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  1. Again a fine made UK-airport scenery by Orbx-partner pilotplus. I hereby tried to discover many sublime modelled area's of this typical British airport: It was a pleasant exploration but 2 little remarks, that are also valid for the majority of scenery add-on's: missing more people into the different area's of the airport buildings and the lack of highdef roads surrounding the airport and in particalar the entrance-roads to the airport are a must to include.
  2. G'day everyone, As we are wrapping up this project I thought I would take the opportunity to post a final set of shots (not to be confused with Iain's famous final shots though, still a little bit to go!) and say thank you to all of you for all the support and patience with this project, it's so much fun developing seeing the excitement it brings. So thanks for that, your support doesn't go unnoticed. Also thanks to Ed, Ben, Tony, Holger, Matteo, Oskar, Philip, Anna, Elli, Johan, Stefan, Jarrad, Finni, Greg, Karl, Steve and the list goes on, for all the work contributing with assets, working with the back-end stuff, modeling, texturing and of course all the testers that makes my life harder but your experience way better As you see, it's far from a one man's show! And last a big thanks to Pontus & Joakim at Bromma Airport for taking time showing around & gaining airside access, thank you so much. So, with that said, here we go, hope you enjoy.
  3. Dave Garwood has adapted his FSX, [possibly FS9?], de Havilland DH89 Dragon Rapide to MSFS. & a very nice conversion it is too. I took Sybille for a spin at EGTB, & everything I tried she willingly acceded to. A few shots below. TTM (MSFS)
  4. Visit KBDR Sikorsky Memorial Airport to see the birthplace of helicopters and the mighty WW2 Vought F4U Corsair fighter-bomber, and enjoy a quick tour of New York. Using Orbx/SamScene New York City Landscape. Cheers.
  5. Two fine made sceneries by Orbx-partner Drezewiecki Design is Moscow Landmarks and the International airport Sheremetyevo UUEE located 29Km Nth of Russian's Capital In follow 10 shots some highlights of Moscow City while flying an airliner in a too low altitude but offering good views: A320neo in Rossiya colors:
  6. Hello to all fellow pilots! I'm excited to announce my new project - Glasgow Airport. It's been a while and my mailbox has become full of "when, what, where" e-mails. For all those who have been asking , this "little" announcement should answer most of your questions. With some 30 airlines serving over 100 destinations worldwide, including Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and the Gulf, Glasgow is Scotland’s principal long-haul airport as well as Scotland’s largest charter hub. I've prepared a few shots of Glasgow's gorgeous terminal building and its interior as well as some static aircraft models with airside operations vehicles. As always I am aiming for a feature-rich rendition of this airport that will bring it to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. No release date and price questions, I don't know any of these either . More pictures will follow later. Stay safe, cheers!
  7. I have been practicing ILS landings recently & thought I would have a shot on 109.70, into Bromma Rwy 30, out of Arlanda. As you can see, I made it. (Or would have if I hadn't inadvertently shut off the throttle over the threshold) The Bromma Rwy 30 approach is a stunner but I would not wish to work in any of the buildings across the road from the runway theshhold, in particular, Flinks. Going by the number of review videos already up on YouTube, I would say a pre-release version went out to quite a few flyers. I recommend this one, by MiuMiu, as it shows the incredible amount of time & effort that Marcus & his team put into storefront signage, & other detail. Overall, if you can only afford 1 Swedish payware airport, I strongly recommend you choose Bromma. It is a gem. TTM (MSFS) Drone camera view looking back from approach into Rwy 30. Bromma is a sliver in the middle of the shot. Another Drone capture showing Stockholm & water co-existing. Lined up, still on APPR on the AP. The cranes to the right are good markers. Still on AP, still airborne & frightening the -- out of Flinks. Above shot from a side perspective. As you can see, plenty of ground clearance. The artistic perspective. About here I killed AP, & the throttle, (accidentally) Cleverly edited shot that hides the fact that the speed had dropped to 40 kia & I was about to drop into the landing light forest. But note the undulations in the runway!
