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  1. The Sth Ukraïn airport Odesa(UKOO) near the Coast of the Black See is a very fine modelled airport-scenery from Orbx-partner Pyreegue Dev Co :
  2. In the currently overheated SthEast regio of Europe(+40° C) is Kos one of the Greek Islands south of the Turkish Riviera and the airport LGKO is a fine modelled by Orbx-partner Gaya Simulations:
  3. A few shots from an initial look at the very modestly priced Fall City for MSFS. Different times of day & different weather settings. Very nicely done, with plenty of clutter tucked away, & exemplary rust. TTM (MSFS)
  4. In my further exploration of the WU5-Nordic I visited Göteborg airport ESGG at the westcoast of Sth Sweden and Kristiansand airport EBCN situated opposite on the Sth coast of Norway, both at the shores of Skagerrak and Kattegat, both are a passage to Northern Denmark. ESGG ENCN
  5. Having been to Mumbai so many times, this scenery was an instant buy for me. I only hope that the developers will one day also add Dehli, because this part of the world desperately needs more quality coverage. Like in the good old days, I arrived at my destination by boat. But of course I did not expect to get the royal welcome treatment Instead nobody bothered, which was fine of course My preferred stay in Mumbai was the Taj, and if possible a room in the old wing. It gives you the feeling that the days of the Raj are back. Maybe Gerold, who must have been to Mumbai as often as me, likes this hotel too The view from the hotel’s roof is quite nice The swimming pool looks a bit better in reality, but that's alright Of course the adjacent newer hotel complex offers from its top an even better view An Indian business associate of mine invited me one day for lunch at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club (they never changed the name to Mumbai Yacht Club and dress code is still today strictly observed). But before we went there, he showed me a photo, quite similar to this one and asked me, which of these two buildings would I think to be the Yacht Club. I have been to the Karachi Yacht Club for lunch, so I pointed to the right building, as it looked very similar. Of course I was wrong, it is the red building to the left. The right one in this case is a hospital. A bit of trivia: when you enter the Yacht Club, it gives you the impression that the British Raj has actually never left India. The beauty of virtual travel is that you have the place you visit all to yourself. No pigeons, no vendors, no huge crowds and no one tries to steel your wallet Thanks for viewing
  6. PMDG DC-6B in a Jankees Portuguese Airforce livery in the vicinity of Orbx MSFS Tivat & taking advantage of its 8,000'+ runway length. TTM (MSFS)
  7. I purchased YBBN for MSFS just yesterday and after careful examination (ie using the drone camera to transport myself around the entire airport) I must say I'm underwhelmed with this "new" rendition. There are several key areas where according to my experience with previous YBBN versions FSX & P3D, it seems that this latest rendition was ported over. The textures of buildings such as terminals, hangars, and other buildings including glass around the airport seem to be lacking PBR and new texturing in accordance with the new MSFS engine. Just by comparison, when viewing the new Aussie airports YPAD by Impulse Simulations and YMHB by NZA Simulations there is a stark contrast in the use of textures, materials and the introduction of more in-depth features containing immersive details and quality. Fly Tampa's rendition of YSSY is another good example of feature rich immersive detail and good use of textures and PBR. The lack of any interior terminal detailing in comparison to other devs (such as the aforementioned) is surprising and disappointing. In fact, the car parks at YBBN contain more detail & work than the terminal buildings. Jetways in this new iteration are not even lining up to appropriate aircraft eg Domestic Terminal. My A320 lined up correctly at the gate and the jetway couldn't extend and reach it. Was the product QA tested prior to release? Are the devs aware that many of us long time simmers are requesting more details and more graphic immersion? The bulk of new simmers are also requesting more detail. (Just check the MSFS forums and FB pages). After all, this is MSFS, not FSX or P3D. The ability to add more immersion and make airports feature rich is ripe within MSFS and as pointed out earlier, other devs are introducing these. I sincerely hope that any other major Aus airports that are being worked on or are being planned to be worked on all under the banner of Orbx will certainly present with marked improvements over the old FSX/P3D versions. Keeping in mind I have been an Orbx customer right from the very beginning. It gives me no pleasure to voice my concerns and disappointment with YBBN.
  8. The 2nd 'Throwback' Orbx scenery made available for MSFS is at the far north of the UK on one of the Shetland Islands --> Sumburgh - EGPB
  9. Stearman PT-17 leaving Catalina Island. JKB livery & SoFly UK Spring Day weather. TTM (MSFS)
  10. Despite looking as if it has been covered in short pile carpet, the Dorand AR1 A2 is a fascinating aircraft to fly. A few shots from Sogndal. TTM (MSFS) The infamous pilotless biplane. Andreas has provided the essentials at Sogndal - wood, a concrete mixer, a Waste Management trash bin, & of course, a Port-A-Loo. (I don't know what they are called in Norway) Please note the excellent color coordination between the Dorand & the lighting array servicing hut. Dawn approach. The Dorand floats in nicely when you cut the motor.
  11. Freeware C172 Amphibian clad in what looks like weathered bare aluminium, leaving Sogndal for Arlanda, in foggy conditions. TTM (MSFS) Starting up. Looks like there is some rain mixed in with the fog. Departing & about to pull the landing gear up. The stance of the front gear reminds me of new born calf legs as the calves try to take their first steps. Skinny & thrust forward. Gear up & flaps up. Trucking along.
