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  1. John, in your MSFS Content Manager you have all the stuff that comes with the simulator, like aircraft, free MSFS liveries by Asopbo, POI, country updates etc, etc. It can take quite some time, to update all this stuff, once a newer version of the simulator comes along. Yesterday I updated my MSFS to the latest build, but haven't flown yet, as I am busy now with updating all the stuff in the Content Manager. The bloody annoying thing is that all the many items in there can only be updated one by one. At least I haven't found a way to update all at one go.
  2. Many thanks for your kind comments John, Adam and Wayne!
  3. Superb shots. I now have fully moved to MSFS. But if there would be one reason to go back to XP11, it would be the because of the TE sceneries. Outstanding!
  4. Isn't it superb that we now have so many options. Many years ago we only had FS9, now we have P3D, XP 11 and MSFS and most of us are happy with what they can do with it.
  5. Great shots and nice heli, Gerold !
  6. Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Greg Thanks, buddy. The yacht is the FSX one from Deltasim Thank you very much I'm happy you like them Carlos Many thanks, Gerold. I knew you would like them And of course you are correct re the people, even the noise, pigeons, even cows etc are part of the unique Indian experience. The only thing I can easily do without are stomach cramps from some of the dinners I had there, even in good restaurants.
  7. Having been to Mumbai so many times, this scenery was an instant buy for me. I only hope that the developers will one day also add Dehli, because this part of the world desperately needs more quality coverage. Like in the good old days, I arrived at my destination by boat. But of course I did not expect to get the royal welcome treatment Instead nobody bothered, which was fine of course My preferred stay in Mumbai was the Taj, and if possible a room in the old wing. It gives you the feeling that the days of the Raj are back. Maybe Gerold, who must have been to Mumbai as often as me, likes this hotel too The view from the hotel’s roof is quite nice The swimming pool looks a bit better in reality, but that's alright Of course the adjacent newer hotel complex offers from its top an even better view An Indian business associate of mine invited me one day for lunch at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club (they never changed the name to Mumbai Yacht Club and dress code is still today strictly observed). But before we went there, he showed me a photo, quite similar to this one and asked me, which of these two buildings would I think to be the Yacht Club. I have been to the Karachi Yacht Club for lunch, so I pointed to the right building, as it looked very similar. Of course I was wrong, it is the red building to the left. The right one in this case is a hospital. A bit of trivia: when you enter the Yacht Club, it gives you the impression that the British Raj has actually never left India. The beauty of virtual travel is that you have the place you visit all to yourself. No pigeons, no vendors, no huge crowds and no one tries to steel your wallet Thanks for viewing
  8. Perfect screenies, Pete. Is that the default FSX DC 3, converted to MSFS?
  9. Bloody marvellous, Carlos!! I love all of them
  10. Great screenies, Adam. The drone function is a really cool way to explore your surroundings.
  11. Excellent composition, Eric !!
  12. Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Iain Thanks TTM, the plane is a mod of the default C 172; you can get it as John already said over at TO. Thanks Wayne, I highly recommend it I'm glad you like them
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