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  1. It is difficult to answer this question .... as others have mentioned. As Landon has mentioned Orbx has never developed an airport near me. At the time of the following (about 10 years ago) , I had only just begun to be acquainted with Orbx and had only made a few purchases. We were on a holiday in Australia, and we just driving in the Hunter Valley when we went past Cessnock airport. I was really taken with the architecture of the hanger building (it is quite unique) and mentioned that I had seen it somewhere before , but couldn't remember where. When I got back home I looked up Cessnock at Orbx, had my aha moment, and thought this is as real as what I saw. These guys are incredibly good And as they say, the rest is history Cheers
  2. One of the little annoying niggles I have with Microsoft edge is the time delay that occurs whenever you access a new website. By time delay, I mean the few seconds that it is not responding while the pop up message in the bottom left corner waiting for browser.events.data.msn.com or waiting for assets.msn.com is displayed . There is a very simple way to prevent this from happening, that does not require downloading anything additional extensions, editing host files etc. as many websites will suggest. Simply right click on the Edge icon on the taskbar and select New inPrivate Window and Edge will open in a private window mode. You will notice that Edge now bypasses the data accessing routine(s) that occur in the normal window mode. This is a brief explanation of the inPrivate Window Browse InPrivate in Microsoft Edge I hope that this will be helpful to you if you find this behavior annoying Cheers Pete
  3. Thanks Landon. It is very much appreciated Cheers Pete Nah, no frozen here. It's California Take a look - shirtsleeves. "T's", and summer dresses! Cheers John Thanks JM See you Pete Thanks Iain See you Pete Thank you Cheers Pete Thanks Adam Cheers! Pete Thanks John It happens Southern California literally snowed under - UPI Archives Cheers John!
  4. Very, very special shots here Adam. Well done! The first one - this looks identical to Walter Suttons WA79 in XPlane. Your title says MSFS - I didn't realize that it is available for MS2020 as well I will have to go to the store to check this out! Thanks for sharing with us Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks Gumby My dad had one as well. They were notorious for not starting in winter when it got very cold. So what he would do is to stall the engine to leave a little bit of gas in the cylinders, and then remove the battery and bring it in the house to keep it warm. If you were very lucky , it might start the next day. And he had plastic seat covers which would get so hard in the cold that it was just like sitting on a piece of steel all the way to school. Everyone talks about the "good ole days", but my recollection is often there wasn't all that much that was good about them sometimes. Cheers Pete
  6. Cheers R "Nothing says hot and humid summer than an impending thunderstorm" Mackay Airport, South Mackay, Queensland , Australia
  7. If you have never experienced this issue, fantastic, read no further. If you have and have found a solution that works all the time for you, then ditto the same. If you have tried every suggestion, fix and concoction under the sun to no avail you might find the following of interest. Until 3 updates ago I was in the last quandary. Endless correspondence with the Zendesk, until I was just resigned to expecting that every MS2020 update will involve redownloading up to approximately 60 GB of data , regardless of the actual size of the update. Trust me, I had tried everything at that point and nothing helped. Oddly enough it was due to a problem (the same problem as with MS2020) with an income tax program install that lead to a root cause analysis and solution. The problem: Spoiler alert- I have the Steam version of MS2020, which is how I was able to watch the process in detail. The install proceeds quite normally until one of the "large" files in MS2020 needs to be updated. This often happens when you are about 97% complete it seems which only adds to the frustration when it fails. The update , in this case what MS/Asobo calls a patch file(s) downloads but as soon as it has finished decompressing the file(s), the downloader jumps back to the beginning of the download and keeps repeating the process. On many different forums I found the suggestion to delete the offending patch file, but then invariably the MS installer would try to reinstall the original large file which was GB in size. There are "thoughts" on many forums as to why the MS installer can't work properly. What I discovered was that this behavior has absolutely nothing to do with MS2020 but is a manifestation of a program that many have on their machine which is actually behaving in the way it was designed to work. I have verified this behavior both with Malwarebytes support (in my particular case) and the Zendesk. In fact, buried in the Zendesk help is a list of programs that they suggest may cause issues with an update , although they don't explain the specific issue(s) in detail. Scroll down to "Check your Antivirus or Anti-Malware/Anti Ransomware" for a list of known applications All versions - Packages installation & decompressing issues - Basic troubleshooting – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com) In my case Malwarebytes has both Exploit Protection and Ransomware Protection to protect your machine from possible "bad actors". The way the algorithms work (a simplistic explanation) is that when they see a downloaded file trying to attach itself to an existing file, they immediately activate and delete the downloaded file. What I have just described is in "MS2020 speak", the downloaded patch file(s) trying to attach itself to the large base file exactly as Asobo intended it to work. However, as soon as Malwarebytes sees this happening, it deletes the patch file, the