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  1. Serving the mondaine St Moritz area in Switserland, Orbx has fine modelled the nearby airport Engadin(LSZS) at the community of Samedan.
  2. A fine modelled little area of the Great Barrier Reef is the by Orbx-partner 'AUscene' called 'Reefworld' and located near the Hamilton Island at the NE Coast of Australia. Must be a an experienced Heli-pilot to land on the pontoons and I had to practice a lot before I finally succeeded to perform safe landings in the gorgeous Airbus H145. Back to Hamilton Airport with a couple of very satisfied tourists having a lot of fun and a tanned skin
  3. 38 NM east from Puerto Rico is St Thomas situated as one of the many Islands that forms the Caraibes. This Island belongs to the US Virgin Islands. Orbx-partner FeelThere has modelled the Airport Cyril E. King - ICAO: TIST and located west of the Island in the community Charlotte Amalie West. By this occasion I perform a first flight in the vintage Beechcraft D-18S, my newest plane in my MSFS-Hangar. I have an issue at the airport, the main building at he apron(you will observe it when the plane is parked after the roundflight) is sunken in the ground like the roof is sitting on the ground. I will address this issue to FeelThere. Nevertheless the airport scenery is well done and full of parked planes at the GA-site north of the runway.
  4. A few miles north of Melbourne, halfway to Intl Airport YMML is Essendon(YMEN) situated with in one building the Orbx headquarter. In front of this building starts my roundflight of the fine modelled airport. In my post from a while ago I have uploaded mostly the interiour and the Orbx Offices. At the end of this post I include a bonus regarding the latest Melbourne scenery. Bonus 1 - Flemington Horses Racecourse Bonus 2 - Hot Air Balloons in the morning around Melbourne City
  5. We all remember the superb Orbx Valdez scenery for P3D. Nowadays it comes from Gaya Simulations, an Orbx partner, and was offered free courtesy of Microsoft with the latest World Update 10. So, this is a flight out of Valdez with the equally new Carenado Beech DS18 and the Orbx Alaska mesh. It doesn't get any better
  6. In my previous posting of Melbourne by daylight, I announced cityviews by nightlight. Here they are but some just after sunset for a better colobalance. The first shots are overview scenes of the area from different viewpoints.
  7. Just 45 minutes from Cairns by fast catamaran, Green Island is a beautiful 6000 year old, small rainforest covered coral cay, located within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  8. A hop from the Californian Coast to Catalina Island and a visit to the so called 'Airport in the Sky' KAVX. The location is very nice modelled and the vintage Boeing 247 is a photogenic plane to view in al his perspectives. The airliner is in the origina United Air Lines colours. Back to mainland California
  9. With the upgraded scenery of Melbourne since WU7, Orbx did a fine job to further enhance the great city of Melbourne and immediate environment and harbour. I take the occasion to test my latest plane: de wonderful modelled Cessna C310. Enjoy my shots in daylight taking off from Essendon airport. Nightviews in a future post. Back to Essendon airport after an enjoyable sightseeing tour of Melbourne City
  10. A friend of mine served as pilot with the Canadian Air Force in Germany. He was based in the Black Forest at the Canadian air force base near the city of Baden-Baden and flew the Starfighter. One of these planes was CAF666, serial # 104666, a dual operational aircraft, which was not only highly unpopular with mechanics, it was also hated for its persistent unreliability by pilots throughout its service life. My friend told me that pilots called it “Jet from Hell”, while the mechanics referred to it as “Hangar Queen”. As no one was really keen flying the plane, it had only flown 50 hours in its last four years in service. CAF666 had its last flight on March 5, 1975, when shortly before take-off to a routine flight from Baden-Soellingen to France, one of the two brand-new main tires exploded at 190 knots. And, to make matters worse, the canopy didn’t jettison properly, so the two pilots remained in the plane until it had skidded to a halt in a field behind the runway. Then both were able to climb out of the wreckage, fortunately unharmed. This is the plane in question, CAF666, parked at Baden-Soellingen Air Base. Luckily, I had a wonderful flight from here to Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance I like that shiny design Let’s get outta here FL520. Now, that’s much better Over Lake Constance Long final into Friedrichshafen
  11. As Brussels Airport is the major airport of my country it is a must to have it available and I was pleased how good Orbx-partner Aerosoft represent it as the real deal because I have often frequented this airport and compared with enthousiasm. I never seen such a fidel representation of the reality. Hereby a lot of scerenshots because there is a lot to see here.
