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  1. Well, they'll never do it for FSX, and I doubt that they will do it for anything less than P3DV4. Just my opinion.
  2. I thought it might be a mistake, but then I might have been mistaken
  3. Whoa, brilliantly shiny shots Iain, well done Sir !!
  4. Well people need to learn patience, JW never used to put up with this kind of harassment. People would be banned from the forums for being so impatient. That's all I'm saying, and I'm not gonna start a pi**ing match.
  5. I hate to say it, but it will be ready when it will be ready. When will people learn?
  6. Nice shots Adam, but I think the mechanic put the tail on backwards when he did the maintenance last time haha.
  7. Thanks Ben, I kind of figured they were obsolete. More free disk space !!
  8. I have some old downloaded backups that I believe are from FTX Central sitting on a spare hard drive. The way that Orbx Central works now, is there any need to keep those older backups? I tried doing a search but didn't find anything, probably not searching properly, and I didn't want to ask in the Orbx Central support forum.
  9. +1 Amen to that, TE stuff just doesn't cut it as far as "as real as it gets" goes. Without real weather and seasons, it just isn't as real as it gets, is it?
  10. Interesting, no it is just a nickname I came up with.
  11. Yes, the ultimate form of flight. What an achievement for a privately owned company, and like you said, some incredible views both inside and out.
  12. Space X and NASA return to space Go Bob & Doug !! Congratulations !!
  13. Happy belated birthday OnD, congratulations on another trip around the Sun!!
  14. Well done JK, beautiful images and repaint as always. Keep it up!!
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