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  1. In the serie of modelled Cities by Orbx-partner SamScene3D is China's Capital Beijing full of historical sites and remarquable shaped structures, hereby some of them:
  2. The Chinese are famous for the colorful lighting of their buildings, surely the fact at citypart 'Pudong'. As bonus: the Pudong-buildings silhouette at late afternoon and in the direction of a bright sunset
  3. After my visit to Irelands Capital Dublin, I stayed a while on this green Island and took a flight via the International airport EIDW of dublin to the south and land at Irelands 2nd large airport Cork-EICK and is a visit worth and discover al the fine modelled airport corners around:
  4. In th growing number of better modelled Cities worldwide in MSFS is Dublin the last in the line and a joy to discover so many typical landmarks. I tried to overfly some of these fine reproduced landmarks while flying low and slow over the city via a Tiger Moth in the Irish colors:
  5. G'day everyone, For those of you not following our project progress page at Facebook I figured it was a good time to make a brief update post. If you are not unfamiliar with the page and is interested in the progress of this project I recommend checking it out. I aim to share something weekly and it's a nice way for me to keep in touch with all of you! Here is a link if you want to check it out: Click here to go to the project page As for the progress: First of all I want to share that Jetstream Designs joined me earlier this fall on this project. I assume most of you are familiar with his work (he got a lot of his work on the Orbx store that I really recommend checking out). He has made incredible sceneries such as Paris-Orly, Toulouse, Nantes, Linate, the list goes on. An incredible talent that share my view on visuals and quality and is bringing a lot to the table. Regarding the construction progress we are moving forward quickly at the moment. The more time consuming tasks like the terminal areas are locking in on almost one pier per week now with T5A/B/F probably finishing up before end of this month, which leaves work with T2 & T4 before that whole complex is ready. A lot of the airside buildings are at a late stage in the process. I spent quite a bit of time on some new custom GSE items earlier this fall that will be introduced at ESSA and some were introduced in the ESMS update recently released. We got quite a bit left on landside things and the less noticeable building objects, which should be a quick turn around in comparsion to the other things we are working on. The ground is finishing up and we landed incredible ortho imagery that combined with the updated high-res mesh and our new ground texture set is really a huge difference (in our humble opinion at least!) to the current offerings. I hope to showcase that in the next few weeks. I know a few of you are wondering about the P3D and X-Plane version, those will be looked at once this is complete and released and as long as there is a market for it at that point they will be converted. Here are some screenshots from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, please note it's all a work in progress with a lot of objects missing, and things might change. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Marcus
  6. As one of the Spanish Balearic Islands is Ibiza the most popular for the festive atmosphere in clubs&disco's but has also for more quiet sides on the Island-shores. The Island is 20 by 40Km and the Airport is situated in the southwest corner and 6Km from the Island Capital Ibiza City. Arrival in A319 of Spanish-airliner Vueling.
  7. short hop from EGCC to Belfast, very quick flight, love this airport, so detailed...
  8. Hereby some views on the splendid modelled airport Köln-Bonn via different aircrafts: A bit further and exploring the city of Köln who is also fine modelled
  9. The Tiltrotor MV-22B Osprey in conjunction with aircraft carrier USS America are, both modelled by Miltech Simulations, a fine couple of addons for thrilling maneuvres. My first flight to and landing on the carrier was a suspensful experience and a way to handle my joystick-controls via very smooth movements for a successful landing. Next step(s) to master is the folding together of the upper structure to a storage-ready status...I suppose many practice + try and error exercises to come.
  10. Hi All. Looking for anyone's thoughts about the interaction of most of the above. Recently bought FS2CREW for the FBW and I am really liking it, wondering though how it works with GSX pro?.. anyone using similar? Is there a FS2CREW coming for PMDG? Which I can't seem to start, it just says engine failure on the screen? Does it all interact with my Orbx scenery? Jetway etc.. Finally ORBS, if I get XP11 product will I be entitled to XP12 update?... free or discounted...also how often do the things get changed as I have MSFS offerings and p3d has now been removed. Thanks
  11. Can anyone show me where I can find a map of what the Orbx Asia covers? I know it covers the Himalayas but what other parts of Asia? Japan? Thanks.
  12. A creepy but fine made scenery as freeware by Orbx is Crystal Lake - 42CL. I wasn't in the possiblity of posting screenshots on Halloween-day, so here they are in a little delay. I tryed to flee this horrible place... but...they don't let me pass...and throw me upside down...grrrr.
  13. In the very remote area of Aleution Islands at extreme northwest side of Alaska is the Tom Madsen Airport-PADU situated in the community of Unalaska. I made a small roundflight in a Goose flyboat(modelled by Bigradials) and after landing explore this very well modelled airport with lots of scenery details. A freezing cold panorama-view of the whole area when the sun gives barely enough light in the winter:
  14. A little something I put together in MSFS today, flying around Orbx’s Auckland scenery in a local flying school C172:
  15. AirPower is the largest air show in Europe and happens every three years at the military airfield Hinterstoisser near Zeltweg, Austria. This year the show was scheduled for the first weekend of September, admission is free. It attracted some 280,000 visitors. I thought to take one of my vintage planes, the venerable Fokker VIIa in order to make a decent entry. Now, that’s quite a crowd And this is, how the real thing looked this year
  16. up above Pilot Plus addon of EGGD in my latest flight addon, very relaxing way of looking at the great scenery.....this was just a try to see how easy it was to get airborne, but I couldn't work out initially how to descend...
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