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  1. Great screenies, Gerold. PNG is always a special treat. I had hoped that Ken and Tim would transfer their P3D PNG scenery eventually to MSFS, but so far they haven't. On the other hand, we have now over 70 airstrips as free add-ons in Papua (both PNG and Indonesia) to fly into
  2. Wow, amazing. I didn't know, we have aurora borealis in MSFS. How did you turn that one on, Adam?
  3. What a nice postcrad. My best wishes for 2022 go to you and your family too. I hope we don't have to call the new year Omicron22 for too long
  4. Thanks a lot and also many thanks for that photo of yours!! Yeah, I know. But I believe if you buy a plane on the Orbx store, you are allowed to fly it over non-Orbx scenery.
  5. Thank you, Gerold. Where was your great picture taken? I have never done that in rl Thanks a lot, Karl Many thanks for your comment I'm glad you like them John
  6. The fantastic Kodiak 100 is available from the Orbx store. I have been to this beautiful part of Australia twice, this really looks spot on! We fly along the North Stradbroke Island, which is part of the Moreton Bay Marine Park I think I am not going to Caloundra today. Never allowed in real life, but I am going to land here and spend the night. Should be fun. In the radio I hear “Starry, starry night” by Julio Iglesias, lovely. See you in the a.m.
  7. Excellent screenies, Gerold. For me this was the best part of your trip, because those islands are just beautiful !!
  8. Absolutely awesome shots, Pete. I do right now a flight along the eastern coast of Australia in the same plane. Luckily it's a lot warmer there
  9. Landon, John and Pete, many thanks for your kind comments!
  10. I love this tour of yours, Gerold! I think you are too modest
  11. Fantastic!! Luckily this is a sim. In rl I wouldn't want my plane that close to an elephant herd. I have seen them turning over tourist cars, when they feel threatened.
  12. Many thanks, Gerold. Yeah, I know about the AI traffic. This is the Aerosoft version that puts liveries on default planes, hence the inaccuracy. I had at the domestic Taipei airport an A320 parked from Alitalia, even worse than what we see here. As you already said, we are glad to have traffic at all. Thanks a lot, buddy. Thank you very much. Many thanks Iain. Thanks Carlos, I love them too. When I saw that plane coming I put the sim on hold and just waited for it to get as close as possible so that I can hit the V key and take this photo
  13. Superb, Adam. Aren't we glad to have the Kodiak now. And she handles like a dream
  14. Excellent screenies, Carlos. You even got Flixbus there !! (That's a German bus company )
  15. Hahaha, good one, Gerold! Yeah, by miracle all four engines were running, maybe because it was not LH but Air France. Really depressing news about HK! Many thanks, John Thank you very much Many thanks, Steve Thanks a lot, John Many thanks, Landon. A Kaitak approach is stressful, be it in the Connie or 747 As mentioned under the thread's title, this is MSFS Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to you too!!
  16. Superb caps, Don, especially the interior shots !
  17. I can’t show you the whole trip, as that would violate Orbx regulations, but at least I can show you three cities that are available on the Orbx site: Hong Kong, Macau and of course Singapore. Luckily I am old enough to have experienced my fare share of Kaitak landings, most of them went uneventful. Famous buildings are the Bank of China and the HSBC building, but at least for me there is another building of interest. It’s the white one with the small round windows in front of the plane’s nose. That’s the headquarter of the trading house Jardine Matheson. It played a role in the 1988 mini series Noble House, in which Pierce Brosnan played the Taipan of the Noble House. James Clavell used the history of Jardine Matheson as basis for his famous books. Over Macau About to reach Singapore
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