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Found 22 results

  1. An emergency call reached the mower mechanics at Port Moresby: One of the runways of the nearby airstrips required grass cutting, but the mower was broken. Unfortunately the sat phone connection was bad, so he couldn´t precisely say which airport we needed to go. Immediately we took off at Jackson´s... ... and left the big city behind. An ocean of green wilderness. Soon we found the first airstrip, Ononge. Clearly to see... ... better? Touchdown, uphill. And just next to the tower we found the mower. Intact. So we needed to go on. We used the chance to offer these passengers a lift. And soon we went, overlooking the entire Ononge scenery. Next airport: Fane. "Let´s see how long this grass is!" Indeed maintenance work was needed here. And soon after the runway was well cut again. We could have gone home now, but one of the passengers held a strong argument for a detour... ... out of Fane... ... and into the valley towards Tapini. Which was the place for a well earned rest. Hopefully with a beer aside the chicken curry...
  2. Hello together, first of all I would like to point out that I am quite impressed with the ORBX products I own and have not run in many issues with them, that could not be solved by minor changes that are described on the web. Recently I purchased all of the Papua products here and the Mesh, the Jackson Intl. as well as Emo Mission work stutter free with reasonable FPS, but all of the 7 Tapini Bushstrips cause severe stutters on my system. I get severly jumping FPS between 10 and 40 FPS, normally these stay at constant mid 30ies and above if at unlimited and if locked to 30, never much below these 30. So I am wondering what is causing this and if there is a solution to this, since my rig should actually be powerful enough to handle these airfields. I tried al lot of things to get this runnig but nothing seems to work. I have found a youtube video that describes the same issues in the description as well as a possible solution which is not working in my case. Just to give you an idea what I have been trying so far and I am sure I forgot some ideas already I want to name a few: externally limiting frames (RivaStatisticsServerTool in MSI Afterburner), same internally, vsync off and on, changing autogen density, autogen draw distance, various shaders, changing monitor refresh rate and adjusting framerate accordingly, shadows off, refections off, special effects to medium or low, of course all of these together and separatly, always starting with the same flight from Kosipe, same weather settings. Tried with FPS-friendly and -demanding aircraft. Even switched off the REX SkyForce Clouds. Since I do not find a way to obtain a satisfying result and my sim is working fine in every other aspect with a some other demanding sceneries, I am wondering now if there might be something wrong with the TAP files when used with P3Dv4.5. So any suggestons, ideas, solutions or statements are welcome here. If any further information is needed I am happy to provide such. With best regards and Christmas Greetings, ChristophIntel i9-9900K 3.6Ghz not overclocked - 2 x 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM - Nvidia Geforce 2080Ti - Samsung SSD 970 EVo Plus 1TBP3Dv4.5 - PTA - A2A AccuFeel - Rex SkyForce3D
  3. I'm using prepar3d v4. My tapini scenery has no shadows. It looks weird, unlike when I still used prepar3d v3. The scenery seems as though it did not install properly, there are missing objects and animals. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Tapini as well as Hoglemesh scenery to no avail. Transaction ID: 5855bc28917c0
  4. Hello all, Is it possible to re-locate or the airfields or the roads that are connected with these airfields? In the screenshots it visible, at Mendi, the road (with traffic) takes a piece of the runway and at Tari the roadtraffic crashes through the apron objects. No big deal, but if it can be fixed without too much trouble, that would be great ;-) I do have installed Global Base and Global Vector and the Vector Config has runned. Thanks anyway for the great scenery addons ! Bram
  5. Lots to see here, this is just a small sampling...even with the expanded viewer these screen shots are just not the same as the sim experience. Orbx -FTX: Global Holgermesh Papua New Guinea,Global TAP Tapini Airport, Global AYPY Jacksons Intenational
  6. I have purchased Tapini airport for Papua New Guinea and think it is amazing. That scenery is a must buy. Love it. One thing though, is that no matter what plane I fly into that airport, once I touch the ground the plane pulls like crazy to the right or left a full 90 degrees even though I have used the rudder to keep the plane straight. I normally land any plane, even heavys with no problem, with the realism settings on easy or the settings that on realistic. So even with easy settings and a light wind, my plane still veers off abruptly to the right or left. And I do not have the auto pilot on. Please can anyone tell me why this is happening? It does not happen at any other airport and I can land properly anywhere else. Thanks Pete.
