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  1. I use the track clip pro, and I think it has proven to be worth it. Because it uses LEDs, it's better if there is natural light in the room that used to confuse my older version. And wearing headphones to clip it on to actually feels good, they're not aviation ones but the pretence is there.
  2. Hi Graham There's an adequate freeware version here: https://flightsim.to/file/30367/ymmb-moorabbin-airport-vic I seem to remember I uninstalled it quite a while back because at that time the Melbourne area was having problems and I didn't know if it was affecting other sceneries. I think most of the underlying problems with the Melbourne area have been resolved now so it's probably the best you'll get until a good payware YMMB is developed. You could put your refund towards YMEN if you don't have it, it's an outstandingly detailed release from the boys at Orbx HQ.
  3. Haven't run into this. A couple of recent flights I had some rudder issues. Which didn't seem to save, but in general it's pretty stable. I haven't created a profile in a while, I'll revisit this topic if I find anything has changed recently.
  4. FSUIPC 7 does all you need. Different aircraft, different bindings, different sensitivities, all automatic once set up. You just need to tick 'profile specific' when saving an aircraft you don't want to have default settings. Even the 747, requiring 4 throttles on my quadrant, is automatically set when I select it.
  5. Actually there is a way to still enjoy the March sale. All you need is a time machine like Dr Who's TARDIS. Once you have obtained your working time machine, simply head over to the point in the galaxy where the electromagnetic waves generated by the computers back in March have reached at the speed of light. Then log on and the discounts will still be there. Only one small problem, you'll need to also find a wormhole that lets your transaction burrow back in time and emerge back in March, however, unlike time machines that occasionally surface on eBay, it might be more difficult to find. A third and perhaps easier option is to pretend the sale finishes the day before the announced date and buy before that day is done.
  6. As the immortal words in The Castle say: "tell him he's dreaming!"
  7. Thank y'all, it was a nice quiet day, saw some friends, and yay! people are learning, no one gave me a present, so no need to find a home for something I don't need!
  8. Orbx is a reseller for AUScene who developed the scenery. This is from the Orbx Direct page : This product has been produced by AUscene. For AUscene product support, please to go https://auscenes.com/pages/about-us
  9. Purchase V2 it will be priced at $0. 00 then you can download and install.
  10. At Orbx Direct if you purchase V2 it should cost $0.00 and you can then download and install.
  11. I'm running both at around half available LOD sliders, performance is good, and unless I fixate on the distant views, I don't notice any real difference in the sim immersion
  12. Might be worth deleting the Content.xml and the Scenery Indexes and any cache you have, because V2 should be a better performer than V1. However, I had to reduce my LODs to 240 and 120 to avoid a slideshow in VR, and depending on your setup you might also have to reduce those sliders while in the KBUR/LAX basin.
  13. In Orbx Central there are two KBUR Hollywood Burbanks listed. Make sure you select V2, which you have to download.
  14. The scenery has been developed to work with photogrammetry ON. With the PG off, the bridge ends are above the roads, but also, most of the roads in the area are distorted , and look terrible. The developer tried to get both options for PG available but it was impossible, and the decision was made to make the bridge compatible with PG ON.
  15. Isn't posting a real photo not in the spirit of the competition?
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