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  1. I have also noticed this - used to be Honolulu Cityscape logo screen.
  2. Thanks for your efforts Smudger, much appreciated. Object Flow seems in order. I am completely baffled also. There must be some obstruse corruption in there somewhere that for whatever reason persisted through the “repairs”. As I am not too far down the track with the transfer to v5, I will bite the bullet, uninstall everything, redownload the whole thing and reinstall. Re syncing the Orbx material will be easy as I established a few libraries on another drive. Shouldn’t take too long. Cheers.
  3. I have now "repaired" all three, client, content and scenery with no change to the complete absence of moving vehicular traffic. Is this a known bug in P3D5 ...... there is only one reference to it that I can find in the forums back on 16/4, where a couple of files from P3D4 vector were inserted into P3D5 with success. I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that P3D5 Vector would achieve the same result, but it seems not, certainly in my case. Everything else in P3D5 appears to be working very well. Any further ideas welcome.
  4. Thanks for the reply Smudger. I have tried traffic settings all the way up .... still no sign of moving traffic. Maybe I should “repair” P3D5 “content” , and even “scenery” ....what do you think?
  5. Recent install of P3D5 HF2 - all went very well and I am growing to really like it, except for a complete lack of moving vehicular traffic. Have most of my Oceania sceneries installed inclusive of Ausv2, Global Base, Buildings HD Trees HD and TerraFlora v2 - have tried it with vector (all config boxes ticked and saved), and without, have verified all relevant packages and run sync a few times . I have also run "repair" for P3D5 client, and still not a single moving vehicle. I have Fly Tampa's KLAS installed which has "vehicular traffic" choices in their config, and these do in fact work ..... but nothing in any of the Orbx packages. I'm approaching wit's end, and would appreciate any ideas. I'm running an i7 7700k at 4.8, GTX 1080 Ti (11GB), Windows 10 ver 2004. Thanks, in anticipation of some sort of solution ....... cheers.
  6. I didn't think Orbx sceneries became available on Central UNTIL they were compatible
  7. Absolutely terrible news ....... we knew Frank’s health was an issue, but it seemed he was on the improve. We have lost one of our most committed enthusiasts - indeed a sorry day. Condolences to his family, and may he Rest In Peace.
  8. Always a good read Frank. My hat goes off to you ...... you are indeed a dedicated enthusiast, but give your health the highest priority - and good to hear you’re OK again. Will continue to follow your progress with renewed interest. Go well and cheers.
  9. I use P3D4.5 latest hot fix ....it all works well for me at present. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for your time here Smudger .... it appears to be at the edge of what I’m prepared to have a go at ..... when I have an afternoon free, I’ll possibly give it a shot. I can imagine the “satisfaction when it all comes together”. Cheers.
  11. Could you give us the details of how to do this Smudger, or is it too complex for us less technical (read older) simmers?
  12. Thanks for the reply Chris. Yes I understood that I would have to get a list of Airlines flying into PHNL from Wikipedia, and enter them into the Alpha India software, and I presume the list could be somewhat abbreviated, whilst at the same time being sufficient to generate an alive airport as opposed to currently almost dead. Hawaiian Air alone would generate a heap of movements. Would a comprehensive listing generate computer demands that would stretch capacity …. I have an i7 7700k oc'd to 4.8, and a GTX 1080Ti …… I suspect just the listing of a dozen airlines would generate enough traffic for my needs. It's a pretty busy airport …. I was there a couple of months back ….. we got in early from Sydney with Hawaiian, and had to sit on the taxiway for some 20 minutes waiting for our bay to become vacant. Cheers and thanks again, if just a handful of airlines will work, I'll go down that track. T.
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