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  1. Orbx-partner Aerosoft has upgraded the scenery at North Germany the Island group 'East Frisian Islands' situated closeby the German mainland and is an eastern continuation of the 'Wadden Islands' of The Netherlands. The group consist of 8 Islands that I have overfown in a Britten Norman BN2 from West to East and hereby the screenshots of them beginning with an orientation map marked with the original names of the Islands: 1. Borkum 2. Memmert 3. Juist 4. Norderney 5. Baltrum 6. Langeoog 7. Spiekeoog 8. Wangerooge
  2. Hello 'BradB', It's a French made plane --> Menestrel HN-433 and uplaoded to 'flightsim.to' by 'frenchvfr' together with a second variant Super Menestrel N°1 Downloadlink at flightsim.to --> Menestrel HN-433 n°43 F-PYKA and Super Menestrel HN-434 n°1 - F-PYXE » Microsoft Flight Simulator More info on these planes --> Pilote-Virtuel.com - Forum de simulation aérienne / [MSFS] [P3D] Release HN-433/434 - v1.5.0 Best regards, Johnny
  3. Not so far from where I live, about 500 to 250 Km away are the beatiful shores of Bretagne and Normandie. As msfs-scenery enhanced by Orbx-partner 'VFR France'. Hereby some shots of my first discovery flight at the shores beginning in Dinard, passing StMalo, Brest, Vannes to end a first journey at Mont St Michel in Normandie:
  4. As in your previous 'vault'-posting: marvelous collection and with some rare birds shown in great sceneries and weather conditions. You may empty your vault in more postings
  5. Very good represented approach, landing and gate-arrival of the hifi-modelled plane on this fine made airport. Very well done!
  6. Wooow...they are all of exceptional quality and great atmospheric attention...I should say: all price-winners for screenshot-competitions...
  7. Fine screenies from a tropical heli tour. I love to have this heli also available for MSFS, this year available by Asobo?
  8. My first screenshots-posting of this new year is, in analogue to my earlier posting of Glasgow airport, the equal fine modelled airport of Edinburgh-EGPH by Orbx-partner Pyreegue.Dev.Co. and I was surprised by the large area with a multitude of gorgeous representation of the reality. Enjoy my tour via follow 25 shots: I leave this marvel with a heli to my next airport to visit, hereby my congrats to the team of Pyreegue.Dev.Co. for their airport-scenery achievements.
  9. I enjoyed the 3 posted parts and discovered via your exciting tour and nice screenies the hidden gems of the (for me) wonderful down under area of our planet.
  10. In the northern area of Hawaii Big Island is the airport Waimea-Kohala (PHMU) smaller than the the 2 other airports on this Island: Hilo Intl on the east side and Kona Intl on the west side, but very charming and fine modelled by Orbx-partner 'Northern Sky Studio' and especially the internal views are of the best quality I have seen sofar in MSFS-airports:
  11. My first flight in the great modelled Kodiak I perform over the wildlife of the African Okavango Delta:
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