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  1. Together with Part 1 a large, variety and all excellent shots highlighting world sceneries. You may proceed with Part 3 and more...
  2. Top shots, maverick will be jalouse...
  3. Glitter Strip? Landing was maybe butter smooth but finally you was upside-down by the excellent modelled buildings around
  4. I like more the 'Tomato Shade' for the same raison as explained by previous posting from 'Kim Sibbritt'.
  5. Hi TigerTigerM and other interessees: Yes, the spinning props is 'normal' in this scenery, but I have it also seen in some other sceneries. Some AC's act as this one, but luckely not all AC's. See hereby what I see except the twinprop with spinning action in the other corner(out of this shot). I raised a ticket to Orbx for the spinning props. And hereby my view on the Chick(ens) after the update: The pretty girl looks in my eyes...but I wonder where the duck is looking at... Regards, Johnny (alias ikbenik)
  6. I'm upside down by your nice shots...but I feel a bit sick...where is that little bag...
  7. In the Dungeness Peninsular of southern Kent at the Southcoast of England between Hastings and Folkestone+Dover is Lydd Airport(EGMD) situated. The airport scenery is faithful and detailled modelled by Orbx-partner Burning Blue Design. Hereby some shots that gives an overview:
  8. Hi Jack, Your question: 'who brought all this luggage!?' --> Agnes of coarse, your lovely lady that you brought in with the yellow heli for a wine-tasting festive... Anyway fine and detailled shots.
  9. Sorry for the confusion by lain thinking the post was mine. Yes, this is a wonderful made serie of shots of this journey, very well done.
  10. Very nice super-wide views of departure out of my Capital Airport. Made several times same take-off from runway 25R but in TUI-Belgium's B737-800.
  11. The spitfire shines in any scenery...again proved via these nice shots
  12. A 'nose' shot of the mighty Spitfire, parked in front of main airport building of Shoreham. The model is the Mk1a version from Aeroplane Heaven.
  13. The latest addon from Orbx-partner Burning Blue Design is the South England Aerodrome of Goodwood, a historic and year around famous place for racing over the circuit that lies completely around the airfield. So I took the opportunity to make there a stopover and borrowed a powerful car to drive some tours on the circuit before continuing my journey. The plane is the Carendo Bonanza V35 and the car is the Mercedes 63 AMG with 476hp under my feet.
  14. Fantastic Views...but I'm curious. I have TrueEarth Adds in XP11, I suppose these shots are via XP12, is their a noticable difference regarding scenery-quality to see between XP11 and the successor XP12?
  15. Fantastic mix of planes ans scenery views. All very good framed.
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