  8. Starting to explore the airfield with the drone camera. TTM (MSFS) Closer look at the light rail/bus? Note the tattoo on the LIR's left shoulder. Closer examination reduced shot focus, but I think it is a snake. She must have had that done recently. It wasn't there the last time we went out. Lady in Blue tattooed? Hard to tell, but she does prefer mini skirts, it would appear. I was watching the double link train for awhile in case it moved, when the lower, single unit, came in from the left. Marcus, what timetable do they run to?? I would say this is the jet operations center.
  9. G'day everyone, Happy to announce the official trailer for ESSB Stockholm-Bromma Airport! Is everyone getting ready to visit Stockholm?
  10. Just a quick initial shot from Bromma. SoFly UK Spring Day, hence the overcast sky etc. I like the detail. It looks like the chartered BN-2 is parked on a reinforced concrete pad? Anyway, I anticipate finding all sorts of good stuff later today & over the weekend. Very nicely done Marcus, RWAD. (Renowned & Widely Acclaimed Developer) TTM
  11. I was doing with a friend a leisure flight around Shelter Island, northwest of Juneau… …when we spotted this. Wow, she is huge That must be the Tirpitz I’ll ask the captain to bring me back to Juneau airport. Let’s see how close we can get to it If nothing works out, I can hopefully use their on-board Arado plane It's going to be tight. But I can see already the red roofs of some of the airport hangars I just love, what we can do now in MSFS Ok, that’s as far as we can get without running the ship aground Let’s back up and turn her around slowly and head south instead for the port of Juneau
  12. Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. WU6 has finally fixed SDK and made things manageable again! On this note I'm happy to finally bring you an update for EGPH with lots of fixes and new features. - I've added new double-decker busses in front of the terminal entrance and also touring busses further down the parking lot. - Spitfire memorial has been remodeled and retextured thanks to avsim users who pointed out that's it's not a battle unit but a model made of fiberglass. - Tree lines near the new terminal extension have been fixed and made lower. - Glitchy fencing near 24 threshold has been fixed - Tower lights now have greater draw distance so that you can see that majestic purple on your approach - Added more dirt to all aprons for a more "worn" look. - You can now Disable/Enable static jets - Quite a few cars were missing, so more were added near the ATC tower and FastPark areas. - You will now be greeted with static 3d scanned people inside the terminal. - For those who own UKOO and EGPH and experienced "shared" textures between the airports after SU5, this problem should be all gone now, textures have been renamed and re-exported. - Cargo apron now has darker pavement to closer match its real life counterpart - Added glass rain effects to terminal windows for those awesome rain mood screenshots - Stands 4A/4 labels have been swapped - And finally, DME has been moved to the same position as the ILS antenna. I sincerely hope you like this update and enjoy Edinburgh. Soon a new project will be revealed as well, so stay tuned. Take care, cheers. Update should be live on orbxcentral soon.
  13. There appears to be a conflict with Frankfurt City Landmarks and WU6? - I've seen a bunch of users reporting this on various threads and they seem to have the Orbx scenery as well.
  14. When you install an Orbx addon airport that is already in the base MSFS2020 install should you uninstall the base instance? e.g. YSSY or LOWI?
  15. I have been banging my head against the preverbial brick wall ever since the SU5 update - crashes to desktop (CTD) led me to search for sim stability only for the situation to get worse. I did everything suggested bar make a burnt offereings! I renamed the community folder, I deleted content.xml, deleted rolling cache, deleted scenery.dat files, I re-enabled rolling cache, I added comunity folders one at a time, I uppgraded video drivers, monitor firmware.... nothing woked. Finally I investigated the issue of screen sync. I tried G-sync on with V-sync (in game) off, HDR on, HDR off. G-sync full screen set, G-sync full screen & windowed set no luck. It wasn't until I disabled g-sync completely and re-enabled v-sync in game (with FPS at 60) did I finally get some stability. Praise the virtual sky gods!!! Ive just done 3 flights - YBAS area, Bora-Bora scenery tour and YSBK to YSSY in the default C172 without a single CTD. So daring to hope I'm going to try renabling my community folder and see - wish me luck!
