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Found 3 results

  1. This is really an enjoyable, if challenging part of the Orbx world to fly Cheers R VNSB - Syangboche Airport Nepal REX Accuseasons, REX Weather Force, Orbx Himalayan Mesh, Kodiak 100 II - Custom livery from flightsim.to I think the ground crew are a really tough crowd. Most are sensible and dress for the conditions, but there always is one guy who thinks it's "July" regardless of the season It's perfect for a STOL aircraft. There's not a lot of room. You pretty much need a turbo too - it's 12, 500 ft elevation. My whoops moment !! If you decide to fly here, keep your whit's about you at the end of the runway One instant you're just enjoying life and the scenery and the next - well ....... Kinda sucks the breath right out from under you, and you think what on earth am I doing?? But all is good and there's room to get straightened out again - Phew!!! It really is a drop dead gorgeous part of the world and well worth the visit.... And yes, its a bit chilly out -15C , so not too bad. I love the auto climate control . Just set the temps, hit auto, the fans come on and life is good Thanks for viewing Cheers!
  2. I've never owned a complicated payware aircraft in all my years of simming. Corresponding with a fellow "Orbxer", who mentioned that the Kodiak 100 was a really nice aircraft and on his Christmas list, made me think. So I took the plunge and decided that maybe Santa could come early. There's a first time for everything in life, and all I can say at this point is "Oh my goodness . I had no idea of the quality, the feel of flight and the handling " that a payware aircraft recreates. So here with my very limited piloting skills is a brief journey around my test airport, the excellent KAVX @Ken Hall I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. We live in difficult times at the moment , but the one thing I can also count on is the kindness and comrade of my fellow Orbx members. The world is changing rapidly and it is really wonderful to have a place to go to such as this forum We would be nothing without the developers , and Orbx managment and staff who labour behind the scenes to bring us so much enjoyment in our virtual world. And lastly to Iain, who keeps a close watch on us all , but always is the consummate gentleman, when he kindly keeps us on the straight and narrow. You are so much appreciated Iain -- thank you So to all of you -- the Orbx team, our developers and my fellow members, a tip of the hat and my sincere appreciation and thanks for helping to have made our world a better place. Cheers Pete In a way, I felt like I had just brought a brand new car and parked it out on the driveway, while I waited to see what the neighbour's reaction would be. It's all super shiny and even has the "new car smell" As you can see, the folks at KAVX, are a tough crowd and the reaction was , well let's just say a bit underwhelming.... But it's all good and I decided to go for a brief spin. I'm really happy with the new wheels and that's all that matters. This is the point that I realized that I was flying something much more realistic. I had Rex Weatherforce with live weather, and although it was clear, it was quite windy. The way the aircraft responded to the wind was just so very different than anything I had experienced before And this is actually a bit tricky. So full disclosure here.... I was enjoying my flight immensely , but honestly at this point, I was thinking "you don't know what you are doing, have you lost your mind?" But I was committed so I went for it! The landing was a bit "rough" but overall wasn't too bad I thought I've never actually been down at this end of the airport before, sorry to say, so it was definitely a new experience
  3. On my way into EGLC, London City Airport Just when I thought that some clouds would be nice, live weather in London was clear Cheers Pete
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