  7. Hello, I have all the right ORBX fitted,plus AYPY , Tapini, emo hogermess etc. For some reason I have trouble with setting up on FSX planner. If it sets up I do not get correct scenery.. Can anyoun help please. Cheers.
  8. Perseverance, and better attention to my altitude...was the charm. Consider the go arounds as extra mileage points for your frequent PNG flier cards. Cheers, Coffee.
  9. I conducted a test for my Air Hauler operation in PNG. Framerates were quite nice, so I popped on the Fraps...glad I did. Duncan/Slopey just enabled scenery importing into Airhauler2 (my favorite addon just a wee bit ahead of ORBx addons...as AH gives me a reason to fly, ORBx the places), thankfully, as I have been Jonesing to haul around the ORBx Tapini/PNG scenery since AH2 began EA Beta release. This footage is shot outside of Airhualer, I am just testing if I can safely bring a load of 10,000 lbs into TAP, Tapini...in a gorgeous flying freeware C46 in "Bush Flying Unlimited" livery...we shall see what it's limits are... Hope you enjoy.
  10. http://www.simreviews.com/2016/07/25/orbx-tapini/ A huge thanks to www.simreviews.com for the fantastic write up!
  11. Thank you Wojciech Przybylski! http://c-aviation.net/review/tap-tapini-airport-orbx-review-5-png4/
  12. Posting these up just incase anyone has not yet seen them, a sort of rolling video-review with plenty of interesting landings, tips, info and laughs A huge thanks to Frooglesim from myself and Ken for creating these!!
  13. Hi, I've seen this issue before, but the answers didn't seem to solve my problem. Since adding the Tapini add on pack, I can't fly out of Tapini without all sorts of issues. First of all the aircraft (trying Heli) starts out rolling around in mid air. Then when I get it under control I see that the houses are floating in mid air. The other airports in this package don't seem to give me the problem. I start out on the ground, but the buildings, If there are any, are where they are supposed to be. I haven't checked every airfield, but they seem okay. I am setting FTX Central to use my Global World base. I do have Holgermesh installed. I do have the latest library files. I have all the settings configured as described in the manual. Not sure if I should use "Hybrid Mode" Subsequently purchased Friday Harbor, which is working perfectly. I generated a diagnostic report which I will attach. I hope someone can help me. Thanks, Steve Here is the identifier of the report: ot67c2c8842f3ee6bb75bcc5417dcd623e
  14. Hi, I just installed Global Base pack and Have PNW, Squamsh, So cal, and Tapini. With the sale going on, I am trying to make FSX look as great as possible, I fly mostly low and slow. I understand that FTX Global Vector improves the whole world, for shorelines, roads, rivers, etc...but are the Regional packs and Airport addons already optimized at all layers, or will this product even improve those specific areas that I installed. Thanks, Happy Flying Steve
  15. Well first Attempt at landing at Tapini PNG , heres not how to land
  16. Here is a video of aerobatics in Tapini in the SF260. Real fun. Unedited video, so what you see is what happened! No cheating...