  16. Another day locked down with pandemic restrictions down here at the bottom of the worlds means another day that I can go exploring a far flung destination at the top of the world! This time I took the C172 amphibian in MSFS from Akhiok (PAKH), at the southern end of Kodiak Island, Alaska to Kodiak Mun (PAKD) at the northern end of the island. Along the way, I dropped into Amook Bay Seaplane Base (AK81) to drop off some supplies and pick up a group of hunters. Sim time was set to 10.30am, mid September using the ‘Coastal Winds’ theme from SoFly Weather Preset Pro. The higher definition Orbx NA Alaska Mesh really makes all the difference here, with a snow depth of 2cm set to add to the atmospherics. Flight plan file attached to the post for anyone else wishing to recreate this adventure! (The .PLN file is saved in IFR format via LitteNavMap to get rid of the annoying TIMECLIMB and TIMEAPPROACH waypoints that the sim is currently forcing.) IFR Akhiok (PAKH) to Kodiak Mun (PAKD).pln
  17. Another fine modelled airport from Orbx-partner Pyreegue Dev Co. is the Ukraïn airport Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (ICAO = LVIV). Here some views in a stormy weather and ready to board a B737Max8 of Lufthansa:
  18. A sneak preview of Pilot Plus Bristol International for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Bristol is a large project for the team, every asset has been carefully crafted making the airport truly authentic and realistic. The previews below give you a glimpse of how fantastic the final product will be, whilst we perfect the final touches. We can't wait for you to see this for yourself and we're sure Bristol will become your new base in MSFS!
  19. Norwegian Airlines Bredok3D 737 Max on its way from Split to Malmo, full of sun burnt Scandinavian tourists, I imagine. (The weather is SoFly typical English Summer Day so it is a bit unfair to Croatia to have used that one) This is an initial flight out of Split & from what I have seen of the runway surroundings, the Orbx Havant team have turned out a quality product. I'll have a closer look around the terminal & so on, later. I like the setting with all of its vegetation & various structures, & the landing approach challenges. I watched a YouTube video of a full size approach & was very impressed at how the pilot brought the aircraft low along the face of the hills in the background & at the last moment swung round 180 degrees & dropped it on to the runway. TTM (MSFS)
  20. Having really enjoyed the Orbx NZ Mesh package, I was quick to purchase their Alaska Mesh that was released last week. Here are some first impression screens, flying between Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3) across the Alaska Range, past the tallest mountain in North America: Denali. The route was inspired by AvAngels latest video, with the custom .PLN flight plan file available for download here for anyone wishing to enjoy the spectacular scenery: Kantishna (5Z5) and Songlo Vista (3AK3).pln (5.1 KB)
  21. My arrival in Piper Warrior II and exploration of the airport LFKB on the French Island Corsica in the Mediterranean See: Bonus: some shots of my newest plane in my msfs-hangar: the vintage WW-One Newport 17:
  22. Drop-off and load-up of Italian tourists in Embraer E175 at Ikaria's airport LGIR in late afternoon:
  23. In the Glacierland around Juneau the Mendenhall is the nearest, my first Alaska flight after installing the 5m DEM Mesh out of Juneau airport PAJN Bonus: at the shore of Ketchikan airport PAKT ready for a flight out of the bay:
  24. I took an amphibian Cessna from PAKT to PANT, Annette Island, which is about 19NM South of Ketchikan. Short but pleasant flight. I originally headed North, then swung back over PAKT to head to Annette Island. TTM (MSFS)
  25. I looked through my sparse collection of MSFS Amphibians & alighted upon the Grumman Goose. Entirely appropriate in an Alaska livery. Plus the AP works now, so I can set off for Juneau & go & have a coffee whilst the miles are bled off. A few shots using SoFly Typical UK Spring Day. I think I should have had clear skies & sunshine to do Ketchikan justice. However, WYSIWYG in the set below. Orbx Alaska Mesh is also in place here. Ketchikan is nicely situated on the BC Coast for trips to all points of the compass. An excellent & well rendered choice for Throwback Thursday. TTM (MSFS) Waiting to depart from the Southern end. Juneau is almost dead straight ahead from here. A different perspective of the Goose. Up & away. A stern trawler in the background? Ketchikan is quite compact as regards placement of operations buildings & hangars. The airport is back on the RHS. What is not showing is the flashing line of lead in lights taking you to the runway during an approach from the North.
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