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  1. I have never had the pleasure of going to New Zealand, but some day I hope to. In the interim , this will do, yes this will do very well indeed This is almost like being on a holiday .... even for a short while. Cheers R Repaint is by Adam Banks @Adam Banks
  2. Thanks JM Cheers Pete Thanks Landon NZ looks like a very amazing place. I have been toddling around there a bit lately Lots to see Cheers Pete Thanks John Cheers Pete
  3. Cheers R I really enjoy both the extremely well rendered objects and the animated LED lighting. Well done Orbx
  4. Very nicely done Sir! I especially like the 3rd one Cheers Pete
  5. Thanks Wayne Cheers Pete Thanks Ron. I'm pleased you found it interesting. Cheers Pete
  6. Thanks Ken Cheers Pete The real ones are just like the videos They have music Cheers John! Pete Thanks Rob I just enjoy playing around with color science and shaders Everything I do is straight out of MS2020. The only "after effect" is because I have a color calibrated monitor I embed a sRGB V2 .icc file into the screenshot prior to uploading to my image hosting site. This is part of using a color managed workflow and ensures that someone viewing with Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari , all of which are color managed browsers will see very close to what I rendered on my system. Cheers and thanks for commenting. Pete
  7. You are right JM @jean marc... It is a fantastic livery and very appropriate for this part of the world .... Hope you like it
  8. I can get you some Bison I know where they're at Cheers R
  9. Thanks very much Ken. It is appreciated Cheers Pete Thanks Landon Cheers Pete You didn't realize that you are indeed a futurist !! Us mere mortals just need some time to discover the nuisances of the path you have laid before us. "Flintstone Bonanza" - I like the sound of that one Cheers Ken All the best Pete It would seem so, but I think it may be a great example of "correlation does not mean causation". The unexplained part properly belongs to MS2020 , but then again he @Ken Hallhas so many neat little features packed into what he does that you could very well be right I think TTM @TigerTigerM would be on board too. Last I heard he was still searching for some pieces at the hanger in Bryce Canyon that had gone on an unexplained walkabout ! Cheers Pete
  10. Nice one John Great ambience .... shows that its not always sunny in Southern California I like it a lot! Cheers Pete
  11. Thanks Rob I am pleased you enjoyed them I remember growing up further south from here , in the winter it would be absolutely brilliant sunshine , -25 to -30C , with a wind and we wouldn't be let outside to play because for a child it was very dangerous because of the wind chill. This is one of the times when I think simulation offers some real advantages. Cheers and thanks for the comments Pete Thanks Adam Cheers Pete Thanks JM Oh yes!! That is magic. I will download it. Watch this space ! Thank you for the kind comments and the link Cheers Pete Thanks Wayne Its what winters can be like where I live. Beautiful sunlight and colder than the dickens or on a hot and humid day, have a look again. It will make you feel cooler Its a very flexible screenshot ... Cheers Pete
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums I really enjoyed "Bob" when it was made available for FSX. However, I have found that the drone camera in MS2020 coupled with an XBox controller (even the last generation ones are more than adequate) gives you control on perspectives that one could only dream about with BOB. Seriously consider trying this option . I can guarantee that it will give you everything that BOB could offer plus a lot more Cheers Renault
  13. Thanks Steve, I'm pleased you enjoyed them Landon @Sniper31 really has a good setup with his drone and if you have a yoke it sounds like the ultimate position. In my case I just have a joystick, but in either situation the drone is an essential bit of kit for me. Once you use it, you wonder how you ever got along without it! Cheers Pete
  14. Thank you There are some really interesting places in or world to explore Cheers Pete Thank you JM See you Pete
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