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  1. It works fine for me, though the photogrammetry does make it a bit less smooth so I turn it off when flying around the KBUR area. In answer to a previous post I tested the airport area with Van Nuys active and without, and performance was similar. My conclusion then was that it's more likely to be an overload due to other addons in the area, a complex airliner, or settings too high for the complex scenery.
  2. Probably a matter of no-one knows, the market is constantly changing so I doubt it's possible to commit to anything. If the demand is seen to be there then True Earth regions may be further developed, but with MSFS now having introduced a 'True Earth' over the entire globe, the demand for the other sims is probably insufficient. As far as your original question, you can run True Earth with those other products, but you may find the sim loads faster etc if you do untick them in the scenery library. Uninstalling is not required.
  3. There's a great program called Netlimiter, allows individual program limits. So for instance you could set the limit for Orbx Central to 3MB/s while MSFS still gets full throttle. https://www.netlimiter.com/
  4. Many many threads here show that d/l speed problems are almost exclusively (like 99%) in the network and outside Orbx's control, and while the odd user has problems there's no problems for anyone else reported. Generally problems seem to sort themselves out after a day or so.
  5. I've got the 3060ti running MSFS and P3D at 4K (3840 x 2160) and I rarely see less than 30fps anywhere, and I'm locked at 30 fps in P3D. Your card will be about 10-20% better performance than mine.
  6. In MSFS select YSSY as your airport, select your plane and select Go Flying. Head north from YSSY and you'll see Sydney City and the Harbour Bridge etc, and go exploring. There's no actual entry in MSFS for the Sydney Cityscape, so Sydney Airport (YSSY) is where you start.
  7. Australia will look hardly any different across most of the country, because MSFS doesn't need a True Earth product for photo scenery. There will be some cityscape improvements and I imagine some airports, and of course some of the more iconic tourist attractions. I'm hoping the joke that passes for an airport tetminal at Canberra will see at least a little bit of love.
  8. I use a program called Tree Size Free that quickly and graphically shows me disk usage. Easy to identify where leftover install files etc are hogging the space.
  9. At this time of year I doubt it's a priority item. Particularly as it is something that appears to have originated in an update by LM. Fixing problems like this is not just a matter of running the batch and then uploading the files to Orbx Central. As is the case in any computer environment, fixes have to be tested under multiple scenarios and users, and if there are multiple fixes they all need to be combined in a patch.
  10. Search for similar topics to do with files not extracting. I know Nick has suggested fixes but I'm not able to remember what they are. Something to do with the disk space and scratch disks that the download needs to write to, typically up to 3x the size of the download.
  11. Yes there's a problem that seems to have been caused by the last couple of Asobo updates. I don't think it's an easy fix because the behaviour seems random. For instance the whole of the last couple of weeks my transponder displayed normally, but last night I went for a fly and the screen was blank. The good news is that the transponder works. I clicked in the code that was given and even though the display didn't show it, the code was accepted by ATC. Normally I just click the ATC screen to confirm the code anyway so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to not have the screen. I'm sure that once the devs are able to work out what Asobo did to make it not display, they will issue a fix.
  12. Can you download Google Authenticator from your app store and then follow these steps to get your 2FA back? https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002643316-Setting-Up-Two-Factor-Authentication-2FA-
  13. And of course Orbx Central allows partial downloads, so if you need to spread the download over a few evenings it'll just resume where you left off
  14. And , just quietly, a lot of the MSFS scenery and airports are of a reasonable standard out of the box so you might find you can be more selective in the ones you have to have
  15. Perhaps. But on the list of priorities I think it would be waaaay down the list. Personally I don't have a problem with both appearing in the products list, I am able to work out for myself that because I have V2 installed I don't need to have V1, but... should I choose to reinstall V1, maybe for an historical flight, i have the option to return to V1.
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