MS2020 downloader then says "no file" and starts the download again and the process just keeps repeating itself. The solution is very simple. During a MS2020 update, in my particular case, temporarily turn Malwarebytes completely off until the update is finished. Then turn MWB back on again. As I said , in my case this was both the cause of the looping issue and the solution. I have downloaded 3 complete updates (6,7 and the most recent one of Jan 6th) averaging about 100MB/sec without any issues whatsoever once I discovered what was happening in my particular case. In fact with update 6, just to check, I turned MWB back on during the process and it began looping on files it was working with in the pc-fs-base-bigfiles folder. As soon as the patch file was decompressed, I was watching the process in the folder) the patch deleted and the download restarted. I then deactivated MWB and it properly finished the update with the patch files i.e. the patch files all decompressed in sequence and then were added to the main big file and it was on to the next stage of the download. This may not be relevant to your particular installation, but if you are plagued by this problem, have checked every other suggestion and are using an independent Malware program then I sincerely hope that this info may be of help to you as it can be extremely frustrating. Cheers Pete
  8. Thanks Adam All the best for 2022! Cheers Pete
  9. Thanks Landon. Ski Season here is almost "cancelled" at the moment. With wind chill -40 ish. But you're right. It's a wonderful sport and really is something to look forward to in the winter season. Personally I just like going out for walks when I can. At my age I worry about falling, so I have good winter boots with carbide ice grippers and that works really well for me. Cheers & all the best for 2022! Pete Thanks Gerold! All the best for 2022! Pete You're at the wrong website and the wrong forum It's ok John. Our lips are sealed and we'll never tell All the best for 2022! Cheers Pete Thanks John See! Everyone likes the chance to catch a few "rays" from time to time "However it was weirdly mild here all over Christmas! " Now I know what happened here Cheers and all the best for 2022! Pete Thanks Iain Cheers & all the best for 2022! Pete
  10. Hi This is a very difficult question to ask in terms of "best" , so I am answering it based upon my own experiences in terms of satisfactory performance without any artifacts. I honestly can't say that I have ever noticed that a driver gives greater frames, usually at best some drivers do give a smoother performance than others . The following are what I have used in the last year. I can only comment on their use in XPlane 11.5 and MS2020. I do not have P3D I have a RTX 2060 super 8GB and my monitor is 2560x1440p. Nvidia 465.89 471.11 496.76 This is what I currently have installed I have seen no difference in fps with any of them, nor any actual other performance issues good or bad. I'm not one for updating every time a new driver comes out, but I also don't subscribe to the theory of keeping it forever. So I tend to keep mine reasonably current , if for no other reason that driver security issues can be an area of concern. Also , I do other things on my machine , some of which are very graphical intensive. When that software is updated to the latest version, it also comes with a recommended driver for both Nvidia and Amd. So in the above list that was why I upgraded from Nvidia 471.11 to 496.76 . I hope this is of some help to you. Cheers Pete
  11. Just a little bit of "whimsy" and wishing for warmer weather. Cheers R Orbx Alaska Mesh Landmarks Brisbane City Pack YBBN Brisbane International Airport Orbx Mackay Airport (YBMK) KCBE Bryce REX Accuseasons REX Weather Force SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 Series II Real Weather - clear and sunny .... -32C , pretty much sums it up where I'm at. But with Covid it's just not feasible to travel, but virtually, well that's another matter. Yes !! . I'm off somewhere warm .... And almost instantly (it's my dream , right) here we are at YBBN Brisbane International My flight goes on a bit later today, so lets just nip into the city for some breakfast and sightseeing(the dream thing again). But then again , you can just settle for one view and watch the fog.... Too bad about the weather and I really should be getting back. But its 24C so, no complaints here! I decided to try a boat out to the airport. What's the saying if "you can dream it you can do it." Works great ...! And I won't bore you with getting through Brisbane and on to the right flight. But here we are at our destination .... Mackay Airport (YBMK) - Queensland, just a short hop from Brisbane Now this is a dream come true .... clean and new, shrubs in full bloom, no snow !! You can't ask for anything more . And it's supposed to get to 30C this afternoon Just think, 24 hrs ago I was on the other side of the 30 Just look at the shrubs. Full bloom and it just looks so warm out. And it is !! Just gorgeous ... And this looks just fine and will do for supper , I'm sure Definitely not a bad spot to be and palm trees no less .... what a dream And there's my hotel for the night. I've stayed in Ibis all over Europe and their good, comfortable and great food and service. I'll just have a quick look around while I'm here. Hey, that's my plane I think. But it looks like they're doing something to it. Ah yes, typical armchair piloting . Parked in the wrong spot --- again! I guess the "H" didn't stand for "here" I think I will stay here forever, or at least until spring back home But then, I had the weirdest experience. Some "monster" aircraft outside this little wooden hanger trying to get in, but it was too big and some guy named "Tim" shouting at the top of his lungs about a missing pony at KCBE Scary stuff And then I woke up .... and it was still cold and snowy , rats!
  12. Happy New Year's day J^3 All the best for 2022! Cheers Pete
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