so I removed them but interestingly Florida seemed ok. Is the purple road discolouration (especially in cities) for TrueEarth still apparent in 5.2? If so, any suggestions how to minimize it. Putting up with it is not an option Thanks, Roger
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