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  1. Do you have any AI traffic programs or any other addon in the YBBN area? Anything with an FS9 model in it will cause a crash. Do you get an error message, if so please provide details.
  2. Not at my lc but there are topics from a year or so ago that tell you how to disable the waves files in the effects folder. If you can't find the posts, you can go to the effects folder and find files relating to waves, I'm pretty sure they have names like Orbx-waves.fx so not hard to find them. Rename any you find to a bak suffix or similar and your waves should disappear.
  3. Another thing that can contribute to longer pauses: Hard Disks. A lot of the complex scenery areas demands SSDs these days, and the old HDDs just can't keep up, especially if they are 5400 rpm, and the motherboard you are using doesn't have top flight data transfer capability. Just another thought.
  4. Yes everything in the airport that is or was there when the data was acquired is depicted. I just checked and it's right where it should be.
  5. Have you tried the same approach in a default aircraft to see how much the PMDG aircraft is contributing to the pause. Also if you have the save function turned on in FSUIPC it can also cause pauses.
  6. Or, if still on a keyboard, allocate the number pad keys to the movements. 8 to fwd, 7 and 9 yo rotation or yaw, 4 and 6 to left and right, 5 to backwards, 2 to up, / key to down. Works better than BOB.
  7. I think this is the relevant request: have you at any point installed objectflow on your C drive?
  8. What graphics settings are you using. That's the first place I would look, the True Earth scenery takes a lot of resources if XP11 is maxed out and what you are seeing is symptomatic of an inability to load any more scenery. If you're flying at airliner heights, low to medium settings are all that's normally required.
  9. I don't know of any way. But I do know that an Excel spreadsheet wouldn't take too long to knock up and once you have it, searching and updating is a breeze. All my flightsim purchases going back to the FS98 days are on my spreadsheet (though not the Orbx ones) and anytime I need a pw, order no etc, the info is right there.
  10. I would think it has more to do with Orbx Central being the best platform for their needs, but who knows?
  11. I wonder if there's any way to trick MSFS into accepting the scenery if it was moved into the Community folder? If the various files that tell the sim the version and xml files were tweaked, maybe the actual EGLC folder would contain compatible files?
  12. Just a quick note here, previously similar extended objects have had an obvious starting or ending point. If you follow it one end will probably end in mid air, which will be at the end of the draw distance for the object, the other end will probably be identifiable as an object, and one of the parameters of that object will have a decimal place missing or in the wrong spot. So if you can find the object, anf record its coordinates, it will help speed up a fix methinks.
  13. Perhaps this texturing is more authentic than the original P3D version? I don't know enough about the modelled plane but I think a different texture on a door could well be a possibility, from a different material for the door, to a repair since manufacture. I think the people to check with are the developers, I'm sure they will be happy to answer any questions with authoritative answers.
  14. Here's the text from the version file in the Cessna 140 folder. Aeroplane Heaven Cessna 140 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.3.0
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