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  1. Renaming the folder is only a step to hide it, so another folder can then be named Community, and accessible to MSFS. Useful for hiding all scenery add-ons, so that add-ons can be individually moved into the new community folder for checking. Nick's multiple folder system is a different kettle of fish.
  2. Check forums for similar problems, mine related to having a tree size change file in my system. MSFS is now very susceptible to not loading if anything in addons isn't just how they want it.
  3. I always fly without photogrammetry unless it's a city that needs it. London with the Orbx city scenery is all I need there, and yes often the buildings look horrible in photogrammetry. But my own city Canberra needs pg otherwise some of the important buidlings that define the city are just basic shapes, like the telecommunications tower, it becomes a grain silo!!! Anyway you can turn pg on and off during a flight so jsut see whatever works best for you
  4. If using the Orbx Library system the Community Folder only contains links to the library. At any time the folder can be renamed and a new Community folder established, once testing or reinstall etc has been done it can be reinstated. Warning; If uninstalling and reinstalling MSFS ensure the Community Folder is copied to somewhere where the uninstall (deletion) of the whole MSFS folder won't delete it as well. (Permissions mean you usually can't just copy it anywhere
  5. Aaah the only thing I knew was that the river ran between the two towns, but I'm not familiar with the area like a local would be!
  6. If your current computer can run P3D adequately then it will almost certainly run MSFS better. My midrange system runs P3DV5 quite smoothly but is as smooth as butter in MSFS, and I have the advantages that the auto creation of scenery has brought: very few missing objects such as bridges. Admittedly often the objects are default models but flight simming has always required a certain level of user imagination to be fully enjoyed.
  7. Darrington to Concrete. Real weather, looked interesting so I recorded it. Nothing special, but quite a hairy ride.
  8. just tested with photogrammetry on then off got a CTD landing on the Skydive runway both times. @Ed Correia
  9. My experience with the sim not loading relates to files that change the tree size or view distance. I fiddled with the tree sizes and it would do exactly what is being reported above. Apparently it also happens when one of the tree size/distance mod files from flightsim.to is in the community folder. In my case there was no alternative but to completely uninstall and reinstall from the Microsoft Store.
  10. I just started a flight there no problems. Maybe it's the same problem as at EGLC, photogrammetry? If you have photogrammetry turned on try it without.
  11. Try it without photogrammetry. I just loaded up EGLC and Landmarks London with photogrammetry off and it's loaded ready to take off... Confirmed a flight over London to Elstree without photogrammetry no issues. @Nick Cooper
  12. I had to reinstall the sim... but that was a different issue. I just tested EGLC and London Landmarks together and it is crashing now so no need to do anything, the devs will have to track down the reason for the conflict, so for the time being it seems you will have to choose the airport or the city!
  13. These problems seem to be related to changes to files in the Official folder and/or 3rd party scenery packs. A veritable minefield for the potential sleuth. I had to reinstall after I changed some values in the trees file to reduce the tree sizes, once the changes had been made returning the file didn't help as it now had a different date time property. So... you might need to reinstall in order to get it working, if your experience is the same as mine.
  14. Just to check I just loaded up Cape Town and went for a fly all around, works perfectly. Must be a reason for your troubles unique to your setup, as no-one else has reported this issue. My Landmarks Cape Town City Pack in my MSFS Library is 5.09GB, 1374 files in 12 folders. Is that what you're seeing? The shortcut in the MSFS Packages Community folder is Landmarks Cape Town City Pack.
  15. Before the 1080ti I had a 1080 8GB and it performed well, maybe if you found one cheap, I think your CPU and RAM are good enough. Check benchmarks for your CPU vs mine, should be faster, though even with MSFS I think single core performance is the main thing to look at.
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