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  1. Thank you. Now that we learnt that Eugene, the developer, and familiy are safe and sound, it's completely legit to ask for a little update on the state of things!
  2. Thank you. The thing is that I, much like you, like sharing flight stories. When Orbx started enforcing its policy not to show third-party stuff, I became quite restricted at posting screenshot stories, since it is really rare for me to fly from one Orbx airport to another. Due to this policy (which is understandable from Orbx' point of view) posters are left to showcase screenshots (presenting exceptionally good shots like in the screenshot contest), and I am honestly not very good at this. I'm not even sure if it would be allowed to post screenshots of a scenery which is in the portfolio of a company that sells products via Orbx, but not this particular one. And that I take too much screenshots and am too lazy to sort them in time.
  3. How is @Eugene Krikunov doing, given the circumstances in his country? I didn't dare to ask earlier. Eugene, if you read this, I hope you are fine! Give us a sign of life, please.
  4. Saw this by chance. Very nice flight and nice aircraft, of course!
  5. Very good shots, Gerold!! Nice to see you in a big bird.
  6. Their work is even so good that I barely noticed any spam.
  7. Saw the thread by chance. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Wolfgang!
  8. I'm very happy to see OpenLC Asia development in progress. I keep my fingers crossed for a 2022 release!!
  9. No, I did not bring up the sim topic. The sim topic was brought up by a user who stated: My comments were initially in response to this post, which brought up the issue. Anyway, just enjoy MSFS as I enjoy P3D and I am more than happy to close the topic. Agreed.
  10. I am extremely grateful towards Orbx that they took up the challenge and once again committed to the development of OpenLC Asia. Breaking their vows and discontinuing the development a second time is virtually impossible to imagine for me. Of course, an update on the state of affairs is always welcome. And yes, great products take their time.
  11. @EasternT3 I was at work yesterday and didn't have the time to reply to your posting. Your post contained a lot of 'misconceptions'. To my memory, I didn't comment on any roadmap. But the willingness to spend is indeed very relevant to a roadmap. Bigger customer bases allow for smaller prices, that's correct, but finding a 'good' price is not at all a trivial thing to do. Customers are generally charged what they are willing to pay. If they are willing to pay more, they are charged more. This is another simple side of economics. Another assumption based on thin air. Apart from this, MSFS was released in august of 2020, so this is 18 months and not two years, if I'm not mistaken. That numbers will grow is obviously not a fact, it's an expectation, which is a tiny difference. I did not bring up the MSFS subject. Actually I never bring this subject up, because I have absolutely no interest in bringing it up. I have an interest in OpenLC Asia, as should anyone who enters a thread that has "OpenLC Asia" in its title. The subject was brought up by another user; I suggest you have a look. At the moment, I couldn't care less about MSFS. As I said countless times, MSFS has obviously much better visuals, which is no wonder since it is a much newer platform. Nobody doubts that, nobody said anything different. MSFS is not going to be 'neglected' because of Orbx developing a product for P3D. But MSFS is not a sim that I am going to use in the near future. Why? That's my cup of tea and I don't owe you an explanation. Honestly, I don't understand why you are active in a thread called "OpenLC Asia Phase 1", as you are obviously not interested in OpenLC Asia. You have nothing to lose out of this product. Your beloved MSFS is not getting smaller, slower, or less fantastic due to it, there's absolutely nothing taken away from you. I suggest you just let others enjoy what they like. We are living in a free society, after all, and this means that we are not stepping in others' affairs and trying to ruin their hobbies. Posts like yours aim at some kind of delegitimization of OpenLC Asia, and we are witnessing them since Orbx committed to its development. They are destructive.
  12. It's not only about the size of the community, it's also about how much a member of a given community is willing to spend. Prices called out for MSFS products in comparison to P3D prices speak a clear language. I have a hard time imaging that the advent of MSFS has created such a large amount of die hard simmers. It has created a large amout of casual simmers of whom 95% will soon be off to more 'gamey games' or whatever distracts them best. Let me be crystal clear: OpenLC Asia will be released, and it'll be this year.
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