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  1. Again a fine made UK-airport scenery by Orbx-partner pilotplus. I hereby tried to discover many sublime modelled area's of this typical British airport: It was a pleasant exploration but 2 little remarks, that are also valid for the majority of scenery add-on's: missing more people into the different area's of the airport buildings and the lack of highdef roads surrounding the airport and in particalar the entrance-roads to the airport are a must to include.
  2. Great vivid atmosphere via this beautiful captured shots in this nice scenic area.
  3. Hello, Yes the train moves in and out the station about every 30sec but only one and the same on same track.
  4. Nice composed shots of the 'Bromma' area, the lady in the red dress and the snake-tattoo looks like Angelina Jolie, doesn't she have such tattoo?
  5. Two fine made sceneries by Orbx-partner Drezewiecki Design is Moscow Landmarks and the International airport Sheremetyevo UUEE located 29Km Nth of Russian's Capital In follow 10 shots some highlights of Moscow City while flying an airliner in a too low altitude but offering good views: A320neo in Rossiya colors:
  6. Marvelous detailled overview via these large set of splendid shots, I hope that a next imported issue will be present in MSFS --> dynamic moving people and audience.
  7. I haven't remarked any negative influence on FPS, not monitored but flight was even fluent as over other add-on sceneries.
  8. 2 shots from above flying in a Grumman Goose over the exceptionally fine modelled airport Hobart-YMBH and the closeby aerodrome Cambridge-YCBG by Orbx-partner NZA Simulations. Via follow areal per airfield the details to discover is obvious: Hobart - YMBH Cambridge - YCBG
  9. After my earlier exploring-postings of Tokyo City+Narita airport and Shanghai City, hereby my 3rd Asian City modelled by Orbx-partner SamScen3D: --> Hong Kong via Daylightflight and via Nightshots: In this and on follow shot is the area to see of the legendary airport KaiTak VHHX, a challenging approach for the big airliners as it was the only airport till a complete new airport Chek Lap Kok(VHHH) was operational in 1998. The end of the former Kai Tak-runway houses actual a cruiseship Terminal:
  10. DC6-B Alaskan Airways ready to airborn after a stormy weather clearance at Juneau airport PAJN Grumman Goose on his way out of airport PAKT and about to cross over Ketchican in cloudy but dry conditions
  11. My previous post was Japan's capital, now moved to China's most popular International City; Shanghai that is also fine modelled by Orbx partner SamScene3D
  12. Today ends the Parolymic Games and Tokyo will after this and the Olympic Games a bit out of the picture. Thanks to the fine made City scene by Samscene3D and the fantastic modelled airport Narita Int airport RJAA by Drzewiecki, I made follow serie of shots of both from night in the city to first daylight at the airport.
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