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  1. I only have Orbx Meah add on’s so can’t comment if other Mesh products either freeware or payware are effected other than Orbx. Anyone else comment on this out of interest?
  2. Only asking here, but I presume Orbx are waiting for MSFS to provide a Hotfix. Or has MSFS altered something that now requires Orbx to update its Mesh products?
  3. I notice there is a further update to MSFS today. Not been able to try it out yet, does anyone know if it’s fixed the mesh issues?
  4. Hi John I kept playing with this, incase others were having similar issues. Kept LOD settings at 250/150. Checked my Community Folder and found an old FlightSim.to add on for Los Angeles area. Only about 1.5GB but had over 10000 items in it. Deleted it, installed KBUR 2 and Van Nuys Airport again and all now seems good.
  5. Interesting, my LOD are at 250 and 150 which seemed sweet for most things, including London and Seattle (both big FPS hitters). May try your idea and go 200/100. thanks
  6. Hi John I also have Van Nuys Airport add on from Orbx installed. I have uninstalled that (as it always seemed bad on performance). It has helped make KBUR V2 and LA Basin area flyable again.
  7. Hi John I always do the above anyway and did in this case. As you say LAX basin to a big piece of scenery, I will try a small LOD reduction. Just to confirm V2 should be on better than V1 you are saying?
  8. Firstly, the free update is appreciated so thanks to Orbx for that. Sadly on my machine it’s now a slide show so I’ve had to go back to V1.
  9. It was so close for one of the Concorde screenshots, but the JustFlight release of the BAe146 has resulted in my vote going to: digital896 Sensational Qantas 146 shot.
  10. Hi Jack How you doing? long time no see. Thanks for the compliments, think I’m beginning to fly like you very low and fast. Since the early days when we beta tested MSFS it has really come on. Some big names like PMDG are bringing heavy metal to it as well. Have you made the move across yet? It’s now my sim of choice.
  11. Lovely video - very relaxing.
  12. WOW thanks really appreciate you supplying the links. Over to flightsim.to and let the downloads begin.
  13. I have turned the heating up after looking at your screenshots - great images.
  14. Great shots, nice to see an old favourite - Canadian B744.
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