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  1. Hi John I understand what you are getting at, but I think in a sense, this ultimately comes down to very specifically what do you have as a MS2020 installation and what is your machine hardware. In that respect, each of us are unique. For example on my system my community folder is 910 GB . Admittedly I do have a lot of addons. With a clean community folder , my load time (MS2020 Premium Deluxe edition) from a test today is 1.07.21 mins. If everything is activated, my load time is 4:16:39 . Therefore, for my particular installation it makes sense to me to split things up. Is this applicable to everyone. No of course not, as each of us are different. It is a completely personal decision, if you feel the "risk" of not finding something to load is important verses load time. However, it does really depend on your particular personal situation. Somedays, loading everything, doesn't matter as I go off and make a "cuppa" while MS2020 is doing its thing. Depending on what I am doing, I may decide I don't want to wait and generally loading a subset is done in less than 1 ½ - 2 mins. For me, its not really a major issue if I then need to do a restart to load another area , if I want to do something else. I have participated in many MS2020 betas now, and the ability to selectively bring new addons in or delete potentially offending ones in that situation is important. In a normal situation, Nicks advice as always is spot on, and a tool like Addons linker is not necessary. However, there are other situations that are the unique to each of us, where I feel such a tool is very useful. All the best Pete
  2. Hi Wayne I've been using it ever since it was available Just to add to the discussion , I find the ability to create presets with it invaluable. For example you can create a preset with everything you have in your community folder The to delete everything , is just a right click and your community folder is empty . Load the preset you just created and everything is back or ... Something I do a lot. I create presets for individual geographical areas. Then if I plan on flying in just Europe as an example I just load that preset and all my European airports and addons are brought into the Community folder, but nothing else is. It does save loading time, if you have a lot of things in your community folder. Here is a short video that gives a good overview of how it is installed and works... Cheers Pete
  3. Hi Don This is a wonderful aircraft. I use it all the time The screenshots are wonderful. It is great to see you are posting again. All the best Pete
  4. No worries Paul I think I may be on my 5th (delete again ), for this. I keep forgetting too Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks Adam See you Pete Thanks JM! Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne See you Pete Thanks Don Hope the new machine is working out for you All the best Pete Thanks John Sometimes the plan comes together Cheers Pete Thanks Mike All the best Pete
  6. Thanks Adam Appreciate it All the best Pete Thanks Iain Been spending a lot of time here lately. It's very cold t that the moment where I live. Flying around here, "little bit of sand sprinkled on my desk figuratively" , a nice glass of Italian bubbly by my side , "literally" and its just like being there Pete Thanks Mike It is really nicely done in my opinion Lots to occupy the time just sightseeing as well as flying Cheers Pete
  7. Hi Paul These are outstanding! I especially like the ambience of the second to last one. It made me think "doesn't matter what is going on around them, they only have eyes for each other". One minor thing , that I struggled with until I found out what had happened. In Su10 I think it was , Asobo added a custom airport and scenery for KAVX, along with the harbour area. It's almost a perfect overlay for the Orbx one, but not quite e.g. there are two flags in the inner court yard and some vehicles are misplaced with respect to the Orbx folks as well as some buildings are in odd places down by the harbour. If you go into the content manager , you can search for KAVX and delete it . This will remove the Asobo rendering and allow the Orbx work to render correctly. If you ever want it back, you can just reinstall it, as it will show in the content manager as uninstalled. Cheers & just gorgeous images I love em all!! Pete
  8. Lots more exploring to do here I thought that if I "snuck in" with the Pan Am livery ( freeware for Orbx & SimHeaven ) , no one would notice that I wasn't exactly a modern jet. Luckily I'm still here and had a chance to have a quick look. It was early morning, so it wasn't too busy So far so good .... Got everything shut down, and no one came buy to say you can't park here. We're all good to go! Immediately, I really liked the quirky nature of the place ... Just the spot to first arrive for an Italian holiday. My initial reaction was that this place was small, but then I realized I really needed to have a good look It's not , by the way and stretches on for quite a way. Why do I have the vague feeling that is it door A or door B and will you end up at the same spot when you come through? Decisions ... Just a comment from a modeling fidelity point of view. This airport is very well done , with great detail. I especially like the fact that the vegetation is of the same quality as the rest of the assets. Well done guys, very well done indeed! As I mentioned earlier , there is a lot to this place. Where I live it's cold, and snowy and the days are short at the moment. Taking a quick drone tour through Lica, was just the tonic to make me dream again of the next vacation somewhere warm and sunny Its nice to see the firefighting scoopers all set up and ready to go when needed... And as you can see this is as far as I got. Time for bed and more exploring to do. Who knows I might even try a landing or two ... but don't hold your breath that I will manage the DC3 And to the team at Orbx - Well done folks . This is a classic and a great jumping off point for exploring this part of the world. You've exceeded expectations on this one! Cheers Renault
  9. Just me plodding along in a cessna out and about in Oz. just a km or two from Mackay in Queensland. But what struck me, is this sim is is starting to look pretty reasonable ( I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so humour me on this one ) I have REX accusseasons set to update every few days and it is interesting to observe springtime down under as each flight is just that little bit different. Cheers Pete SU11 - DX12 , DLSS set to Auto
  10. They're all still off shopping at the extended Black Friday sales John They will be back when they run out of money! Fantastic shots
  11. Take time to understand another's perspective, before you try to give them yours Don't ever stop believing in your dreams regardless of how old you become We're all imperfect - cut others some slack when they need it.
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