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  1. Forgot to mention, gorgeous set of pics John. Cheers, Nathan
  2. Hehe, my birthday is this weekend so Friday would be perfect Or maybe True Earth Dubai for XP We can only wish
  3. The cube type building is accomodation for the Pilot Flight Academy. Cheers
  4. Looks amazing. Still have my fingers crossed for Landmarks Dubai for X-Plane
  5. Fabulous set of pics and only 5 minutes down the road from where I live
  6. Yay, fabulous detail Cheers, Nathan
  7. Wrong side of the road!!! Only people from the wrong side of the Pacific say that Cheers, Nathan
  8. Out of interest Jack, what was the toll on a 777 going over the Gateway Bridge Nathan
  9. Where’s Greg’s bumble bee Nathan
  10. Ready to throw my money at you on the first day of release! Cheers
  11. They’ll have to change the song to “Tower Bridge is fighting back, fighting back, fighting back” Nathan
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