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Community Answers

  1. Wow! Looks like an oil painting. Hard to believe this is from a *Flight Sim*!
  2. Not as clear/sharp as MSFS, but the same as XP11 I think. However - the rain/wetness is well done ... and the lighting is good (if not a little on the dark side):
  3. As far as I can see (with my limited flights so far) all of my old Orbx XP11 sceneries seem to work ... at least with no obvious errors or glitches. I would hope that with renewed interest in X-Plane with the release of XP12, Orbx will speed up delivery of products for that platform. Thanks for the nice comments!
  4. The inevitable "test" aircraft": Civil/GA ... both shots over Gloucestershire: Terrain detail/eye candy (even with Orbx) doesn't quite come up to current MSFS standards, but the wet tarmac detail is superb! ... new (built-in) D.O.F. feature in Beta 12.1.0 ... More TE shots on the way, I hope!
  5. Wow! I have to say this is an absolute corker of a shot ... what a stunner!
  6. No ... it's a Bulldog over a Scottish Loch ... Adamski.
  7. Impossible to resist the temptation of another superb offering from Aeroplane Heaven: A misty morning start at Duxford for Douglas Bader's Hurricane: Meanwhile, the Polish Squadron RF-R is climbing away: Guess where! Adamski.
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