  12. I constructed a 25 minute flight into Sogndal from an airport located to the North West. The flight traversed fjords & mountains, & I used SoFly UK Light Snow for weather. Navigating with a GPS & using an AP I thought I would find Sogndal quite easily. Not so. I decided to abandon the magenta line about 10 miles out & follow the a fjord coastline in to Sogndal, assuming Sogndal was nestled on the edge of the fjord. It isn't, in fact its cut onto a plateau about a mile back from the fjord coast line. So I overshot, turned around & made a rather steep approach & went ice skating on the runway. I was surprised to find a Caudron waiting for me. Once again Andreas has come up with a nifty airport in a spectacular setting. So, If you want a compact airport in stunning scenery, with tricky approaches from both ends, this is it! TTM (MSFS) Dropping down into a fjord near Sogndal. I thought the airport was somewhere further along the shore line on the left. Abandoned the shore line & turned back, now setting up a rather steep approach. You can see how ENSG is situated up from & inland of, the fjord. Not in a good situation - short & off to the side. Slid graciously sideways for awhile. Surprise, a Caudron! Nice to see immediate environs of the Sogndal terminal have under surface heating to clear the snow.
  13. Hi all Just downloaded LOWI from Orbx. I can't get any ground crew for the A32NX on any ramp. Have I done something wrong? Max
  14. two new addons I picked up in the sale, Southampton and the Optica...
  15. Took a freeware tail dragger from Oamaru to Westport. Straight line flight crossing the Southern Alps & passing to the East of Hokitika. Due to various screen freezing issues prior to the flight, I had dropped the Graphics setting down from High to Medium. Still think the mountains look pretty good when using Orbx NZ Mesh & Medium graphics. TTM (MSFS)
  16. I was a little (well a lot actually) disappointed when there was no DEM update for Sweden in the latest world update for MSFS. Is there any chance of an Orbx updated mesh for Sweden? Will gladly pay for it /Magnus
  17. A return hop from Sydney Int airport YSSY in Piper Arrow III for a night-sightseeing of the City
  18. I posted this in the Orbx Partner's forum but it went unnoticed. I'll try here: "I note that NZA Simulations have released a superb MSFS rendition of Nelson Airport, via their website. Is it coming on Orbx anytime soon?" TTM
  19. First time I bought from VFR France, thought I would share with the class, still amazed at the value of some stuff.... I assume as I got this through Orbx I can post, if not- oops.....
  20. Sao Francisco dol Sol Airport Brazil.
  21. I take off from the Skydive Landing zone The famous Atlantis. Last time I was in Dubai, someone mentioned to me that the Atlantis is a very religious hotel. I didn't understand, so he explained: when you enter the huge hotel lobby and look around, you say: "Oh my God". And when you check out and ask for the bill, you look at it and say: "Jesus Christ" Ok, this one is more famous of course Thanks for viewing
  22. Over Woodbridge Island and Lagoon Beach The harbour with the container terminal Over the famous Waterfront on my way to Mouille Point Green Point and the football (soccer) stadium Heading towards the City Centre and Foreshore Flying along the city highways N1 and N2 Hitting the harbour and Duncan Road one more time Let's go mountain climbing The view is breathtaking Now I cheat a bit and advance the time, because I want to show you this: Table Mountain is lit up with a giant image of a rhino – in solidarity with anti-poaching campaigns. Last year 668 rhinos were poached for their horns. Most of the killings took place in the north of the country, at the Kruger National Park, where 425 died. Great job to show us this, Orbx!!! Thanks for viewing
  23. Did a circuit & landing at Van Nuys in a Delta liveried PMDG DC-6B. Take off was smooth & controlled, landing was LYLBB. LYLBB for the uninitiated is a landing in the category, 'Lose Your License Bunny Bang'. A Bunny Bang landing is one where you come in too high & too slow & from about 10' above the runway, drop straight down on the mains. Of course the mains will have none of this & they promptly pivot the aircraft very hard in a forward & downward motion, thereby banging the nose wheel onto the tarmac. The nose wheel reacts & rears upwards & if you put the wrong control inputs in at the wrong moment you can repeat the exercise whilst gamboling down the runway, until you somehow mistime an input & end up with all wheels on the ground at the same time, & then you feverishly stand on the brakes. So a BBL is related to a bunny hop, but without any finesse & it is a lot more violent. That aside, Van Nuys is a very interesting airport & there will be lots to see while the aircraft is repaired. Well done Matteo. TTM (MSFS) Nice controlled departure from Van Nuys. Arrival, & weather has changed to SoFly UK Spring Day, at dawn. A tad too high I suspect. Not only too high but too far left as well! (I like the blue accent lighting on the taxi ways at this airport) Despite appearances, the aircraft is dropping straight down at this point. This contradicts my narrative, but I have 'damage' turned off. Strictly speaking the DC-6B should be resting on its nose. Control tower at dawn or dusk, can't remember which. (BTW, anyone know where the Navigation lights switch is for the DC-6? I can't find it)
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