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Community Answers

  1. Congratulations on another trip around the Sun. Enjoy your day!!
  2. Another fine shot Iian, could be a photograph. Well done, and keep it up!!
  3. An excellent single shot Iian, well done & keep it up!!
  4. It's a "tankless" job, but someone has to do it! Well done Iian, keep it up!
  5. Congratulations on another trip around the Sun my friend!!! Happy Birthday Landon, enjoy your day
  6. Some excellent shots of your mid-town capers Paul !!! Well done, keep it up !!!
  7. 4 outstanding shots Pete, keep it up!!
  8. Well done Martyn, an excellent shot along with an informative explanation. Keep up the good work!!
  9. Yeeee-haw, that looks like fun. A couple of great shots Andreas, keep it up!
  10. Nicely done Adam, one of the few places I recognize in England. Well done, keep it up!
  11. Some really nice shots Paul, that is a beautiful area in real life too. Well done, keep it up!
  12. I've been to the Moab area several times, and this looks quite a bit like it. Well done & keep it up Bernd !!
  13. Well done Martyn, definitely one of the most versatile planes ever made. Keep it up!!
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