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  1. I think we can safely assume that it will see the light of day indeed, and not that late (hopefully).
  2. Thank you so much Eugene!!! They all look absoulutely brilliant. It will be an incredible pleasure to fly these. Can't wait!!
  3. Agreed, it's time now. Better now then never, but it shouldn't take forever either.
  4. I've just recently flown several time above the Sahara and traversed Saudi airspace on my way to Dubai. It's just awesome, the desert is especially well done.
  5. Needless to say, I'm still very much waiting for OpenLC Asia! Come on guys, the world feels a bit limited when you can't fly to Asia for such a long time. Please... I can think of a ton of interesting destinations just for the first part, the southwest.
  6. There is a type of people that just can't let others have their cake, and apparently, there is a type of simmer that just can't let Orbx develop a landclass scenery for P3D. Just because THEY have switched to another simulator, everyone else has to do the same, and developing a product for a simulator other than their's is a complete no-go. While they state that their sim is the best and the only one and the future, they are extremely afraid of a company directing their resources to another simulator. If it happens, the only reason can be a misjudgement of this company, which must have lost the bright future of their preferred sim out of sight. A quick look at the navigraph survey reveals the "tiny P3D user base": 2020: https://blog.navigraph.com/post/640055551804489728/flightsim-community-2020-survey-results Confirmed by a poll in this forums: As the old silly meme goes: They protecc they attacc but most importantly OpenLC Asia is on tracc.
  7. Today FB's Auckland came out finally, a nice present. Southworld's Joburg for P4.5 was cancelled though, it's only gonna be for P5. Joy and tears...
  8. Next week is my birthday and I wonder if I'm going to be able to enjoy a certain birthday present?
  9. Roses are red, violets are blue, I'd like a release in quarter 2.
  10. Orbx stated they would be developing and releasing OpenLC Asia and already proved this with a lot of previews, so that I have no doubt at all that they will release the product when it's done. Hopefully rather sooner than later!
  11. I wonder about the state of the project, too. Can't wait for Asia!
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