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  1. Thank you very much for your comments, John, Wayne and Jean Marc
  2. We (still) live in a free world Wayne, so what's wrong with boats
  3. Fantastic pics, Pete. Gives me the feeling of almost being there myself
  4. Thanks for posting these, Gerold. The difference is quite striking Many thanks, my friend I fully agree with you, buddy I'm happy you like them, Pete
  5. Teti’aroa is an atoll that was once a vacation spot for Tahitian royalty. Located just 53 km (33 mi) north of Tahiti, hardly anyone knew of its existence. That changed, when Marlon Brando discovered it, after shooting “The Mutiny on the Bounty”. He bought it in 1966 and built a small village on one of the motus, so he could stay there with his family. Today the island is home to a gorgeous luxury eco-hotel (The Brando Resort). Eight of Brando’s eleven children are involved in the resort project. A local has offered us some fish for our upcoming trip Tahiti can be seen on the left, Moorea on the right side We pass over Taha’a. Bora Bora can be seen in the distance What a beautiful region this is in MSFS!
  6. Many thanks for your kind comment, Landon. Thanks a lot, Ken. Hahaha, many thanks, my friend. Thank you so much, Gerold. I thought I spare the audience here the fate of Prinz Eugen, that is why I didn't mention it. Many thanks, John, for your comment.
  7. The first and third shot I can't see unfortunately. The interior looks fabulous, Adam!
  8. Great shots and a very nice looking livery
  9. Let’s visit first Panama City Above the canal’s entrance I realize that crossing it would be much more interesting in a ship The last time I have used a ship was the Queen Mary in Sydney. She has crossed the canal multiple times, so I won’t use her now for this crossing. I know of a ship, which has used this canal only once, in 1946. It’s the German battle cruiser Prinz Eugen, now under her new name USS Prinz Eugen The first locks near Panama city are the Cocoli locks Having left the Miraflores Lake, we approach the Via Centenario Bridge With a speed of 35 knots, it is easy to overtake other ships Suddenly I feel so tiny The final locks before we arrive in Colon on the Pacific side are the Gatun locks Colon is in the background On our way to the US Naval Base in San Diego
  10. Spendid shots of one of my favorite aircraft in MSFS, next to the Connie
  11. As real as it gets. Never has this been more true than now with MSFS. And your great screenies prove it again, Adam
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