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  1. Fantastic compo of the scene and a very dramatic sky. Park and secure your plane quickly, it looks like a serious thunderstorm is coming
  2. Together with Pt1 an impressive collection and all very well captured.
  3. I have earlier posted my discovery flight at the victoria Falls via a helitour and some statics. This time I perform a roundflight to discover more and do it in a Drifter, a 2-seat ULM and continue my flight low over the Zambesi river with a lot of rapids underway:
  4. Not to me...direct after my post with Teheran as guess, you posted: Yep - you and Graham got it early ...and I didn't know that Boetie was the alias-name of Graham, sorry...
  5. So, the photo is from either Bahrein or Teheran? If so, also boetie has mentionned Bahrein!
  6. One of the great natural wonders worldwide are the Victoria Falls on the border of the African countries Zambia and Zimbabwe. Hereby my discovery tour:
  7. South of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius is the airport situated and the major airport of this country as most southern of the 3 Baltic States: Estland-Letland-Lithuania. Fine modelled by Orbx-partner M'M Simulations, I arrive in a A320neo as one of the first delivered to Brussels Airlines and made a discovery tour in and out the airport:
  8. Great pictures. Strange that 2 serious scenery-addon makers have same product in their range, I have the earlier make from Jeppeson2001 and is very likely just like this from //42 a copy is. I find in general that serious (payware) developpers should consider to make only one(very good crafted) addon per area or airport in the whole simworld. Of coarse per kind of flightsim(msfs, xp,...), their are enough worlwide places than are waiting to be presented as sim-addon.
  9. Great shots and especially the last one is remarquable, just like a bird ready to flap down his wings
  10. For once, I choose the yellow sportscar in first shot for executing a ride. Nevertheless 2 fine shots of the plane in a fine livery under a HiFi-Sky.
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