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  1. Hopp aboard John. What would a cruise be without taking along friends Thanks a lot, Gerold. The water settings can be manipulated in the sim, a feature I like very much, as it makes it more life-like Hahaha, great idea, Landon! But Kong Island might be difficult to locate I'm afraid. Some place it off the coast of Periuk in Indonesia, others see it as an island around Hawaii and then there is also the possibility to have it south of the equator, off the Pacific coast of South America Many thanks, Adam
  2. Many thanks, Calum I'm happy you like them, Landon I fully agree with you, John Many thanks, Gerold. The new MSFS Australia is absolutely fantastic Thanks a lot, Adam
  3. Two excellent screenies, Adam !!
  4. Great trip, Gerold. The Great Barrier Reef looks quite convincing with the Orbx treatment.
  5. After a very pleasant night on Hamilton Island, it’s off to Rockhampton Over Lindeman Islands Nat. Park with Mount Olden as its highest elevation Heading west towards the mainland Near St. Helens Beach we turn south Passing by Mt Sweetland and Mt Adder For a short while we follow the Yakapari Seaforth Road Passing by Mackay Harbour and the city of Mackay Below us is the Pioneer River Further south is the Rocky Dam Creek Past Carmila Beach Close to St Lawrence Creek Above Styx River with Herbert Creek in the distance We now use the Fitzroy River and its adjacent highway to bring us into Rockhampton On final into Rockhampton
  6. We have South Molle Island at our port side. When the weather holds, we should reach Hamilton Island in time for sundowners. Do go ahead, you are faster than we are We are about to enter the marina of Hamilton Island To back a large single screw ship into its assigned berth is a very tricky undertaking, but we have finally managed. Yet, compared with these Mega-Yachts, I feel so tiny. Let’s explore the island a bit. The building across the marina entrance is the Hamilton Island Yacht Club The restaurant is called “Bommie” Walking along Front Street, we pass by Bob’s bakery Here on Acacia Drive we have a nice view of neighboring Dent Island And tomorrow, our Mooney will bring us from Hamilton to Rockhampton
  7. Great shots, Landon!! No worries, my dear Gerold, we will get you there in no time
  8. Great tour, Gerold. I'd love to do comparison shots, but John said above that those shots are not tolerated, so...I'll do it another way
  9. Thanks T for the short review. I had the payware Ford Trimotor for P3D (and as far as I can remember, you had her too). This was a delight to fly, as you really had the feeling to have to nurse her up into the air. In theory the Fokker should give you the same sort of feeling. If that's not yet the case, I have doubts that the flight model can be improved, because it's an MSFS plane and the aircraft cfg is not available to the public (us). In this case, I think I pass, despite the cheap price.
  10. Looks great T. Although I am very happy with my Ju 52, I am tempted to buy this too, just for the experience.
  11. I fully agree with you, Jose. Can't be much better than this. But we already were of this opinion ten years ago and look at what we have now. So let's see, how this evolves over the next ten years.
  12. Thanks, Adam. I'm glad you like them.
  13. Very nice, Landon. Your screenies bring out the best of Alaska !!
  14. Carlos, I just checked Melbourne. I see nothing of this. Mine looks like Adam's and Landon's. So maybe it is a server issue.
  15. Many thanks, John, I think so too. This sim evolves really nicely Thanks, Carlos. I will now slowly progress south along the Gold Coast, should be fun. Many thanks, landon. There is so much to explore on this vast continent Hahaha, no need, you are always welcome to join! I think the colours can be adjusted. It also depends, how thick the clouds are. This has a big impact on scenery in MSFS. Jarrad at al. were truly magicians. I can only hope that he will return after his sabbatical! The Orbx TE areas come very close to what MSFS offers out of the box. The advantage of MSFS is, that it covers the entire world (ok, not all areas look as well as Australia now, but they are working on improving the entire planet and I believe, this improvement will come free as in the past). When I calculate, how much money I have spent in total on all Landclass and True Earth titles that Orbx has on offer, I don't want the missus to know. Now we get all of this for free and I don't mind
  16. Looks somewhat ok, Gerold, but not more, if you allow me to say this. I just did a similar flight, whithout having seen yours first. So maybe you want to have a look: Out of Cairns.
  17. After having just installed WU7, which concentrates on Australia, I was keen to check on a few places that I have been to. One of them was Cairns. Here we go: Over Green Island This looks almost unbelievable I think I need to get onto my boat, which is of similar vintage and start exploring the Great Barrier Reef a bit more thoroughly
  18. Wow, instant buy for me now, after having seen your pics, John!!
  19. Great set of pics, Gerold. No need to buy it, Landon. You can usually get it for free
  20. Thank you Landon. I'm glad you liked my little excursion. Thanks T. The airport is Aerosoft's Denpasar. Many thanks, buddy. Many thanks, Gerold. Yes, it is Thank you very much for your comment, John.
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