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  1. Many thanks Iain. But I'm not Johnny Thank you very much, John I'm glad you like them, Calum Many thanks, Paul Thanks a lot Lars. Sorry, I forgot to mention, the rhino on Table Mountain is indeed for real. In January 2013, the image of a rhino was projected against the face of Table Mountain to support anti-rhino poaching activities in South Africa Many thanks, buddy. It's a great add-on, you will like it Thank you very much, my friend. My favorite livery indeed
  2. Terrific shots, Paul. And now I know where Norwegian got their livery from. It was you in your Cessna
  3. Mike, I only checked once yesterday out of curiosity. My FPS went up from around 40-45 to around 50-55 over large cities, most of my sliders are on ultra. Otherwise I just do like Iain. I never bother as long as the sim is smooth. Which it is.
  4. Looking at those nice pics, I can imagine that you miss working on these planes, Jack. This add-on is for me one of the best in MSFS!
  5. That superb Spitfire fits right in! Excellent shots, Iain !
  6. Marvelous shots, buddy. And it's nice to hear from Ken that an update is in the works
  7. Cape Town Scenery by Orbx Pilatus PC-6 by Orbx partner Milviz
  8. Absolutely, he was the one with the Zebra Do-27 D-ENTE. Tragically, his 25 year old son crashed with the plane and died, while shooting the movie "Serengeti shall not die". Apparently his plane's right wing was hit by a large vulture.
  9. Thanks Wayne, much appreciated! Exactly, Landon. That plane was developed by Digital Aviation and was quite advanced for its time. You could easily mistreat the engine, which would in turn die on you. That zebra paint was done for a DO-27 in 1959 for a German zoo director and his son, who were asked by the British government to try to count wilderbees and their annual movements around Kenya, so that better borders for the huge park could be established. They did not only do that, they also made a documentary from it, which btw won an Oscar the following year. a first for a documentary. I saw the movie as a young lad in the sixties in a German theater and since that day this livery is my favorite for that plane Like you said, I haven't seen anyone developing that plane for MSFS yet, but we shouldn't give up hope.
  10. +1 Nothing to add to this !
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