  12. A short flight at Hawaiian Island Maui from Kapalua Airport-PHJH to Kahului Airport-PHOG, both fine modelled by Orbx-partner 'Northern Sky Studio' in Cessna Caravan C208: A later post will show more of Kahului Airport when flying to Island Molokai...Thanks for viewing my screenshots
  13. Established in 1841, Nelson is the oldest city in NZ’s South Island and is located on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay. The airport is primarily used for domestic flights and is the fifth-busiest in New Zealand by passenger numbers. During scheduled hours a plane lands or takes off around every four to five minutes. Before we can park our car, we need a ticket A few more people around here would be nice They even have an old Morgan on display. Very nice!! Btw, all the photos of New Zealand you see here in the terminal are animated, they change every few seconds or so. Very impressive! Ok, let’s find our ride for today Ok, not this one it seems Now, this one would be super cool, but its door is closed Then we see someone near that Baron is waving at us Ok, the Baron it is. Let’s go then Bye bye, Nelson
  14. As announced in my previous post with shots of my flight from PHJH to PHOG, here the screenies of flight in B737-700(PMDG and Aloha livery) from Kahului-PHOG on Maui to Molokai airport PHMK on Molokai Island. The flight-distance is 50NM, so a very short hop for an airliner like a B737, I just wanted to show the PMDG-newly by this occasion. Attention: a lot of shots!
  15. STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator is fast making landfall in a sim near you! Hurricanes and other natural disasters injected into the next-generation sim. Calling all storm chasers! Buckle up for the most exhilarating, thrilling and dangerous flight simulation product created by SoFly. STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds historic hurricanes, superstorms and a diverse range of global storm presets that will give you the most thrilling challenge yet. Take flight anywhere in the world and go in search of these natural disasters. Historic hurricanes are based on real-world data, whilst fictional storms are designed to test your skills in unique conditions. A huge number of fully voiced action missions are also included with STORM. You will go in search of hurricanes, collect geological data and transport vital equipment all whilst trying to avoid any emergency situations. If action missions are too fast paced for you, take a more educational approach with the included airliner routes. Your co-pilot will give you all the information you need to know about the hurricane you’re about to fly over. In a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, STORM includes an interactive manual. A full audio tour written by a Geography and Natural Hazards Specialist is also included, this tour will teach you about hurricanes, their formation, and the destruction they cause. With STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will be able to find hurricanes in their real-world locations, take on numerous challenges and become the ultimate storm chaser. Price: £9.99 | €11.99 | $12.95 | $17.95 AUD (excludes VAT). STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on May 31st 2022 via OrbxDirect. In a nutshell A large number of Hurricanes (historical and fictional) are injected into Microsoft Flight Simulator Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world Fully voiced story-driven missions Educational airliner flights to the eye of the storm; choose between the default A320 or the FBW A32NX All-new discovery flights and authentic audio tour Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator Tough and thrilling landing challenges Flight plans leading you to the hurricanes are included, or discover them on your own Detailed PDF guide helping you find the hurricanes and storms included
  16. This weekend is the famous Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, so let us check out, whether the city has prepared itself for this mega event. I take off from Nice airport. It’s from here just a short hop over to Monaco. The rich and famous usually have a helicopter shuttle service between their homes in Monte Carlo and the Nice airport. At the right side of the swimming pool (above the plane’s tail), the bluish viewing area has been properly set up, so it appears that the city is one more time well prepared for this big annual show.
  17. Genuine question, I own 737 and 777 for P3D, not quite ready yet to msfs one yet, lots of outgoings lately, anyway just wondering how any of you are finding the new one in comparison to the p3d version? I read there's no EFB yet, does this really have any negative effect? I assume all the options are on the FMS? Surprised not to have seen a load of screenies on here, was it worth the wait? I'm sure it was.....
