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  1. Thanks JM Makes you wish that all scenery would be like this The amazing thing to me is that there is no discernable impact on system resources that I could see. Kinda knocks it on the head for the naysayer argument that you can't have this kind of quality without a large fps impact. For me that is the real magic in this. It opens a whole new world of developer opportunities I feel . See you and thanks again Pete
  2. Thanks Martyn I couldn't agree more Cheers Pete Really well said Kevin He really does deserve our continued support, Thanks Cheers Pete Thanks Don Yours look fabulous I really enjoyed what you did. Its not quantity but quality that matters You hit a home run as they say! Cheers Pete Thank you so much Iain It is very much appreciated Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne Cheers Pete
  3. Thanks Landon I predict I will be spending quite a bit of time here Thanks Jack Good for you & the developer needs all of us to support him. It is really incredible that he has achieved the quality level that he has. The file size footprint is tiny and it is so smooth and fluid. This is what , to me makes you realize that this is a true next generation simulator. I can imagine a comic or two with a friendly Leprechaun & a few other fairy folk running up and down the corridors - hint, hint , nudge , nudge How do you like the drone? I kinda figured that once you got the hang of it, there would be no holding you back! Cheers & thank you It is appreciated Thanks Paul! It truly is on many different levels! I have almost 4 MM miles logged over my life so far, and I've spent a fair amount of time walking around terminals Trust me on this one -- the drone is the way to go Cheers Paul and thank you! I've put my virtual 20£ on the bar lads. First round is on me!!! Oh, and have a bag or two of crisps as well Anything goes well with Guinness Cheers Pete
  4. Asobo might not understand your "passion" for such things but we do! I thought it was only a matter of time before you succumbed to the urge Great to hear that you are enjoying this. & your new card is really working well. The image quality is absolutely excellent! Pete
  5. This is the most incredibly well rendered, beautiful and exquisite scenery I have ever seen. I have only begin to explore it, so here are a few screenshots from what I got to. The only downside to it. Once you have used it, you realize that your expectations have been changed forever. It is simply that good. Cheers Pete MS2020 - Win11, Su10 Beta , DX12, Rendering - various - Native resolution (1440p), DLSS - Balanced to Quality. CPU - 9700k, GPU - RTX3070ti , FPS locked at 30 No system impact was seen. The sim & panning were silky smooth at all times. The people are all animated. It makes you almost forget that this is a simulation and not a movie
  6. Hi Jack I like these pictures a lot. Even though I understand that the vertical stabilizer is so tall on this plane for control with a failed engine to balance the thrust. it just plain looks weird to me. BTW about liveries A little bit of "goofy" would be quite welcome from time to time Go 4 it!! Cheers Pete
  7. Yea Martyn!! Don't you just love the throb of the engines at idle!!! Very nice images btw too! Cheers Pete
  8. Thank you so much for what you are doing in such difficult circumstances. I appreciate that it is so difficult to concentrate on a project such as this when your mind and heart are breaking over the current difficulties. This looks so fantastic and will bring absolute joy and pleasure to all of us. Нехай Бог буде з вами, а ви та ваша родина будете в безпеці
  9. Sandane Airport is a regional airport serving the village of Sandane in Vestland county, Norway. It is notorious for rapidly changing weather , which makes usage very challenging. This is an interesting video which gives a good overview For me, due to a mechanical issue I had an aborted flight. Cheers Pete Starting out, all looks fine, although it was -4C and very humid The fjord is pretty as usual. Well maybe not so much .... It's obvious they deal with a lot of snowfall here But definitely seemed well prepared for it. Its a nicely done airport and one which I enjoy a lot. So it looks like we are pretty much all set Whoops , well maybe not , but some engine heat and all should be good. It's actually a bit worse than I thought Explains why they are dressed so warmly. They know what its like here Engine started just fine, so now we wait a bit And here we are ... All shut down, because no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get the cargo door to close. Broken part and with supply chain issues , we have to wait for another flight to bring in what we need. Thanks for viewing Cheers
  10. Hi John Thank you Cheers Pete Thanks! Cheers Pete Thank you Gumby Cheers Pete Thanks Landon Cheers Pete Hi John Thanks! You give me to much credit . It was purely by random chance as I was trying to remember the code for something different and YRED came to mind for some reason. Cheers Pete 6:59 am it was , but thanks !! Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne cheers Pete Thank you Martyn Cheers Thanks Calum Good to see you back on the forums again Cheers Pete Thanks John Cheers Pete Thanks Graeme As I mentioned above - 6:59 am . You got it! Cheers Pete Thanks Carlos Me too , and also sunrises. But if you go under the hood, most games don't differentiate between sunrise/sunset anyhow so it all looks the same. Cheers Pete Thank you Cheers Pete Thank you All the best Iain Pete
  11. Thank you very much Ilias. I am really pleased that you enjoyed them All the best Pete
  12. Couldn't decide which one I liked the most, so decided to go with all 4. Cheers R Orbx Freeware YRED
  13. Someone has to be first, so I guess this time it will be me. Cheers Pete Orbx KAVX After a little shower, the world looks all shiny clean and new....
  14. We are all adults , whom I hope can express our honest opinions and preferences in a reasonable and respectful fashion. However, if some wish to lower themselves and act like small children, then I support your second comment completely. Cheers Pete
  15. Thanks Don All the best! Pete Thanks Craig Sometimes a plan comes together as they say! Cheers Pete Thanks John I don't know about that, Just an old git plugging away in his basement and having an absolute ball with this stuff! Cheer Pete Thanks Martyn I got mine at the last Orbx sale. What I really like about it is that there is none of the fancy electronics that make me feel like I'm trying to fly an apple watch. Instead, its pretty rough and ready and as others have said it handles well. But the sound pack with it, is almost better than the aircraft. Sometimes I just sit on the runway listening to it idle. It is that good Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne Yes she definitely does seem to get around the community And she is a very busy lady, her phone always seems to be in use! Cheers Pete Thanks so much Iain Cheers! Pete Thanks Calum Cheers Pete Gosh , you are so right Gerold. I hadn't thought about that But no worries, I have a really good virus scanner on my pc She'll be stopped in her tracks before she gets to far Do You ? But in any case, the travel restrictions won't be much , Just a quick scan and you will be on your way! All the best Pete Cheers Pete
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