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  1. Very nice collection of brilliant shots of the, by me, very well known airport. So, with 'the other side' you mean taxiing to a gate at Pier B who is opposite to Pier A with his round shaped roof. That Pier is for flights from and to 'non-schengen countries' and it's rare to see relative small AC's like A320 and B737 at this Pier next to the big airliners. 'Schengen' is an European agreement(made at Luxemburger community 'Schengen) that allow residents of 26 European countries free travel without border check. Since the Brexit, the UK is no longer part of it and also a lot of former East-European countries except Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia who are in.
  2. Glad to see via recent postings that the so called 'old sim's' get a revival via gorgeous screenshots like these 2 here, fine job.
  3. No more able to make thes flights due to deleted all of the Sim's FSX/P3D that I regret now. But still as screenshots in remembrance. Hereby dual shots per Alaskan airport. Gustavus - PAGS Homer - PAHO Juneau - PAJN Kenai - PAEN Valdez - PAVD Yakutat - PAYA
  4. Agreed, the so called 'old' sim's offers a lot of stunning scenery details. I regret that I have deleted all of FSX / P3D in favour of MSFS for HDD/SSD-capacity reason.
  5. Yes, I remember to have flow often via my no more installed P3D in that regio starting at Milford Sound towards the coastline. It is a stunning scenery at this part of NZ.
  6. Fantastic set of shots and in particular these with gorgeous cloud formations in the background. The first shot concerns me: the 2 control towers so close to each other !?
  7. Hi to both of you...and maybe others who have same issue, My way of posting in the screenshots forum: first the introducing or explaining text. Then post shot per shot but between each tab the space-bar and if wanted type a textline before next shot, etc... Is ofcoarse depending on the used system for posting images, I use ---> Postimages — Gratis afbeeldingenhost / Foto's uploaden Best regards, Johnny
  8. Serving the mondaine St Moritz area in Switserland, Orbx has fine modelled the nearby airport Engadin(LSZS) at the community of Samedan.
  9. A very nice collection of shots and a contrasting culinary journey between the two international airports.
  10. Amazing lifelike looking photographic shots, most with a to open diafragma causing small dept of field and so creating beautiful out of focus but artistic correct screenies.
  11. Hi 'Breeze', I was wrong, sorry. Not an extra livery from other source(s) but one of the default ones from the via MSFS-Marketplace available plane:
  12. Yes, 'flightsim.to' is the source for tons of liveries for almost all addon aircafts.
  13. 38 NM east from Puerto Rico is St Thomas situated as one of the many Islands that forms the Caraibes. This Island belongs to the US Virgin Islands. Orbx-partner FeelThere has modelled the Airport Cyril E. King - ICAO: TIST and located west of the Island in the community Charlotte Amalie West. By this occasion I perform a first flight in the vintage Beechcraft D-18S, my newest plane in my MSFS-Hangar. I have an issue at the airport, the main building at he apron(you will observe it when the plane is parked after the roundflight) is sunken in the ground like the roof is sitting on the ground. I will address this issue to FeelThere. Nevertheless the airport scenery is well done and full of parked planes at the GA-site north of the runway.
  14. A romantic balloonflight above Melbourne. One of the animations as extra into the marvelous Melbourne Landmarks Add from Orbx.
  15. A few miles north of Melbourne, halfway to Intl Airport YMML is Essendon(YMEN) situated with in one building the Orbx headquarter. In front of this building starts my roundflight of the fine modelled airport. In my post from a while ago I have uploaded mostly the interiour and the Orbx Offices. At the end of this post I include a bonus regarding the latest Melbourne scenery. Bonus 1 - Flemington Horses Racecourse Bonus 2 - Hot Air Balloons in the morning around Melbourne City
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