  18. BAE 146 from Just Flight, at Orbx airport but I can't remember which one... inibuilds A300- picked up last weekend for a bargain £10, Pilot plus EGGD & True earth Orbx... Jardesigns A340, at EGNT & Orbx True earth....bit to big for the spot.. FENIX A320, at I think EGNT....... PMDG 737 ready to load at EDDG, Pilot plus in MSFS...... and the Beluga from inibuilds, again I think at EGNT.... all these planes that I have bought in the last month have one thing in common, I have only loaded them up and sat in the cockpit.....I must now stop buying and start flying....if this carries on I won't be having any beer during next weekends long Bank Holiday....hope you liked the pictures, just the Milviz to get.......
  19. Teti’aroa is an atoll that was once a vacation spot for Tahitian royalty. Located just 53 km (33 mi) north of Tahiti, hardly anyone knew of its existence. That changed, when Marlon Brando discovered it, after shooting “The Mutiny on the Bounty”. He bought it in 1966 and built a small village on one of the motus, so he could stay there with his family. Today the island is home to a gorgeous luxury eco-hotel (The Brando Resort). Eight of Brando’s eleven children are involved in the resort project. A local has offered us some fish for our upcoming trip Tahiti can be seen on the left, Moorea on the right side We pass over Taha’a. Bora Bora can be seen in the distance What a beautiful region this is in MSFS!
  20. Let’s visit first Panama City Above the canal’s entrance I realize that crossing it would be much more interesting in a ship The last time I have used a ship was the Queen Mary in Sydney. She has crossed the canal multiple times, so I won’t use her now for this crossing. I know of a ship, which has used this canal only once, in 1946. It’s the German battle cruiser Prinz Eugen, now under her new name USS Prinz Eugen The first locks near Panama city are the Cocoli locks Having left the Miraflores Lake, we approach the Via Centenario Bridge With a speed of 35 knots, it is easy to overtake other ships Suddenly I feel so tiny The final locks before we arrive in Colon on the Pacific side are the Gatun locks Colon is in the background On our way to the US Naval Base in San Diego
  21. G'day everyone, Happy to announce the official trailer for ESSB Stockholm-Bromma Airport! Is everyone getting ready to visit Stockholm?
  22. Kiel lies approximately 90 km (56 mi) north of Hamburg. Due to its location on the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea, Kiel has become one of Germany's major maritime centers, known for a variety of international sailing events. It has also been one of the traditional homes of the German Navy's Baltic fleet. The more I fly the Fokker, the more I like the old lady. It’s ideal for exploring a region low and slow. Getting close to the Laboe Naval Memorial, which was built in the late 1920s, early 1930s, originally as a memorial for the dead of WWI of the German navy. In 1954 it was rededicated as a memorial for the sailors of all nationalities who were lost at sea and at the same time a memorial for peaceful sailing in open seas. In front of it sits a WWII-era German submarine. U-995 is the world's only remaining Type VII U-boat.
  23. Hi, Just prior to the realease of MSFS, there was an online forum with Orbx CEO Anna Cicognani and we were reassured that products we had previously purchased for P3D would be discounted by 40%. The announcement was made here: https://Orbx.group/Orbx-announces-products-for-the-new-microsoft-flight-simulator/ This is the text: "Orbx Simulation Systems CEO Anna Cicognani said: “At Orbx we are thrilled by the launch of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, and can’t wait to spend some serious time flying in it. We’ve been waiting to confirm our products and pricing for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we are now happy to provide an update. Our talented developers have been hard at work bringing the Orbx experience, valued by simmers around the world, to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Orbx is producing a superior line-up of products to support the new platform, with 8 products available at or shortly after launch. During the launch window these products will be available for purchase at competitive pricing levels, currently ranging from US$7.99 to US$19.99 through OrbxDirect and the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace. We are also happy to confirm that current owners of Orbx products running on Prepar3D, X-Plane and Aerofly FS 2 that are launched for Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive a 40% discount. As ownership needs to be validated, this discount can only be applied via purchases from OrbxDirect." I had bought quite a few of the Australian airports and wanted to upgrade them - but when i go to purchase e.g. Coffs Harbour for MSFS, no discount is applied if I go through the purchase process. Can anyone tell me how I go about claiming the discount as previously announced? Many thanks in advance.
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