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  1. Managed to spend a while flying around various parts of Canada. Really beginning to like this update now. I remember something Nick said a long time ago. Fly realistically at a VFR altitude of 1500ft and everything looks ok. Fly a few hundred fleet AGL then the buildings do and will look like jelly. I am happy at VFR 1500ft
  2. Thanks Nick, looking forward to seeing your pictures Carlos
  3. I see it in your reply but still not in your original post it displays a ignition.com fault message. But I agree come on Orbx let’s have a Vancouver Cityscapes.
  4. I wonder why that is, NYC is very good and that’s got a lot more buildings. Must be how Asobo have sampled them maybe? Orbx there is a great business opportunity here for you guys to do some Canadian cities much like the excellent work you did with the Australian cities (please).
  5. Paul if you visit Vancouver it also seems to have melting buildings. May be my old machine but since you mention you witnessed it in Toronto (as I see the same). Perhaps it’s not my machine. Let me know when you head out West.
  6. Had a few good trips, seem to have strange mesh issues near Victoria on Vancouver Islands, like raised lakes. I notice the issue has been raised on MSFS website. Also strange how they didn’t make CN Tower in Toronto as a POI. Although, there is a local airport add on that does replace it. Vancouver Airport add on from FSimStudios looks good, but the boats they add now have strange wake effects. I’m told a fix is only days away. Apart from minor points rest looks good. Should get more time to explore next week. What’s everyone else’s observations, it seems good to me so far.
  7. I have downloaded and installed, sadly not had much time to fly any of it yet. I had a quick go but kept getting a connection lost message, even though my internet was all on and working, wondered if it was a Microsoft server issue due demand. Has anyone tried it yet?
  8. A most beautiful part of the world - I’m jealous. Spent some time in Seattle years ago but mainly north of the boarder in Vancouver and British Columbia and the Islands (hence my excitement for the WU11 Canada update).
  9. At least I’m not going mad then.
  10. Thanks Mooze, has that changed I thought it was originally 28th Sept or have I got my dates wrong?
  11. Thanks, are you in Washington State BradB? I am UK I have a feeling it’s delayed. Wonder if a Hotfix post SU10 may also be coming out causing the delay?
  12. Hi Anyone have visibility of the update yet? normally release around 3pm-4pm but not seen anything yet. Looking forward to this one.
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