  17. Using the cherokee as a bush plane at Tapini: https://youtu.be/yz8DHQe6S2s Rene
  18. Welcome to the Goilala bushpack! For our long awaited return to Papua New Guinea we bring you seven thrilling bushstrips all situated high up in the misty, humid and unpredictable Owen Stanley Range, consisting of Tapini, Fane, Ononge, Woitape, Koispe, Asimba and Yongai airports, a trilling white-knuckle mix of ridge-top, hill-side and river-flat runways. Coverage map This picture shows the seven Goilala bushpack airports and their proximity to our first PNG experience package: AYPY Jacksons International + the Kokoda track bushstrips, there is a KML attached at the bottom of this thread 1: TAP Tapini. Tapini is the main airport in the Goilala area and also bears the name of the project, nestled into a large mountain and within a tight valley, the one-way runway is sloped with a steep cliff off the end which all conspires to make this bushstrip a tricky one to operate in and around, for precision landings it features the infamous "Tapini ILS", to use this one must line up the right-hand wing with the goat track following the opposite hillside to the bushstrip, it will place you in roughly the correct position and attitude to turn 90 degrees onto a quick final, but miss this point and you'll have to follow the valley for a while to reach an open spot to turn around, Tapini, being in a notorious location.. has over the years seen a number of crashes, most notably a QANTAS owned DHC3 in 1958 and also a RAAF Caribou in 1968. 2: WTP Woitape. Woitape is nestled in an open valley on some flat ground next to a river and services the nearby Fatima Mission, it features a soft rolling one-way runway sloping downwards gently, but dont be fooled by all this.... its also a notorious place to take off from due to the altitude and because it lacks a handy cliff at the end with which to drop off and gain speed, many an aircraft has struggled to get out of here, so pay attention to your cargo loads and fuel mix...and the weather. 3: FNE Fane. Fane is an infamous one-way ridge-top bushstrip servicing a mission station, with an upwards sloping 12 degree runway, and lots of unpredictable crosswinds and updrafts all combining to make it a terrifying place to land and take off, and with a very tight flat parking area take extra care to watch your wingtips when turning around, and because once you commit to taking off you cannot abort so make sure to runup the engine and make all necessary checks before even thinking about releasing the brakes and heading out and over the crest. 4: ONB Ononge. Ononge is another one-way ridge-top bushstrip servicing a mission station, with a low approach over a little village, this ones a bit more bumpy and unkempt and has a dogleg forcing the pilot to make a ten degree turn halfway along the strip, very tight turning at the end with plenty of vegetation, Ononge village was strafed by the Japanese Airforce in world war two as it was rumored that some allied aircraft spotters were stationed there. 5: KSP Koispe. Koispe bushstrip services a mission station and it situated in a wide open valley next to a river with ample airspace to operate an aircraft, it was originally a lot longer but has since fallen into disrepair, the remaining part of the runway is maintained but it is quite a bit shorter making it yet another tricky strip to operate on, watch out for soft ground and due to the high altitude/length of the strip be very careful with weights, weather and fuel mix. 6: ASB Asimba. Asimba is a small village situated in Oro province next to the Chirma river, and features a very short runway cut into the dense forest, pilots should watch wingtips carefully when turning, and all take offs and landings are out over the river 7: KGH Yongai. Yongai bushstrip is cut into the hillside and services a mission station, with a short sloping bumpy one-way runway pilots should approach as slowly as possible and with great care, and dont forget to pay attention to the crosswinds. Cheers, Tim and Ken Goilala_bushpack.kml
  19. Next Heli trip PNG Tapini KSP - TAP - FNE And some maintenance between Thanks for watching and see you next trip.
  20. Hi. After installing the TAP Airport pack into P3D v3, I decided to check out the Tapini airstrip and experienced some odd elevation issues. I had issues with and without FS Global Ultimate activated. With default P3D v3 mesh, my aircraft immediately drops off of a cliff and crashes. With FS Global Ultimate activated, the elevation is significantly better, and my aircraft doesn't immediately bottom out. The mesh is still quite not right as some plants, buildings, and fences are floating or arranged oddly. Also, the scenario always places the aircraft on a slope and gets stuck. The FTX: Tapini manual recommends Holgermesh, but I do not see where it says that its required. Is my elevation issue and floating objects caused by not using Holgermesh or is there a chance that the install was corrupted? (note: I tried reinstalling TAP with no resolution and the md5 checksum is correct) Thank you for your support.
  21. A retro scheme for the A2A C182, repaint exclusively at the usual place, link in sig, enjoy!
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